Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - Biden Visits Kyev, McCarthy Downloads J6 Tapes to Tucker, More Twitter Files

A pretty big day. Instead of visiting New Palestine, Ohio, Preznit Biden decided to try to upstage Trump by going to Ukraine. Well, he got a lot more money from Ukraine, so he owed them one. Althouse, "President Biden... traveling under a cloak of secrecy into a war zone..." "... to demonstrate what he called America’s 'unwavering support' of the effort to beat back Russian forces nearly a year after they invaded the country. Mr. Biden arrived unannounced early Monday morning to meet with President Volodymyr Zelensky, and the two stepped out into the streets of Kyiv even as an air-raid siren sounded...." NYT reports." Sundance at CTH, Annnnd, ACTION! – Traveling by Train Joe Biden Makes Surprise Visit to Kyiv, Ukraine "Everything, and I do mean e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g, about the Russia-Ukraine war narrative, via western media, is a scripted performance using the best deployed messaging and narrative engineering systems as created by Hollywood and corp media.  No western nation can generate propaganda as well as the United States." At Fox, US warned Russia of Biden's visit to Ukraine 'hours' before departure "Russia has targeted Kyiv with waves of missile strikes" Jazz Shaw at Hat Hair, Yep. Moscow knew in advance about Biden's trip. Russia responded by throwing a few desultory missiles at Kyiv to give some background noise for the visit. Sundance, CNN Accidentally Provides Evidence of World War Reddit – No Kyiv Air Raid Sirens in Five Days Before Biden-Zelenskyy Performance. "CNN journalist Alex Marquardt: “I’ve been here for the past five days. I have not heard any explosions. I have not heard any air sirens, until about half an hour ago, right when President Biden was in the center of Kyiv.“" John Solomon at JTN, Trump blasts Biden for choosing Ukraine on President's Day over Ohio: 'They were abandoned'.

Dan Chaitin at Da Wire hears Biden Expected To Follow ‘The Obama Model’ For Re-Election Campaign. "Former President Barack Obama, under whom Biden served as vice president, announced his re-election campaign in April 2011 but did not officially begin holding events until May 2012 before he won a second term." At Am Great, the Great Victor Davis Hanson  decries The Toxic Racialist Obsessions of Joe Biden, "Somehow Biden has transferred his own checkered history of racial disparagement onto the white working class."

Leslie Eastman at LI notes FEMA Deploys Team to Ohio Two Weeks After Chemical Disaster. "Perhaps the optics of sending massive aid to Turkish earthquake victims and paying for Ukrainian pensions while Americans in Ohio suffer from chemical fallout wasn’t as good as originally thought." At Star News EPA Administrator Michael Regan Flying to Africa Today with Actors to Address Climate Change, Silent on Who Ordered East Palestine, Ohio Controlled Burn. He's a diversity hire anyway, there to look good at a podium. KT at Hat Hair thinks Buttigieg's letter to railroad CEO is too little and too late

I’d prefer a wider release to all media outlets. It’s too much to expect any one outlet to take a disinterested approach into the excerpting that will have to get done to air this in any impartial manner. Every outlet, including Carlson’s, will have to edit it into a short and cohesive format that will express a narrative of what took place. Had the original J6 committee been properly appointed and run as a traditional select committee, we’d already have a two-sides look at what happened that day. Perhaps McCarthy intends to do that … and maybe he is already working on it, but other media outlets are less interested in approaching the J6 committee’s preferred narrative with any skepticism. 

The J6 committee had months to pick out the juiciest anti-Trump, anti-MAGA bits, it's really only fair to give the other side a shot. Nobody can view 41,000 hours of video of a 5 hour (to be generous) event and make sense out of it all, but really good computer programmers should be able to literally almost recreate a 3d reconstruction of where almost everyone was, and what everybody did. And that seems to scare the liberals. Adam Schiff@RepAdamSchiff, "Kevin McCarthy turned over Jan 6 videos to right-wing propagandist Tucker Carlson. A man who spews Kremlin talking points. Suggests Jan 6 was a false flag. And spreads the Big Lie.Make no mistake: This isn’t about transparency, it’s about fueling dangerous conspiracy theories."  More reactions. Sundance, Kevin McCarthy Gives Access to Over 41,000 Hours of J6 Capitol Hill CCTV Video to Tucker Carlson Team. Twitchy, WOW: Tucker Carlson previews the over 40,000 hours of J6 footage he’s obtained. Ace, Speaker McCarthy Gives Access to 41,000 Hours of January 6th Video to Tucker Carlson and His Staff To Sift Through "The leftwing propaganda firm Axios is angry about this, and insists "There's nothing here to see here! Move on!" "Journalists" now spend most of their time demanding that no journalism take place." And is this something? ET reports FBI Investigates Internal Hack "CNN cited two unnamed sources who said the hack involved the FBI New York Field Office, which is one of the agency’s biggest offices. They did not offer information about the origin of the hack, which they said is still being investigated." Hmm. 

Matt Taibbi has dropped another set of Twitter files, number 16 by his count, which most concerns more efforts by politicians and administration officials to silence their opposition, TWITTER FILES #16. Comic Interlude: A Media Experiment. "7.  Here’s Maine Senator Angus King writing to Twitter to call a slew of accounts “suspicious” for reasons like:  “Rand Paul visit excitement” “Bot (averages 20 tweets a day)” Being followed by rival Eric Brakey Or, my personal favorite: “Mentions immigration.” 8. King’s office declined comment. If Dick Nixon sniffed glue, this is what his enemies list might have looked like: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d. Capt. Ed, "Read it all. This one doesn’t contain any blockbuster revelations, except to expose how silly and corrupt the mainstream media has become. Taibbi sounds like his disillusionment is more acute than chronic on this point, but it’s welcome nonetheless." Ace, Matt Taibbi: The Media Has Completely Suppressed Proof That Democrats Constantly Asked Twitter to Ban Accounts on Grounds as Slender as "Mentioned Immigration." Sundance, Twitter Files – Matt Taibbi Sniffing Around the Senate Intel Committee Connection to Manipulation of Social Media 

Matt Taibbi is a smart guy, he’ll get there. I’m not sure why my gut says to trust him, but it does – and I do. Recently he’s been getting hit by the leftists who are asking why Taibbi is not looking at the Trump administration pressure on social media to control and manipulate public information [Twitter Here].

Taibbi has been hitting back against his detractors by saying, there’s no evidence of Trump doing that; yet there is massive evidence of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI), and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) contacting Twitter to do exactly that.

Da Caller reports a ‘Serious Threat’: The National Science Foundation Has Spent Millions On Projects Combating ‘Misinformation.’ Hmmm. 

Atop Da Hill, DeSantis lays out timeline for 2024 decision,  "Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) hinted on Monday that he will make a decision on a 2024 presidential run after the state’s legislative session wraps up in May, giving the clearest timeline yet of when he could enter the race." Only-Trumper sundance sees DC Report – Team Mitch McConnell Worried DeSantis Might Be Taking Too Long to Enter 2024 Race – FL Legislature Needs to Change Election Laws Quickly. The Right Scoop, CNN already starting with attacks on Gov. DeSantis. Well no, they're stepping up attacks, they've been attacking him since he was elected. At ET, DeSantis Suggests Moving Federal Agencies Outside of Washington to End ‘Accumulation of Power’. Ah yes, my dad's old suggestion to move the seat of government to Fargo, ND to find out who was serious about it. NewsMax reports DeSantis in NYC to Recruit Police Officers. Sure, NYC isn't using them anymore. 

For some reason, Dave Strom at Hat Hair watches the view and discovers Joe Biden is vital and Nikki Haley is too old... "Yes, I know, it’s The View. But cut me some slack. This is my last post of the day, and The View really does matter because it is the #1 rated daytime talk show. And their viewers do vote. If you want to know why so many women are voting Democrat, catch some clips from The View." At Fox, Nikki Haley fires back at Whoopi Goldberg: 'If my age is all they have, it means we’re winning'' John Sexton at Hat Hair details how NBC News' coverage of Nikki Haley is a bit different than their coverage of Kamala Harris. At Bongino, Matt Palumbo notes Don Lemon Off CNN for Second Day as Abysmal Ratings Indicate He's Past His Prime. Outkick, CNN Changes Story On Don Lemon Being Off Air, sudden vacation syndrome. Capt. Ed, "I think anyone who’s watched Lemon for any length of time knows exactly where his head’s at. It’s usually planted firmly up his posterior, and last week’s attack on Nikki Haley just made it obvious. With that said, I suspect that CNN is still trying to salvage Lemon’s status as morning host, but the question is *why*. Perhaps cerebrarectalitis is contagious. " 

And other people who won't be president? At Hat Hair VIP, Duane Patterson makes The case for and against Tim Scott for president and Dan Chaitin at Da Wire hears Larry Hogan Claims School Curriculum Fight Reeks Of ‘Big Government’ "His conversation with anchor Chuck Todd hinged on how Republicans, particularly those in Florida led by DeSantis, are cracking down on lessons that politicize race or talk about sexual orientation in public schools." Just retire, Larry. 

At WaEx, Byron York explains The Fetterman dilemma. It doesn't matter as long as it's just Fetterman, but assume for a moment Di-Fi breaks a hip, and we're down to Kamala Harris breaking ties. Toss in one more sick Democrat for good measure, and who knows? Of course, Republicans have their own geriatric cases, Grassley being the most prominent. Dave Strom again sees The real cruelty aimed at Fetterman, I don't see the problem, he signed up for it. Insty at his NYPo gig, Delusional Democrats think Fetterman and Feinstein still fit to serve.

At Fox, Rep. Taylor Greene suggests 'national divorce' on Presidents Day "Georgia congresswoman calls to 'separate by red states and blue states . . . "From the sick and disgusting woke culture issues shoved down our throats to the Democrat’s traitorous America Last policies, we are done," Not shy, that one.

At the Center Square, IRS leaked thousands of Americans’ tax filings; Congress demands answers. Capt. Ed, reports Air Force confirms: Multiple personnel files leaked to House Dem oppo-research firm.

Deniable intimidation, Jazz Shaw reads a WaPo columnist wants to "shame Republican judges." At Da Wire, 18-inch Pipe Bomb Found Behind Philadelphia Catholic Church, Near Railroad Tracks: Police

From Fox, English teacher's sexuality curriculum showing kids penis pics, ejaculation video has school approval "The teacher – Al Vernacchio – said his goal was to desensitize children to images of genitalia" I thought that's what porn was for? At the College Fix, Texas professor instructs elementary school teachers on how to ‘interrogate whiteness’. Insty LOL, A MASTER’S DEGREE.. PROBABLY IN EDUCATION. ALL BOW DOWN TO THIS INTELLECTUAL SUPERSTAR!

At Da Signal, Government’s Divisive Racial Categories in Census Should Put Conservatives on Notice.

At NYPo, Alec Baldwin faces reduced prison sentence after charge dropped in fatal ‘Rust’ shooting. I'm OK with that, I want him shamed, not jailed. I doubt he'll be casually waving guns around anymore. 

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