Saturday, January 1, 2011

And a Good Start

The beach was very still today; no winds to speak of and lots of other folk, including some serious shark tooth hunters.  Hunting was good today.  We found 36 teeth in all, including a cow shark, a drum's tooth, and this fine mako that Georgia discovered in the last few minutes of the walk.

It would make a nice necklace, if she didn't already have one about twice as large.


  1. I walked late (9:30-10) today and thought I'd run into you guys. Just think, I stepped right over or on those teeth.

    I told the group of 'hunters' with the 5 gal buckets that they seemed overly ambitious to me.

  2. They were collecting coral, and big shells, stuff I wouldn't ordinarily bother to pack home. We talked to one of the guys for quite a while. Kind of interesting, a hydrodynamicist for a Navy contractor in DC. Georgia found the big one right in the narrow spot by the cliffs near you, while she was running by trying to avoid getting her feet wet.