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Flotsam and Jetsam - DNC Pays Biden Legal Costs, Judge Nixes Hunter's Gun Plea

A quick update on the Key Bridge disaster, via the Balmer Sun, Environmental groups grateful but vigilant after Key Bridge collapse. No significant leaks of hazardous materials from the cargo or ship so far. "Dennison . . . said he heard the sheen could have been a small amount of “hydraulic fluid from the ship’s bow thruster.” “It’s a very contained, small leak, considering the magnitude of what was carried on the ship,” Dennison said. “They were ready to go to Sri Lanka. They had a full load of fuel.” Only a million gallon. Families of Key Bridge collapse victims rely on translators to navigate life: ‘When someone cries, I cry’. So they don't speak English, but there's no word on whether they are/were legal or illegal immigrants. I'm guessing that means the later. Can a new Key Bridge keep the old, slave-owning name? The Sun staff waffles.

Anxious anxiously reports a Scoop: DNC covered Biden legal bills in special counsel probe. John Sexton at Hat Hair, Of Course, DNC Has Quietly Been Paying Biden's Legal Fees. Capt. Ed at Hat Hair calls out the Hypocrisy: DNC Paying Biden's Legal Bills While Griping About RNC. "The decision to cover the legal bills isn't an issue, as long as it's disclosed. Trump and the RNC disclosed that arrangement years ago, and Trump PACs did the same. The DNC has tried to hide it from their donors while criticizing their opponents for exactly what they themselves have been doing. That's not just projection, but hypocrisy." Travis@Travis_in_Flint, "BREAKING NEWS: A Federal Judge appointed by Donald Trump has denied Hunter Biden’s request to have his charges dismissed. Biden said that this case was political and should dropped. His lawyers also requested the case be thrown out because of his plea deal, even though the deal was thrown out. The Judge denied all of the request and the case will move to trial. Will we finally see justice prevail against a democrat?" Ben Whedon at JTN, Federal judge rejects Hunter Biden bid to dismiss gun charges in special counsel case. "Special counsel David Weiss has alleged that he lied on a federal gun form about his drug use and that he possessed a firearm while using illegal narcotics." 

Speaking of Biden and gun laws, Ace notices The Demented Usurper Biden, On His Own Dictatorial Authority, Announces "Rule" That Presumes to Outlaw Most Private Gun Sales "As did Obama before him, Biden believes that anytime Congress refuses to pass laws that he demands it's a "crisis" which empowers the executive to assume the power of Congress and pass laws on its own authority." Stacy McCain asserts Biden’s Gun Control Policy Won’t Work, but that really doesn't matter to him because the purpose is to shore up his base AWFLs.

Hat Hair's KT reports an Afghan Migrant on Terror Watch List Released by Border Patrol Remains in U.S. From NewsMax, 43 Senate Republicans Sign Demand for Full Mayorkas Trial. "Three of the six Republicans who did not sign the letter, Sens. Lisa Murkowski, Alaska; Susan Collins, Maine; and Mitt Romney, Utah, have questioned whether the House has met the standards of "high crimes and misdemeanors" in its call for impeachment." At the Free Bacon, Biden Admin Lets Sanctions Waiver for Iran-Russia Nuclear Work Expire—But Won't Commit to Enforcing Those SanctionsOmri Ceren@omriceren, "What if - and I know this is going to sound a little bit outre, but hear me out - what if the adults are not in fact back in charge?"

Beege Welborn at Hat Hair is outraged, Try to Keep Up - Another Round of Vote-Buying Student Loan Billion Bucks Bail Outs Announced This Morning. At Da Mail, So who is ACTUALLY paying for these student loans, Joe? Daily Mail reveals who is footing Biden's $150 BILLION bid to 'buy votes' by wiping debt. From the Center Square, Americans face rising gas prices again. "Overall, gas prices have risen about 50% since President Joe Biden took office." NYPo notices Energy prices soar almost 30 percent under Biden — 13 times faster than previous 7 years. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 04.12.24, Tristan Justice at Da Fed sees Biden Plans Giant Expansion Of Two National Monuments In 130,000-Acre Land Grab.

From Da Caller, the Black Woman Who Went Viral Hugging Trump At Chick-Fil-A Blasts Biden For ‘Disrupting’ Black Community. Beege Welborn thinks The Girl Who Hugged Trump In Atlanta Is a Treasure. John Hanson at PI asks Is Trump Bringing More Minorities To The Republican Party?

PJM's Matt Margolis says Trump Wants More Debates, but Perhaps Not for the Reason You’re Thinking. "But the reason they are calling for a change in the debate schedule is actually objectively practical. "Specific to the Commission's proposed 2024 calendar, it simply comes too late," they wrote. "By the date of the first proposed debate, September 16, 2024, over 1 million Americans will have likely voted. By the date of the second proposed debate, October 1, 2024, the number of Americans who will have likely cast a ballot will be over 3 million, an increase of 225%." NewsMax reports Trump Not Happy With MTG Effort to Oust Speaker Johnson. WaEx, Trump defends Mike Johnson at Mar-a-Lago amid threats to House speakership. Even sundance at CTH takes notice when President Trump Holds Joint Presser With Speaker Mike Johnson. At WaEx, Why Trump keeps his veepstakes contest alive and the list long: ‘This is The Apprentice: 2024 version’. He is a showman.

At Hat Hair, These 'Undecideds' Seem Like They've Made Up Their Minds About 2024...and Mika Brzezinski Can't Deal. Da Fetched reports on the 'Stache, John Bolton: I Will Write-In Vote for Dick Cheney as President. Hat Hair's KT hears of a Kennedy Staffer Fired for Video That Circulated Calling for Defeat of Biden. "Rita Palma was a New York-based staffer with the RFK, Jr. campaign. A video circulated that showed her talking about preventing President Biden's re-election by trying to send the race to the House of Representatives to elect Donald Trump as president."

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 04.12.24, Brianna Lyman at Da Fed reports Georgia Law Restricting Ballot Traffickers From Filling Out Your Application Goes To Trial.

NewsWeek whines that Fani Willis' Former Employee Is Giving Republicans Information. Capt. Ed at Hat Hair adds "Interesting, and worth watching. It doesn't directly relate to Willis' prosecution of Trump et al, but it will certainly impact her electoral efforts if the new whistleblower comes up with real evidence of misuse or corruption in relation to federal grant money." At ET, Fani Willis ‘Inconsistencies’ Found by DOJ: Spokesperson. I'm sure they'll get around to prosecuting that any year now. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 04.12.24, MD Kittle at Da Fed, Alvin Bragg Kicks Off Another Frenzied Lawfare Trial With Weakest Case Against Trump Yet. At Althouse But election denial is reprehensible, no? in response to Laurence Tribe@tribelaw "Saying Trump is on trial for paying hush money to a porn star is like saying John Wilkes Booth was tried for sneaking up behind Lincoln in Ford’s Theater. Silencing Stormy was just the means Trump used to commit the crime of fraudulently killing Hillary’s 2016 presidential bid."

Daniel Chaitin at Da Wire reports House Votes To Pass FISA Reauthorization. But There’s A Catch. Two years to prove they won't abuse it again. Da Caller is disgusted that 86 Republicans Vote To Allow Warrantless Spying Of Americans With FISA. AP, House passes reauthorization of key US surveillance program after days of upheaval over changes. Pro-DOJ Andy McCarthy at NRO, cited at Hat Hair says regarding the Section 702 Vote: This Is Not a Good Moment for Self-Induced Blindness. Capt. Ed, "I lean in Andy's direction on this issue, but the problem is that the monitoring was not "incidental" when it came to Carter Page and others connected to Trump. And apart from one slap on the hand for an attorney at the FBI, we didn't impose any real consequences for the abuse of the FISA process for explicitly political purposes. And with the FBI treating Mark Houck like Alvin Karpis, no one trusts them with this power any more." Sundance is scandalized, House Approves Two Year FISA-702 Extension Permitting Warrantless Surveillance of Americans. Ace, House Passes FISA Renewal Bill Without Any Additional Warrant Requirement For Spying on Americans. "Of course. Vote harder, everyone." At Da Caller, Andrew McCabe Acknowledges ‘Mistakes’ In Trump Campaign Investigation As He Pushes Warrantless Surveillance Tool. They didn't succeed? At Fox, FBI director warns of 'elevated' public, national safety; pushes for increased funding. "The FBI's 'immediate concern' is that individuals will carry out terrorist attacks in US, according to Wray."

Guy Benson at TownHall wonders Did You Hear Who Planted a Bomb at an Alabama Republican's Office? Trans Antifa. Andy Ngô@MrAndyNgo "Breaking exclusive: Kyle Benjamin Douglas Calvert, the Antifa member suspect arrested over a nail bombing of the Alabama Attorney General's office, is trans nonbinary. Federal prosecutors have requested the court detain Calvert without bond because he is extremely violent and dangerous.". From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 04.12.24, Mike LaChance at LI laughs as Maxine Waters Complains About Being Confronted in Restaurant, After Telling People to Confront Trump Officials in Restaurants. “As a member of Congress, when people, you know, who evidently had a racist attitude, and recently one of them even confronted me in a restaurant.” Althouse, takes Another look at that Berkeley dinner party violence. "I'm reading "At Berkeley, a Protest at a Dean’s Home Tests the Limits of Free Speech/Pro-Palestinian supporters disrupted a dinner for law students. There was a tussle over the microphone and conflicting claims of harm" (NYT)." As is often the case, the fun is on the comments. From the Jewish Insider, UC Berkeley condemns student antisemitic threats, school says it can’t disclose if it’s disciplining offenders. "School president acknowledges that anti-Israel students targeted law school dean’s home reception because he’s Jewish." Jonathan Turley discourses on how Berkeley Students Disrupt Dinner at Law Dean’s Home; Accuse Law Professor of Assault. Hat Hair's Dave Strom, Well Isn't She Nice: "I hope one day somebody brings the guillotine and kills all of you"Libs of TikTok@libsoftiktok "WILD: Unhinged Pro-Palestine protestor Riddhi Patel threatens to M*RDER Bakersfield Mayor Karen Goh (R) in a psychotic rant during a city council meeting. Patel is being charged with 16 felonies and is being held on a $1 million bail."

John Lucas at Bravo Blue asserts  "Covid" Didn't Destroy Businesses and Lives; The Government Did. From mrcTV, Jordan Threatens ‘Woke ESG Cartel’ Member with Criminal Contempt of Congress.

At Da Fetched, Trump Calls to End Funding to NPR after Bias Scandal: ‘Not One Dollar.’ Fox, 'Expect NPR to suffer’ under GOP admin: Republicans renew call to defund outlet amid bias scandal. "House Majority Whip Emmer says NPR should 'forfeit taxpayer funding' if it displays bias." I've heard that before. Donald Trump Jr.@DonaldJTrumpJr "They’re trying to do it again." Quote Gabe Kaminsky@gekaminsky "SCOOP: The Department of Homeland Security/its CISA had privately "recommended" the State Department contact the Election Integrity Partnership, which worked to suppress speech on social media before the 2020 presidential election, according to internal emails." From Da Caller, Catherine Herridge Accuses CBS Of ‘Journalistic Rape’ For Seizing Her Belongings. At Da Fetched, Biden Admin Successfully Pressured Snopes to Change Fact Check on Gas Stove Ban. Jazz Shaw at Hat Hair is pleased Instagram to Blur Nudity in Messages.

At Twitchy, 'That Was Called MARXISM': WATCH Dr. Phil Destroy DEI in Under 40 Seconds (Video). From Hollywood in Toto, John Cleese on Cancel Culture: An ‘Organized … Totalitarian’ Movement. "Monty Python legend unloads on attempts to silence subversive comedy" Capt. Ed, "That's a good and accurate description. But only in a society where the markets have formed an alliance with power can such a scheme succeed. We're a lot closer to fascism -- actual fascism -- than some realize." At Am Great, the Great Victor Davis Hanson discusses DEI Cronyism and Woke Grifters. "How odd it is that America is wasting billions of dollars hiring DEI czars and electing woke politicians, who so often accuse others of a multitude of sins, largely as a way of enriching themselves." Capt. Ed, "And largely succeed at it, too. Hanson brings some receipts, but the biggest example of this will likely be the sex-change medical industry -- and likely the biggest casualty too, once the lawsuits really start rolling. " Matt Margolis at PJM, Move Over 'Latinx': There’s a New Fake Word No One Is Going To Use. Althouse, "To better accommodate diverse gender identities, some Spanish and Portuguese speakers are increasingly using the -e suffix for some nouns..." "From "Latine is the new Latinx" (Axios)."

NYPo's Divine Ms. Devine says Woke Dems have lied about transgender suicide — but there is hope. Dave Strom, Finally, the Alphabet People Break Their Silence! "The silence of the LGBTQIA+/-% people will deafen us no more." At Spiked, The Harry Potter brats owe JK Rowling an apology "The Cass Review has cast the gender activism of celebs like Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson in a very different light." At the Pennsylvania Record a Mom says Dover Area school staff affirmed her daughter’s gender without telling her. Affirmed should be in scare quotes. From the College Fix, Quinnipiac Law scholarship excludes heterosexual males, faces Title IX complaint. At Da Wire, School Reportedly Denies 11-Year-Old Permission To Form Interfaith Prayer Group After It Okays LGBT Group. Ace, Planet Fitness Suffers the (Checks Notes) "Planet Fitness Effect" "Coincidentally, like when Lou Gerhig caught Lou Gerhig's disease. You know, before Lou Gerhrig got it, it was called Bert Handleman's Disease, but Lou Gehrig just wouldn't let Bert Handleman have a win. Anyway: Planet Fitness put out the word that it welcomed perverts exposing themselves to women in their "women's" locker rooms. The perverts heard the call, and are stepping up." Capt. Ed, "When you set incentives that encourage predators, don't be surprised when predators stampede to take advantage. Planet Fitness prioritized trans-virtue signaling over the safety of its female customers and made sure everyone knew it."

From Virginia blogger, Bacon's Rebellion, What the School-Discipline Meltdown Looked like in Newport News

The Wombat has Rule 5 Sunday: Super Extra Double-Scoop Post-Tax Day Leather Edition and FMJRA 2.0: Home For Tax Day up for your digital amusement at The Other McCain.

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