Thursday, April 25, 2024

Flotsam and Jetsam - Trump Team Pleads Immunity Case

Nick Arama at RedState sees the Biden White House Rushes to Cover Up Joe's Latest Wild 'Ron Burgundy' Moment, the tell tale pause. On X Megyn Kelly@megynkelly  says "He might have just lost. Seriously. Watch this." Ace, Biden Slurs His Way Through a Shpeech About Funding His Paymaters In Ukraine, Update: At Fundraiser, Biden Accidentally Reads Aloud the Scripted Stage Directions. "He immediately signed the bill into law, then let his Ukranian masters know that the Biden Brand is all about prompt service." At WokeSpy, Biden Says He Gets Flipped Off by Children Regularly. "The kids are alright after all." From PM, Speaker Johnson APOLOGIZED to Joe Biden for rolling his eyes at SOTU, "When Nancy Pelosi ripped up Trump’s SOTU speech, she was considered a hero by Democrats." At Althouse, "[T]ensions between the White House and the [New York] Times... had been bubbling beneath the surface for at least the last five years " . . . Writes Eli Stokols, in "Inside the NYT-White House Feud" (Politico)." "The Biden position seems to be that professional news coverage ought to appear to slant toward Biden because Trump is so awful, and the Times is unprofessionally attempting to create the look of balanced coverage." Twitchy, We Warned You: Totally-Not-A-Dictator Biden Admin Plans to Use 'Climate Crisis' to Get COVID-Like Powers

At NotTheBee, The DNC just launched focus groups to figure out why Americans don't like Kamala and the results were what anyone with two brain cells expected and a Report: One of the VP's Secret Service agents attacked other agents at Joint Base Andrews on Monday and there are "DEI concerns" about his hiring. Insty quips LOOK, HE WAS JUST UPSET HE DREW THE SHORT STRAW TO GUARD THE IDIOT: Secret Service officer protecting Kamala Harris came to blows with other agents at Joint Base Andrews. 

Hat Hair's KT reports Texas Grand Jury Indicted 140 Illegal Aliens the Day After Judge Dismissed Charges. Thumb in the judge's eye. From Da Blaze, DHS enlists anti-ICE immigration detention official who doesn't want illegal migrants behind bars

Hat Hair cites BEA, NEW: Q1 GDP Only 1.6%. Capt. Ed comments "This is not good news, not for Joe Biden or anyone else. Consumer spending allowed this to remain in positive turf, but even that dropped from a 3.3% increase in 2023Q4 to 2.5% in Q1. The biggest hit appears to be exports, which fell from 5.1% in Q4 (amd 5.3% in Q3) to 0.9% in Q1."

Jim Geraghty at NRO asks How’s That Gaza Pier Coming, Mr. President? Capt. Ed, "The delivery of the pier was supposed to be in May. That seems too short a timeline now, but there are new developments on the security situation." Well, it's a bad idea anyway.

Jen Van Laar at RedState, DA Finally Reveals Underlying Crime Trump Allegedly Committed, and the Bidens Should be Nervous "According to Fox News, "New York prosecutor Joshua Steinglass on Tuesday said the other crime was a violation of a New York law called 'conspiracy to promote or prevent election.'" Isn't that what politicians are supposed to do? At Twitchy, Prosecutors in Trump’s New York Trial Prove Their Witness Is a Lying 'Pecker' Who Faked Evidence. At NYPo, Secret Service Has ‘Started Planning’ for What to Do if Trump Is Thrown in Jail.A triple at Althouse, "Biden and his supporters are intent on making Trump the Nelson Mandela of America," "I said: 'This is a terrible, toxic relationship, you and Trump. And you’ve got to break up '" "Said Tom Arnold, "the actor and comedian best known for his role on the 1990s sitcom starring Arnold’s ex-wife, Roseanne Barr," and Listen to the live oral argument in Trump's immunity case. "Here."

Sundance at CTH looks at the BIG PICTURE – Judge Cannon Unseals and Un-redacts Trump Legal Motion that Exposes DOJ Fraudulent Case Against Him. "The special counsel was looking for documents held by Donald Trump that touched on declassification and/or pertained to John Durham and Crossfire Hurricane.   They were looking for documentary evidence against them that Trump may have held (he did and likely still does)." Ace, Released Emails Show Biden's White House Conspiring With Bureaucrats to Force the Documents Issue. "Manufacturing a fake crime." Matt Vespa at TownHall, New Biden Emails Reveal Details About the Ukraine Whistleblower Who Got Trump Impeached. Leading Report@LeadingReport "BREAKING: The CIA has failed to produce documents for Congress relating to Barack Obama’s alleged illegal spying on the Trump campaign."

At JTN, Meadows, Giuliani and other former Trump aides indicted in Arizona 2020 election probe "Eleven other Arizona Republicans have also been indicted on the felony charges." "“Defendants and unindicted coconspirators schemed to prevent the lawful transfer of the presidency to keep Unindicted Coconspirator 1 in office against the will of Arizona’s voters,” the 58-page indictment states." Hat Hair cites WaPoo, BREAKING: Arizona Indicts 11 Fake Electors, Meadows, Giuliani, Others.

Paul Mirengoff at Ringside posts Washington Post puzzled that people who agree with Trump's policies are supporting him. Hat Hair's KT reports Melania Trump Officially Returned to the Campaign Trail With Celeb-Studded Fundraiser. His better half, for sure. And Dave Strom thinks After Seeing These Polls, It’s Going to Take a Miracle (or Something) for Biden to Win. Trump ahead in most battle-ground states. 

At TNP, Jamie Raskin Is Getting Sued! "Tony Bobulinski, a former associate of Hunter Biden, filed a $20 million defamation lawsuit against Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) yesterday. Bobulinski, the witness for the Republican impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden, has filed several lawsuits against Democrats over their commentary about him. According to Bobulinski, Rep. Raskin has refused to comply with multiple requests to retract and delete allegedly defamatory remarks, necessitating the lawsuit." From the New Jersey Globe, Donald Payne Will Win The Primary Posthumously. Here’s How Democrats Will Pick His Replacement. Forbes, ‘Only Goodbye For Now’: Ex-Rep. George Santos Ends Bid For Congress. Too bad, he was at least amusing, and not half the liar that Joe Biden is.

Da Fed's Brianna Lyman reports 8 GOP States (And Counting) Ban Biden’s DOJ From ‘Intimidating’ Voters At 2024 Polls.

Mary Chastain at LI, FBI Director Christopher Wray: ‘We Don’t Monitor Protests’. "You can’t protest abortion, males using female spaces, or support Trump. You can definitely call for the murder of Jews!" Dave Strom, You Can Protest Republicans, but...Protesters Arrested Outside Schumer's Residence

Althouse reports "New York’s highest court on Thursday overturned Harvey Weinstein’s 2020 conviction on felony sex crime charges."" "The NYT reports. Free access link. In a 4-3 decision, the New York Court of Appeals found that the trial judge who presided over Mr. Weinstein’s case had made a crucial mistake, allowing prosecutors to call as witnesses a series of women who said Mr. Weinstein had assaulted them — but whose accusations were not part of the charges against him." Will they apply the same logic to Trump?

WSJ, NPR Chief Defends Coverage, Accuses Critics of ‘Bad Faith Distortion’ of Her Views. "Katherine Maher said controversy stemming from an editor’s essay criticizing the radio network has been a distraction." Chris Rufo at CJ discourses on Catherine Maher’s Color Revolution "The NPR boss is a symbol of regime change—foreign and domestic . . . There is no way to discern whether Maher was an agent, asset, or otherwise connected with the CIA. But her official status, however interesting it may be to speculate about, is irrelevant. In practice, Maher was undoubtedly advancing the agenda of the national security apparatus and working to advance the agenda of the Color Revolution." John Sexton,  NPR Struggles Despite Its Commitment to the 'North Star' of DEI. Despite?  Jazz Shaw at Hat Hair wonders Can States Pay the Salaries of Journalists? "New York State is poised to do something about it. The state government announced plans to dole out millions of dollars to local media outlets to help pay the salaries of journalists." But I'm sure there won't be any strings. At Da Wire, ‘Mary Poppins Of Disinformation’ Returns With New Group To Defend Disinformation Industry, "Nina Jankowicz says criticism of 'disinformation researchers' poses 'greatest threat' to country." Capt. Ed adds "Government control over information is the chief threat to any democracy, especially combined with a censorship campaign that silences dissent. Jankowicz is the threat, not the solution." At NewsBusters, NEED A HANKY? Taylor Lorenz Ugly Cries Over Neutral Meta Policy Because It Affects Lefties Too.

Begee Wellborn at Hat Hair, says What Conspiracy? Anti-Trump Media Lawyers Zoom Calling Once a Week, Sometimes Have 'Special Guests'. Sundance, Report, Lawfare Beach Friends Meet Every Friday to Discuss Legal Filings and Best Trump Attack Strategy.

Eva Evans
Stacy McCain has the sads as a TikTok Inluencer Hangs Herself

While hanging yourself is bad, it beats lighting yourself on fire, I suppose. Unless and until the contents of Eva’s suicide note are made public, we have no idea what motivated her suicide, but probably a lot of social-media “influencers” are desperately depressed. Engaging in online exhibitionism in a competitive quest for “clout” isn’t the sort of occupation that emotionally stable people are apt to pursue — really, have you seen the kind of kooks that LibsOfTikTok finds? — and you could see how such a career might lead to feelings of hopeless despair. But why hang yourself? Just log off and delete your account. A recent study found 74% of teenagers feel happier without their smartphones. As the song says, “If it makes you happy, then why the hell are you so sad?”

Liel Leibovitz at CJ reports Columbia Is Beyond Reform "It’s time we approached our elite universities not as critical institutions we must repair but as national security threats." From the Free Bacon, Palestinian Terrorists Declare Support for Columbia Encampment, Call for 'Escalation'. PJM's Chris Queen sees Columbia University Has Become the Epicenter of Insidious Hate. NRO's Charles Cooke thinks Columbia Is in the Grips of a Perverse Selma Envy and Rich Lowry, The KKK at Columbia. "Imagine if a contingent of alt-right students established their own encampment on a corner of the quad and began to shout antisemitic slogans — say, the infamous chant “Jews will not replace us” from the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville in 2017." Hat Hair's John Sexton shares Scenes from the Columbia 'Liberated Zone'. From Fox, Jewish-American alum says Columbia president should have taken these steps 'the second' protests started. "Daniella Greenbaum Davis is a third-generation Holocaust survivor whose great-great-grandparents were murdered in Auschwitz." At WaEx, Mike Johnson stares down jeers at hostile Columbia University: ‘Enjoy your free speech’. Ben Whedon at JTN reports Stefanik pushes Biden admin to pull federal funding from Columbia University. Chris Datoc at WaEx reports the White House bobs and weaves through questions on Gaza campus protests. WokeSpy spies Ilhan Omar’s Daughter “Frantic” After Being Suspended From College. From the Babylon Bee, Columbia Switches To Online Classes So Jewish Students Can Participate From The Attics Where They Are Hiding

At Althouse, "Out of control New York University protesters swarmed and berated an NYPD chief and his officers – calling them 'f–king fascists'..." WokeSpy, The Woke Eats Their Own: Far-Left Loonies Attack Alec Baldwin in Far-Left NYC. The Midwesterner, ‘Death to America’ fliers circulate at University of Michigan Gaza camp. John Sexton, USC: Protesters Scuffle With Police, Campus Closed. mrcTV reports Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Thanks RNC for Posting Video of Her Praising ‘Peaceful’ Campus Rioters. 'Bonchie' at RedState wants you to watch, WATCH: Texas DPS Shows Up at a Pro-Hamas 'Encampment,' and Beautiful Chaos Follows.Hat Hair's KT, Heavy Presence of Law Enforcement Greets Protesters on UT-Austin Campus. Althouse, "What I do know is that even the most peaceful of protests would be treated as outrages if they were interpreted as, say, anti-Black..." Guy Benson at TownHall thinks This Post on the 'Progressive' Pro-Hamas Mob Absolutely Nails It

Beege Wellborn, Anyone Keeping Track of Why Hamasholes on Campuses? Some Students Seem Confused 

At WJ, Mike Rowe Adds Insult to Injury for Embattled Ivy League Schools with Pointed Comparison to Trade Schools. At the Freep, Kids Are Giving Up on Elite Colleges—and Heading South. ‘Even if I could’ve gotten into Harvard, I wouldn’t have gone.’ PJM's Stephen Kruiser says Let the Protesters Stay Until Academia Burns to the Ground. Charles Gasparino at NYPo thinks Ivy League grads risk losing prized jobs for schools allowing antisemitic protests to fester: Wall Street honchos. At CJ, Unchurched—and Anti-Semitic? "The case for “shallow Christianity” as a seedbed for rising hostility to Jews."

At the Martin Center, Why Plagiarism Matters "To ignore high-level cheating is to tear down the rule of law itself." James Nault at LI reports Thomas Jefferson High School Drops Out of Top Ten Nationwide After Adopting “Equity” Admissions Policy. “TJ for the first time dropped out of the top 10 of the US News list of top US high schools, falling from being number 1 2020-2022, to 5 in 2023, to now 14 in 2024”

Jazz Shaw tells How Some Homeowners Eliminated Squatters. John Lott at the WSJ,  The Media Say Crime Is Going Down. Don’t Believe It "The decline in reported crimes is a function of less reporting, not less crime."

John Sexton, Labour MP Admits to Misleading Parliament About the Cass Review (You'll Never Guess Where It Started). From Da Caller, BBC Forced To Issue Apology To J.K. Rowling. "The BBC apologized to “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling after incorrectly suggesting her comments on transgenderism could be a criminal offense." Becky Noble at RedState is heartened by the PA Middle School Girl who Confronted School Board When They Ignore Warnings of Trans Student Assaulting Others. At Twitchy, Just When We Thought 'Drag Queen Story Hour' Couldn't POSSIBLY Get Any More Repugnant..., toss in support for Hamas. 

The Wombat has FMJRA 2.0: No Joy In The North up and garnering clicks at The Other McCain.

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