Thursday, November 1, 2012

More On Sandy and the Bay

The Bay news for the day are just filled with stories on how the hurricane has, or will influence the Bay:

Researchers Gauging Sandy's Impact on Chesapeake
Heck ya!  Go where the money is!

Beach Repairs After Sandy May Cost $8 Million a Mile
Not worth it. Sand comes and sand goes.

Eastern Shore resilient, state will help in recovery, McDonnell says
I don't think there was that much damage over there.

When you live on an island only a few feet above high water, expect flooding in tropical storms.

Good news that it didn't have longer reaching effects.  Unless it did, and they're opening it up anyway.

Any excuse for a joy ride.

That was certainly my perception.

Havre de Grace Not Worried About Flooding from Conowingo Dam
That would be good.  I'm a little surprised, given the amount of rain that fell over such a wide area of the Susquehanna basin.

Blog: Sandy brings rain, flooding to Chesapeake Bay
The EPA Bay Program fears the flooding.  But they pretty much fear everything.

Even the Chesapeake Bay Foundation say it's not so bad.

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