Friday, December 31, 2010

Thoughts on One Month and 1000 Page Views

Yesterday was the one month anniversary of this blog. By my count, this is the 110th post. And sometime yesterday, it received the 1000th page view, not counting a few tens that I have inadvertently generated by looking in from devices that were not signed in. A thousand may not seem like much, but it may very well exceed the readership of all the scientific literature I've written to date.

First, I want to thank all of you who came to view (even if you only came once, and won't see this). It is a small bit of narcissism on my part to presume that I have something interesting to put out there, and you're rewarding it.

I know who a fair number of you must be, because the software shows the source of originating traffic. A large number of you are from message board forums that I have frequented (to say the least) for the last several years. I can see that when I post a link on one or more of these boards to a blog post, the hits spike for a while. And so I have reason to believe that I'm on a first name basis (at least digitally) with many of you. However, these forums also have a fair number of "lurkers" so I suspect that there's a fair number I don't know. I got a hit from Russia yesterday. Probably a wandering robot, or a lost soul. Who knows?

I've had a few major themes going: Chesapeake Bay, and its environs, both from a personal and from a scientific and policy perspective. Science in general, especially the weird and provocative. Music, good and bad. I haven't spent enough time on this one. Politics; a bit, but I have tried to keep it toned down, and related to one of the other themes. Obviously, I come at this from a conservative bent, but there are many great conservative political blogs out there, and I won't pretend to compete with them. I have a post simmering in the background about how science and conservatism make sense to me. And last, but hopefully not least, a little humor tucked into most of it.

Anyway, before this post wanders off too far, I'd like to plug for a little feed back. If you found a post interesting, what was it? If you found a post lacking, which one and why? Have a suggestion for a post, e-mail me (the link is at the top of the page). I'd like to get a dialogue going in the comments sections if possible.

And thanks again, for indulging me.

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