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Flotsam and Jetsam - Trump Trial Proceeds

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 04.23.24, at Da Fed, Tom Crist explains why we should Prepare For A Slow, Spendy Baltimore Bridge Rebuild That Won’t Satisfy Anybody. "Engineering priorities have become secondary to other interests, which is why we cannot have nice things quickly at a reasonable cost." And right on cue, at theUniversity of Maryland Center for Environmental Science UMCES scientists on the ecological impact of the Key Bridge collapse and recovery, as they prepare to make perfect the enemy of good.

At TNP, Trump Trial Day 1 Summary: Here’s What Happened in the Opening Arguments… Bill Otis at Ringside asks and answers How bad is Alvin Bragg's Manhattan prosecution? "Worse than you thought, because it will do more long-term damage than you thought." Nicole Silvero at Da Caller, ‘This Is Embarrassing’: Turley Says He Is In ‘Utter Disbelief’ Over Bragg Trial Opening Statements “What is clear is in this case, Trump is right,” Turley said. “I mean, this is an embarrassment. I mean, the fact that we are actually talking about this case being presented in a New York courtroom leaves me in utter disbelief. I mean, the arguments today did in fact capture all the problems here. You know, you had this misdemeanor under state law that had run out. This is going back to the 2016 election. And they zapped it back into life by alleging that there was a campaign finance under the federal laws that doesn’t exist. The Department of Justice doesn’t view it this way.” At Althouse, "After listening to Monday’s opening statement by prosecutors, I still think the Manhattan D.A. has made a historic mistake" and Jon Stewart's view of the Trump trial: It's a test of the media's fairness and accuracy.  PJM's Vicky Taft, Spoiler Alert: Prosecutors' Tortuous Trump Case Is 'Confusing' to Nearly Everyone and New York DA's Trump Circus Has Found Its Clown (Michael Avenatti)  Hat Hair's Jazz Shaw thinks Trump Trial 'Catch and Kill' Claims May Backfire. At NYPo never-Trumper Andy McCarthy admits ‘Hush money’ is not a crime, and Bragg has no case against Trump. Spencer Brown at Town Hall, Judge Clashes With Trump Attorney at Gag Order Hearing. Althouse, "This hearing, ostensibly about violations of a gag order, doubled as a complete onslaught on the Trump ethos. " ""Justice Merchan clarified that politics infused everything that the former president does and insisted on hearing good faith arguments, and the truth, wherever possible. We knew this was going to be a big moment; it was even more revealing than expected." Writes Jonah Bromwich, covering the Trump trial at the NYT. . . . It seems to me, we are talking about gagging a presidential candidate, whose prosecution might be political persecution, and that's inescapably political. It's not something to be brushed off as some sort of "ethos" of Trump's that deserves "a complete onslaught."  Donald J. Trump Posts From His Truth Social@TrumpDailyPosts "HIGHLY CONFLICTED, TO PUT IT MILDLY, JUDGE JUAN MERCHAN, HAS TAKEN AWAY MY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH. EVERYBODY IS ALLOWED TO TALK AND LIE ABOUT ME, BUT I AM NOT ALLOWED TO DEFEND MYSELF. THIS IS A KANGAROO COURT, AND THE JUDGE SHOULD RECUSE HIMSELF! Donald Trump Truth Social 11:00 AM EST 04/23/24." Hat Hair's Dave Strom thinks Trump Should Ignore the Gag Order. Breitbart cites Alina Habba: Criminal and Civil Courts Being Used Against Trump Because ‘They Cannot Beat Him in the Polls.’ At Da Caller, a CNN Panel Finds It ‘Pretty Remarkable’ Juror Can Go To Dentist Appointment While Trump Restricted From Major Events.

Mary Chastain at LI reports NYC Judge Rules Trump’s $175 Million Bond From Civil Trial Stands, despite Letitia James attempts to void it so she can confiscate Trump property. 

TNP, Unredacted Docs Reveal Biden, Garland, Jack Smith Collusion in Trump ‘Documents’ Case. The redoubtable Julie Kelly@julie_kelly2 "NEW: Thanks to order by Judge Cannon, key evidence related to classified docs case is now unredacted. On the left: What DOJ/Jack Smith wanted to conceal. On the right: Now we know why. More proof of collaboration btw Biden White House and NARA to concoct a case."

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 04.23.24, at Da Fed David Harsanyi notes Joe Biden Says There Are Very Fine People On Both Sides Of The Oct. 7 Debate Also at Da Fed, Tristan Justice asserts that By Media Standards, Joe Biden Is A Terrorist Sympathizer Until He Personally Condemns Antisemitism. But then, he might lose Michigan. And Margot Cleveland wonders Is Biden’s IRS Meddling In The IG Investigation Of Hunter Biden Whistleblowers? Of course, what good is power if you don't use it to protect your kid?

At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 04.23.24,  Mary Chastain at LI, Judge Declares Mistrial for Rancher Accused of Killing Illegal Alien on His Property "The jury voted 7-1 not guilty."  Hat Hair's Jazz Shaw reports a Mistrial for Arizona Rancher Who Shot Illegal Migrant. Sundance at CTH, Judge Declares Mistrial in Murder Case of Rancher George Kelly Accused of Shooting Illegal Alien.Steve Cortes at Am Great sees Migrant Pain for the Heartland. "Biden turned Whitewater, Wisconsin, into a border town." At TNP, Middle School Boots Special Needs Students to Make Way for Migrant Kids. From Da Caller, Judge Dismisses Riot Charges For Over 100 Migrants Who Rushed Border, Ruben Morales. At Front Page Byron York says "Biden, we have a problem," Growing Latino Support for Border Wall, Strict Enforcement.

Christopher Chantrill at Am Think wonders Can ‘Get Trump’ Beat Failing Bidenomics? Leslie Eastman at LI, Bidenomics: Energy Prices Skyrocket Nearly 30% Under Biden, 13 times Faster Than Previous 7 Years "A look at how energy price inflation, driven by “climate crisis” policies, is impacting California and the United Kingdom….versus Ohio, where fossil fuel based energy is leading to a decrease in electricity prices." Tristan Justice at Da Fed observes To Celebrate Earth Day, The White House Locks Off More Alaskan Earth From American Use. At Da Caller, Retail Clothing Company Express Files For Bankruptcy, Will Close More Than 100 Stores

Leslie Eastman at LI reports Biden Administration Trying to Implement Its Own ‘Pandemic Treaty’ "Team Biden is is using the monkeypox outbreak in the Congo as the rationale for the “Global Health Security Strategy”." Getting ready for the fall election?

At Am Spec Gary Anderson says Biden Has Allowed the Marine Corps to Become Irrelevant. "The current leadership focuses on obtaining anti-ship missiles while its worldwide force readiness slides."

From the Babylon Bee, America Honors Earth Day By Recycling Used Presidential Candidates. At TownHall, Media Stunned by Trump's Soaring Poll Numbers. "New polling out this week shows exactly how the American people feel about Trump — and it's not good news for Joe Biden, or the media who are devastated to report the news." I&I wonders Will Israel Be A Game-Changer In The 2024 Election? I&I/TIPP Poll

Shawn Fleetwood at Da Fed thinks Ignoring Primaries Gives The GOP Establishment Permission To Be Awful, like they need excuses. Jed Babbin at Am Spec, sees Republicans Being Stupid. "Republicans can no longer afford to be the Stupid Party. There is too much at stake." Matt Margolis at PJM says If You're Considering Voting for RFK Jr., Think Again. I'm not. At Twitchy, Kamala Harris Community Noted So BRUTALLY Even Elon Musk Can't Help but LAUGH His Arse Off. The Free Bacon observes Bob Casey Does Delicate Dance With Besieged 'Squad' Member Summer Lee. "The Pennsylvania senator tries to have it both ways, standing by his endorsement of the anti-Israel Democrat in the face of a primary challenge but keeping his distance, too " and Jon Tester Voted Against the Border Wall, But It Features Prominently in His Reelection Ads

Dave Catron at Am Spec, explains Why he thinks SCOTUS Will Toss 350 J6 Convictions. "A clear majority questions the DOJ's use of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act to prosecute J6 defendants."

Sundance GOes DEEP – Speaker Johnson Changed Mind on FISA/Deep State after Lobbying from Pompeo and Intelligence Community. What do they have on him? Also, DOJ Pays Gymnasts $138 Million Settlement for FBI Misconduct in Larry Nassar Sex Assault Cases. ABC, DOJ announces $139M settlement with Larry Nassar's victims over claims of FBI misconduct "These allegations should have been taken seriously from the outset." But they were having too much fun going after Catholics. Don Surber says Lawyer up, Republicans. "Either start suing Biden or shut the hell up"

PJM's W. Joe Campbell thinks NPR's Uri Berliner Was Right. Hollywood in Toto wonders Can Colbert Ignore ‘Genocide Joe’ Chants at DNC? "‘Late Show’ to shoot around anticipated pro-Palestinian protests." At Front Page, Dr. Phil Video: DEI Advocate Destroyed by Black Conservatives

Stacy McCain, It’s ‘Protester,’ NOT ‘Protestor,’ Dammit! Thanks. That cleared it up for me. At PJM, Stephen Kruiser says Psst...Merrick Garland — I Found Your Domestic Terrorists, and Matt Margolis, Alan Dershowitz No Longer Feels Loyal to the Democratic Party. At LI, ‘Death to America:’ Anti-Israel Encampments Pop Up at More Universities "Faculty members and professors have started showing support for the anti-Israel students," and Biden Condemns ‘Antisemitic Protests,’ But Also People Who Don’t Get “What’s Going on With the Palestinians’. "Sounds like Biden thinks there’s “very fine people on both sides.” From Breitbart, Sen. John Fetterman Slams ‘A**Hole’ Anti-Israel Protesters: ‘Not Appropriate’Anti-Israel Protesters Arrested at New York UniversityAdams: Jewish Students Are Facing What Black Students Faced in Little Rock and Obama’s Passover Message Adds Palestinians Into the Story; Omits Hostages. At the Free Bacon, Columbia Professors Declare Solidarity With Student Protesters and Call for Shafik's ResignationNFL Funded Left-Wing Group Bailing Out Anti-Israel Bridge Blockers, and Northwestern Investigates Flyer Targeting Jewish Community Center,
"Flyer calling on university to end relationship with Hillel may have violated anti-harassment policies." From Da Wire, FLASHBACK: Columbia President After 9/11 Said Terrorism Is ‘A Form Of Protesting.’ "Minouche Shafik, facing calls for her resignation, says she rejects terrorism 'full stop,' Ilhan Omar Tries To Defend Columbia Protesters (And Her Daughter), And It Backfires Immediately and Democrat Ritchie Torres Slams ‘Rabid Racist’ Mohamed Hadid For Vile Messages. Bella and Gigi's dad. The Dersh, cited at Hat Hair, Ivy League Anti-Israel Protests Could Prove More Dangerous Than January 6 or Charlottesville. Jazz Shaw, Amazingly, Harvard Suspends Pro-Hamas Student Group. John Sexton, 150 Protesters Arrested at NYU 'Liberated Zone'. Da Caller, Josh Hawley Calls On Biden To Send National Guard To Protect Jewish American Students On Columbia’s Campus. At NYPo, Patriots owner Robert Kraft calls tenured Columbia professors one of the ‘biggest problems’ as anti-Israel protests roil campus. 'Becca Downs at TownHall looks at What Kathy Hochul, Chuck Schumer Are Saying About Columbia University's Pro-Hamas ProtestsCollin Rugg@CollinRugg, "JUST IN: Columbia University has announced classes will be remote for the rest of the year as anti-Israel protests rock the school. There are now growing calls for tuition refunds for the $70k a year college now that it has practically turned into an online school." At Campus Reform Columbia has 'made clear' it 'does not want NYPD' on campus as pro-Hamas occupation takes over school.

Ace is incensed that Democrat Party Takes a Cut of Donations for Bail for Pro-Hamas Criminals; NFL Donated to Group Providing Free Bail to Terrorism Supporters, "The Soros-backed Tides Foundation is bailing out the criminals shutting down our key infrastructure in an effort to strangle the country into compliance with the terror agenda" and  Amid Violence and Chants of "Death to America" and "Burn Tel Aviv to the Ground," the Gaslight Media Races to Give the Pro-Hamas Criminals a Media Glow-Up "Below, aggressive "protesters" demand that Jews leave "their space," which is Columbia University's grounds, where the Jews in question are paying a hundred grand a year to attend. They also demand that spectators observe their self-declared "community guidelines" and not photograph them as they publicly protest in a public space." Jazz Shaw, The DNC Learned Nothing From 1968. At PJM Athena Thorne thinks Democrats Are Riding the Tiger Right Into a Spicy Summer. Capt. Ed, Once Again, With Feeling: Decolonize Academia Now! From the Babylon Bee, Columbia Admins Promise To Carefully Investigate Whether 'Let’s Kill Every Jew We See On Campus' Chant Violates School’s Conduct Policy and Columbia Protestors Clarify They Only Want Death To America After America Is Done Paying Their Student Loans

At Da Wire, DEI Official At UCLA School of Medicine Massively Plagiarized Her Dissertation On DEI. "Uber-woke UCLA says Natalie Perry’s job is to teach med students to “do what’s right.” Her academic career is built on fraud." CJ, Academic Dishonesty at UCLA "A prominent administrator at the university’s medical school appears to have plagiarized." They never expected anybody would read that shit. John Sexton, Rebranding: Wisconsin DEI Worker Says the Name of Her Organization Changed but the Workers Are the Same.

VodkaPundit at PJM, School Ignored Trans Student's 'Hit List, Leading to a Bloody Beat-Down. Da Wire, WATCH: 13-Year-Old Girl Tearfully Tells School Board She Watched Classmate Brutalize Female Student ""We had to sit in there and watch them clean up the blood." "Reduxx reported that the attacker is a trans-identifying male student who identifies as “Melanie.”" Ace,  Already Facing a Boycott Over Its Transgender Policy, Planet Fitness Doubles Down and Hires a CEO Specializing In, Get This, "Diversity." "There will be a diversity of penises in the girls' locker room for your daughters to choose from." At Da Fetched, Top Volunteer Quits Major Children’s Charity over ‘Trans Grooming’. Dave Strom reports that in Germany: Parents Can Declare Infants Trans at Birth. At Hat Hair, They’re Talking About ‘Species-Affirming’ Surgery Now

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