Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Rough Day for Ducks

A friend of mine and occasional reader (he says) took yesterday to go duck hunting up the upper Chesapeake Bay area.  BrianC is a committed hunter, and has a well trained Lab to do his retrieving, in classic style.  He posted these pictures and comments on a message board, and I asked his permission to share them:

Got out for the morning and afternoon hunt. Morning sucked because the river was frozen. We broke it up with the boat but it would refreeze in 4 minutes. 14* and gusting to 35 mph and we never fired a shot.

Lots of geese sitting nearby but they don't come into season until tomorrow.


Dog coming in with a bull canvasback. That dog is something else
The afternoon was much more productive in very snotty conditions. It was gusting to 40mph and we were fully incased in ice and the boat was a skating rink. The clothes I was wearing were still iced over when I got home (40 minute ride) as the blower in the hunting truck shit the bed. I have to say I was comfortable out there except for my exposed face when the wind whipped spray onto us during the boat ride

Ended up with 2 drake Bluebills, 2 drake Canvasbacks, and a Bufflehead.

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  1. As I just found the blog yesterday, I had a bit of reading to do to catch up. My wife thinks I should be committed for going out hunting on days like that.hehehe Below zero wind chills and howling wind brings out the ducks though and are much more productive days than the 40 degree no wind days.
    BTW, a nice interesting mix of topics here.