Saturday, April 20, 2024

Rule 5 Saturday - Hailey Grice

Haily Grice is the Rule 5 girl of the week.
The beginning of Hailey Grice’s career serves as a classic example of using life’s lemons to make lemonade.

Before the Charlotte, North Carolina-raised stunner had ever considered modeling, a swimsuit pic posted without her permission began making the rounds online. While initially upset by this breach of privacy, Grice saw potential to capitalize on her beauty.

Fast-forward to today, and the Los Angeles-based Grice makes a comfortable living as a featured face of brands like Lounge Underwear and Beauty Advisor. With nearly 900,000 Instagram followers, she’s also using her social media fame to start cashing in on OnlyFans.

“I decided to monetize my content because I am fully aware I will be sexualized whether I like it or not,” she says of her decision to join the subscriber-based OnlyFans. “I’m happy with this platform because it allows me to post whatever I want on my own terms and no one else’s.”
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