Monday, December 13, 2010

RIP Hard Drive!

The hard drive in my 6 month old Windows7 desk top computer started doing odd things late last week, clicking, and responding very slowly. I blogged etc on an old lap top over the weekend, somewhat painfully, because my accustomed applications weren't available.  I managed to back up all the data and took the computer back to the shop I bought it from on Saturday afternoon, and they replaced the hard drive under warranty  (1 TB Seagate).  I got it back basically stripped, just the operating systems.  I've spent the last hour and a half getting it 75% up (Firefox, Anti-virus, E-mail) but the good news is it mostly over.  I'll have a few installs left over the next couple days, but I should be back in business.  Now, if I could just think of something interesting to blog about...  Or maybe I have a pretty picture among all those back ups.

Update:  Thanks to Ted:


  1. What anti-virus are you using. Of late I find that I like Avast.


  2. I had MSE on it, which what I put on quickly yesterday. I hate the fact that you need anti-virus software. One doesn't get along with another, and none seems good enough by itself. I think the solution is to fry a couple of virus authors in oil.

  3. Well, while the oil is heating up try Avast and also think about Spybot Search and Destroy.

    The two of them seem to keep my PC pretty clean.