Friday, April 19, 2024

Flotsam and Jetsam - DIY Friday

 Packing up to leave town

Key Bridge Updates

Baltimore bridge collapse: Several dozen ships lost propulsion in Maryland waters
Key Bridge collapse: Recreational boats use alternate channel to pass recovery site

Biden Misdismal Administration

There's an Update on the Kind of Classified Information Biden Mishandled
John Kennedy Asks Merrick Garland Point-Blank Why DOJ Let Statute Of Limitations Pass On Hunter Biden - The Daily Caller
‘You Need Therapy!’: Hearing Implodes As James Comer, Jamie Raskin Get Into Heated Shouting Match - The Daily Caller
SENILE: Joe Biden's Painfully Awkward Trip to a Gas Station Is a Major Red Flag – RedState
No, The President’s Uncle Was Not Eaten by Cannibals . . . Seriously – JONATHAN TURLEY
Jon Gabriel on X: "He's at the stage of dementia where childhood memories merge with Looney Tunes shorts from the 1930s." / X
Illegal Alien Kills Staffer Days Before Democrat Senator Calls Mayorkas Impeachment "Waste of Time" – HotAir
Illegal Immigrants Invading in Speed Boat Nearly Slam into Surfers in Southern California
Chicago Mayor Faces Criticism From All Sides Over $70 Million Package for Illegal Border Crossers
Yet Another Biden Judicial Pick Has Ties to a Left-Wing, Anti-Cop Group
Four More Years, No More Money – PJ Media
Don't Fall For Democrats' Disastrous Student-Loan Racket
Biden’s Latest Assault on the Constitution’s Separation of Powers - Frontpage Mag
Report Lists 200 Ways Biden, Dems Have Deliberately Obstructed Domestic Energy
Palestinian Authority Rubs Biden's Nose in It – HotAir
Might Turn Out That POTATUS' Gonzo Gaza Pier Plan Was a Blessing in Disguise – HotAir
O’Keefe Media Group Exposes Who Is Really Running the White House – PJ Media
Leading Report on X: "BREAKING: Biden administration has been hit with a lawsuit that accuses federal officials of destroying evidence by deleting federal employees’ emails in violation of existing statutes. The case could have a significant impact on former President Trump, who is being persecuted…" / X

Trump Troubles 

Matthew Whitaker to Newsmax: 'May Be Sleeper Cells' in Trump Jury Pool |
Liberal Activists Are Trying to Sneak Onto Trump Jury. But It’s Trump Who May Get in Trouble?? – PJ Media
Jury Selection Process in Trump Trial Just Hit Another Snag
Althouse: "Behind the scenes, Trump’s defense team is scrambling to find and review potential jurors’ social media accounts..."
Black Robe Cannot Hide That Juan Merchan Is Deep Blue - The American Spectator
Trump Begins the High-Wire Act - The American Conservative
Ex-Federal Prosecutor: It’s A ‘Big Gamble’ To Put Melania On The Stand In Trump Hush-Money Trial - The Daily Wire
Althouse: "Donald Trump, who relentlessly undermined the justice system while in office and since, is enjoying the same protections and guarantees of fairness and due process before the law that he sought to deny to others during his term."
Trump’s Tongue Is Trapped in Our Two-Track Justice System - The American Spectator | USA News and Politics
Democrats who continue to go after Trump are contributing to his boost in ego
Hillary Clinton Condemns Trump For Paying Hush Money To Political Liabilities Instead Of Just Killing Them - Babylon Bee

Politics as Usual

Althouse: Men in stores.
Left-wing journalist: If the Right wins, we won't accept the results of the elections | Israel National News - Arutz Sheva
Prosecutor: Cali DA Dropped Election Data Case Because It Might Help Trump
National Popular Vote Aims To Erase The Electoral College
The Power of Moderate Populism - American Greatness
Dem House Candidate Vindman Calls To Change Virginia State Flag After Posing With Confederate-Era Version
Everything Johnson Said About Ukraine Before Changing His Tune
Get out the vote group is sending unsolicited voter registrations to non-citizens in Michigan - The New Neo
Tucker Carlson Says Red States Produce 'Dumbest, Most Liberal Republicans' and Dan Crenshaw Can't DEEEAL – Twitchy
Warrant Out for Dem State Rep. He’s Mentally Ill, but How Could Anybody Tell? – PJ Media
Mollie on X: "The worst part of the Trump presidency was the hate-drenched media spewing chaos and conspiracy theories. The best part was everything else." / X

J6 and the Deep State

Flashback to 2007: J6 Committee member once called for an ‘insurrection’ - American Thinker
HUMAN EVENTS: SCOTUS asks the right questions in the case that determines the fate of hundreds of J6ers—and Donald Trump - Human Events
‘The Idea … Is Crazy’: National Guard Official Says Mark Milley’s Jan 6. Warnings Led To Deployment Delay - The Daily Caller
Ace of Spades HQ National Guard Whistleblower Accuses Government of Lying About Millitary's January 6th Response
Why The FBI's Assault On Catholics Threatens All Christians
Supercharged Spying Provision Buried In "Terrifying" FISA 702 Reauthorization - ZeroHedge
We Don’t Care About Persecuted Christians … Because We Don’t Want to Join Them - The Stream
White Christian Nationalism: Threat or mirage? - American Thinker
Pro-Life Activists Jailed, Traffic Protestors Free: US Justice System Bias
Far Left YouTuber Tells 1.6M People to Shoot GOP Senator.

Media, Social Media and Government Censorship

'Public' Radio isn't Dedicated to the Masses - Frontpage Mag
NPR Got Exactly What They Want In 'Chairman Maher' – HotAir
Instapundit - “SHUT UP,” THEY EXPLAINED:
And In True Journalistic Fashion, NPR Can’t Take What It Dishes Out – Issues & InsightsNew NPR CEO Took Wikipedia Censorship Orders From Feds
Is Arrogance Going to Cost Another Woke Woman Her Job? – HotAir
It’s Bigger Than NPR’s Katherine Maher - The American Spectator
The 'Disinformation' Game - The Pipeline
Mike Johnson Praises CNN's Jake Tapper Off-Air: 'You're Always Fair'
The Price of Surrendering Speech - American Thinker
In Postliberal Brussels, NatCon Survives An Attempted Shutdown
Report: China Covertly Lobbying Congress on TikTok

The Great Culture War

Wife of Obama Press Sec Shocked by Proliferation of Anti-Semitism on Campus of Obama's Alma Mater
Harvard Center Hosting Pro-Hamas Author – PJ Media
Ace of Spades HQ Surprise: Ilhan "Omar" Nur's "Psycho" Daughter Suspended from Barnard College Over, Get This, Anti-Semitic Protests
Columbia University President Appears To Mock Ultra Liberal Students After Republican Asks Her Question During Hearing - The Daily Caller
Campus Reform - Auburn Men's Basketball Coach Bruce Pearl: 'It blows my mind' that LGBTQ people support Hamas, who would have them 'killed' 
Althouse: "Since Donald J. Trump’s election in 2016, many campuses have become especially volatile places, seeing an increase..."
Radical Liberal Reduced to Tears When Forced to Face Consequences of Her Own Actions – HotAir
Whoa: Google Fires 28 Employees After Pro-Hamas Sit-In – HotAir
New NASA Mars Crew Has a Muslim, No White People | Frontpage Mag
Inclusive Education: Understanding Identity Differences in Elementary Schools
Video: The illusion of virtue
A Hollywood Producer's One-Woman War Against... Sydney Sweeney's Looks? – PJ Media
CDC Bragging About Collecting Data to Close Down Schools – HotAir
The Morning Briefing: Sydney Sweeney Should Win an Award for Triggering Miserable Lib Women – PJ Media
School Suspends Teen for Saying 'Illegal Alien.'
DC Comics Turns Wonder Woman Into Anti-MAGA, Anti-Christian Rant – PJ Media
Sex Trafficking of Minors? No Big Deal Says California Senate – HotAir
Is Planned Parenthood Trans-ing Kids Without Parental Consent? – PJ Media
Welcome to Culture-War Thunderdome 2024 – HotAir
Smithsonian Eliminates Drag Shows Following Investigation.
'Genderseason'? YGBFKM – HotAir
The 'Inclusive' Left Has a Message for Female Republicans – HotAir
Scotland Pauses Puberty Blockers for Teens – HotAir
Scottish Follies Update: Hate Crime Law Not Enough - Useless Wants Misogyny Law to Protect Transwomen – HotAir
Oh Hey, Another Transgender Teen Arrested for School-Shooting Plot – HotAir
Want to Take a Guess Why the Media Won't Cover What Just Happened in Maryland?
Woman Complains That Men Do Nothing When 'Abusive Drug-Addled Bum' Terrorizes Train Car – Twitchy

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