Monday, February 13, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - And that Makes Four

Only 95 left to go? The Peacock, U.S. military shoots down unidentified object over Lake Huron. "Pentagon says it hasn't determined the nature and purpose of the last 3 objects taken down, which it declines to describe as balloons." NRO, U.S. Military Shoots Down Unidentified Airborne Object over Michigan. Sundance at CTH sees verbal evidence of a dogfight in UFO Shootdown #4 – U.S. Military Shoot Down Another UFO Over Lake Huron, "Canada Minister of defense said they “defeated” object.  Strange choice of words."  The Drive, F-16 Shoots Down “Octagonal Object” Over Lake Huron. At Da Caller, Pentagon On ‘Heightened Alert’ As Fourth Unidentified Aerial Object Shot Down Near Michigan, NORAD Commander Says. Citizens Freep, U.S. Military shoots down ‘high-altitude’ object over Lake Huron in Michigan… At Da Wire, Top U.S. Air Force General Makes Shocking Remarks About Unidentified Objects Shot Down By U.S. Military "When asked if the U.S. military had ruled out an extraterrestrial origin for the unidentified objects, VanHerck responded: “I’ll let the intel community and the counterintelligence community figure that out. I haven’t ruled out anything.”" 'Bonchie' at Red State thinks he hears Pentagon Confirms Shot-Down Objects Aren't Balloons, Makes an Even Weirder "JUST IN - Pentagon does not know to what keeps these "objects" aloft, unknown propulsion systems. "We're calling them objects, not balloons, for a reason," says U.S. Air Force General Glen VanHerck." This appears to have been the same object seen on radar over Montana they day previous, that they were unable to locate in the dark. Althouse, It was a UFO... so... aliens? Emerald Robinson@EmeraldRobinson, "When CIA mouthpiece @NatashaBertrand starts pushing UFO's, that's when you know: it's a totally false story." Insty. I’M NOT SAYING IT’S ALIENS, BUT: How Bad Is It? Biden Team Issuing ‘Private Assurances’ It’s Not Aliens. Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media thinks Biden's WWIII Balloon Confusion Is Really Getting Weird. On Sunday Talks Sundance at CTH features House Foreign Affairs Committee Chair, Mike McCaul, Discusses Ongoing Sky Battles with UFO’s – The Best Way to Defeat Them Is More Money for Ukraine. At Da Wire, Astronomers Say Chinese Satellite Beamed Green Lasers Over Hawaii.

Jonathan Tobin at WaEx, Ron Klain and the demise of moderate Democrats. At Anxious, Josh Kraushaar is anxious about Dems' 2024 disconnect.  Twitchy, Dom Lucre takes a stroll down Biden’s RACIST AF memory lane in receipt-filled, MERCILESS thread. InstyTOP BIDEN LEGAL ADVISER SAYS ELECTION WAS STOLEN. The Truth About Guns, Does Anyone Think Biden’s Seen the Latest Polls on Support for Gun Control? Anyone? I&I, ICYMI: Biden Just Admitted He’s Responsible For Today’s Energy Crisis. Justin Haskins at Front Page highlights Biden’s Biggest Lie at the State of the Union Address "The data and common sense tell a very different story." Josiah Lippincott at Am Great is worried about Biden’s Bombing "The deeper meaning of the American attack on the Nord Stream pipeline." I'm waiting to be convinced. KT at Haut Hair cynically notes New Communications Director at White House checks an important identity boxGreg Price@greg_price11 "Jean-Pierre: "Ben [LaBolt] is making history. Here at the Biden White House, representation matters. He will be the first openly gay communications director." Are we supposed to be shocked when they install another gay guy? At 1945 Peter Suciu thinks Donald Trump And Joe Biden Have The Same Big Problem, "Donald Trump and Joe Biden Should Both Fear Ron DeSantis – Here’s Why" In Sunday Talks, Sundance features. Likely 2024 Candidate Chris Sununu Waxes Philosophically About the Value of “Free Market Conservatism,” the Policies That Created The Rustbelt. Sununu won't be President.

Anna Paulina Luna
Matt Vespa at Town Hall Latest Update on Fetterman's Health Raises a Key Question. Can he function? Probably not, but he can vote the party line. WaPoo continues its line of attack on Texas Republican Anna Paulina Luna for heresy, The making of Anna Paulina Luna "Luna’s sharp turn to the right, her account of an isolated and impoverished childhood, and her embrace of her Hispanic heritage have surprised some friends and family who knew her before her ascent to the U.S. House this year." They're no longer accusing her of outright lying, just shading the truth.

Vince Dao is a young Christian conservative college student in Florida who has a YouTube channel. He somehow got invited onto a panel discussion by Vice in which the subject was anti-Asian bias and the “model minority” stereotype. Everybody else on the panel was some kind of woke leftist, dressed like slobs, and Dao shows up in a suit and tie and starts dishing out hard truths. Video clips went viral this week.
Jazz Shaw at Haut Hare hears a New Hampshire school district bans... urinals? "The district had previously allowed students to use the bathrooms (but not the showers or locker rooms) based on their gender “identity” rather than their actual gender. But in response to protests by parents, they moved to reverse the rule and restrict bathroom access based on biological sex. This conflict called for a “compromise” by the board, which then decided to stick with the biological sex rule, but they blocked the use of urinals by anyone. (No… don’t ask me what they were thinking. I have no idea.) The following is from the Associated Press . . ." 

Victory Girls find Salon Sunday Ridiculousness: Why Children Should Vote. Because it would help Democrats, of course. At Am Think M.B. Mathews thinks The GOP will win by making voting harder for everyone
It should be mandatory that:
  • Voting should be on a single day and in person
  • Photo ID must be required to vote
  • Signature and address must be checked against a database. If the address is not valid, no vote.
  • Mail in ballots should be permitted only for the disabled, those overseas, and the military. Proof of any of those things must be required before sending a ballot.
  • Oversight at every polling place by registered overseers of both parties should be zealously administered.
  • Paper ballots; we know enough now to realize that electronic voting presents myriad validation problems and in fact, flips votes from Republican to Democrat if so programmed, which is not hard for any 14-year-old miscreant to do. This was unearthed in the last election by hundreds of disenfranchised voters who were told to “file a form.”
  • No votes will be counted after midnight of election day, and no halting or slowing of the vote count for any reason other than an H-bomb shall take place.
  • In the event that mail-in voting doesn't go away, the GOP should mobilize a D-Day-sized operation to use mail-ins to their advantage. They had better learn how now, not six months from now.

 Insty, OUCH:

Da Blaze reminds us New York City teachers who refused COVID vaccine had their fingerprints sent to FBI and New York Criminal Justice Services. Based Politics features Ron Paul’s 25-year-old warning about the FBI. At PI Rusty Weiss finds Biden Claims Public Isn’t Interested In Investigation of His Son Hunter, but the Public Says Otherwise.

John Hawkins, Is ChatGPT Going to Break Capitalism? "Short answer: Yes" We know ChatGPT is liberal, because it was trained by liberals. It even has the morality of a liberal, at Da Wire, ChatGPT Makes Up An Academic Paper To Push Radical Gender Theory, Professor Says
A university professor accused the popular AI software ChatGPT of fabricating an academic paper to push radical gender theory. Nick Flor, a professor of information systems at the University of New Mexico, posted a tweet on Friday experimenting with the software, which has been shown to harbor a liberal bias. While chatting with the AI, it claimed that the belief that gender is complex is widely accepted by scientists, then cited a paper that didn’t exist to back up its claim. Flor accused the AI’s programmers of gaslighting the public to push radical gender theory.

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  1. I interview high school seniors who want to get into my alma mater. Asian-heritage kids are far more successful at doing so than Caucasian-heritage kids. Asian-heritage kids ALWAYS have 2 parents in the house. They NEVER play team sports. They NEARLY always go to tutoring or instruction on Saturday morning. They NEARLY all are involved in music (actual music, e.g. piano or violin or such, not rap or hip-hop). They more often than not are the only kid - I've never seen more than two. Asian parents have academic achievement as the #1 priority for their kids. Sports aren't even in the equation.