Friday, December 31, 2010

Time to Start Over

The jar of shark's teeth (and other small miscellaneous fossils). Each year for the past several, we have started with a fresh jar on Jan. 1 and added our new fossils to it.  This year we failed to fill it to the brim, due to weekends away, brush that had slid down into our path, and bursitis.  Below is our take for the year:

The total weighs 1 lb 5 oz according to our highly accurate kitchen scale.  In front of the jar are some of the nicer or more unusual pieces, including the extinct mako shark teeth (thought by some to be the ancestor of today's great white), a snaggle toothed shark's tooth, a collection of black drum's teeth (the small black bead like teeth) a couple of cow shark's teeth (multiple points, like a saw), and a cluster of joined ray plates (Georgia found that yesterday), and a long skinny intact ray plate, that we've never intact before.  You can see some better photos of teeth from Calvert Cliffs here.

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