Friday, February 17, 2023

Idaho Considers "Greater Idaho" Plan

From Lincoln Brown at PJ Media, Let's Talk: Idaho House of Representatives Passes a Resolution to Start Talks About "Greater Idaho"

For some time now, a number of eastern counties in Oregon have been hard at work in an attempt to secede from their state and become a part of Idaho. And the Idaho House of Representatives is interested. On Wednesday, that body passed House Memorial 1, according to the Idaho Capitol Sun. Unlike binding legislation, a memorial is merely a statement of intent. In this case, the intent is to open talks between Idaho and Oregon about moving the border westward. The article in the Sun said that Democrat Representative Colin Nash voiced his “support” by joking that the bill be amended to include Montana.

Meanwhile, the Idaho Press reported that House Minority Leader Ilana Rubel, also of Boise, fretted that many of the counties that would join the Gem State are low-income areas with large numbers of people who depend on Medicaid and free or reduced-price lunches. That, she said, would impose a financial burden on the state.

Hmm. Who would have thought a Democrat would turn her back on the poor? But then again, we must keep Idaho a playground for the well-heeled and famous, right? Or make it that way ASAP. I am sure that Rubel is already vexed by the presence of so many commoners who vote red. Save the ranches for the rich! Keep Sun Valley exclusive! Those ski resorts aren’t going to police themselves, you know! The struggle is real!

Actually, Rubel is genuinely concerned with the potential influx of new conservatives. The Idaho Press also said that Rubel stated that as a member of the minority in Idaho, she knows what it is like to feel less represented. It appeared to be a slight nod to those in eastern Oregon who feel fed up with that state’s policies and laws.

Well, gee whiz, Representative. If you feel that way about it, why not move to Portland where you will enjoy a solid majority? I hear Portland is lovely in the spring when the arsonists, vandals, and looters come out of hibernation, the first window of the year is broken and the smell of the spray paint from fresh graffiti fills the air. The first shipments of fentanyl are arriving, and the weed is in full blossom. I understand that the morning sun looks majestic as it plays across the needles in the streets and the winds of social change gently sway the tents in the homeless encampments. And that is all before the first fire of the season is lit.

On the flip side, Barbara Ehardt of Idaho Falls who, along with Judy Boyle from Midvale, introduced the resolution, said that moving the border would add to Idaho’s land mass and access to resources. It would also push the state line further west, increasing the distance of much of the state from Oregon and its arguably insane drug laws. Ehardt also pointed out that the resolution only opens talks between Oregon and Idaho.
. . .
Despite whatever support there may be, the future of the effort does not look bright. While Idaho may decide that the concept is sound, and the people in those 11 counties may be eager to switch out their license plates, the Oregon legislature and the U.S. Congress would need to give their approval as well, which is not likely. After all, once progressives have something, they do not want to give it up. Progressives only care about themselves. And if they can make conservatives suffer? Well, that’s just an added bonus.

12 counties, but who's counting? Not likely to happen short of a major revolution, but it's fun to talk about. 

A few previous posts on Greater Idaho. As long as we're dreaming, how about just seceding from Portlandia, and getting your own two Senators.

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