Sunday, December 12, 2010

They told me if I voted for McCain...

 Government agents would take money from people without evidence - and they were right!

It is a case that one person described as “curious and getting curiouser.”
Even information revealed at a Thursday morning court hearing to determine whether Aurora police unlawfully seized $190,040 from two Aurora brothers seemed to create more questions.
The case started Oct. 18, when an Aurora officer stopped Aurora brothers Jesus and Jose Martinez. Police searched the car and the Martinezes. Police used drug-sniffing dogs, but found no drugs, according to court records. But police did find a bag with $190,040 in cash in the trunk of the car.
Although the brothers were issued no tickets, the cash was seized by police. As of Thursday, neither brother was charged with a crime.

Court records show that after seizing the money, Aurora police inventoried it and turned it over to State Police.
“We had the money for a blink of the eye,” said John Murphey, a Chicago attorney representing Aurora.
Murphey said Jose and Jesus Martinez were being watched by State Police, who suspected drug trafficking.
According to papers released by the city, Aurora had court permission to tap the brothers’ phones. Investigators heard information about an Oct. 18 meeting between Jesus and another person.
The meeting took place, but the city documents make no specific mention of any transaction taking place during that meeting. In the wiretapped conversation, there is mention of a “package,” but it does not specify drugs.
Aurora police stopped Jesus Martinez’s truck after the meeting at the Home Depot at Orchard Road and Indian Trail and seized the $190,040.
Both sides agree the city turned the money over to the state. But neither side knows why the state immediately turned the money over to the federal Department of Homeland Security.
When Kinnally and Murphey appeared in Kane County Circuit Court Nov. 19 on a petition filed by Kinnally, Judge Michael Colwell ordered the money returned to the brothers. The city refused because, Murphey said, it no longer had the money.

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