Thursday, February 2, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - FBI Search Biden Beach House, Hunter Punches Back

 Ace, FBI Searching for Classified Documents at Joe Biden's Beach House, "Another "consensual" search, except that they'll get a warrant if you object to it. " At Da Wire, FBI Seizes Materials During Search Of Biden Vacation Home As Criminal Investigation Grows. Note, not classified documents, but perhaps writings based on classified documents. Andy McCarthy at NRO (cited at Haut Hare) claims New FBI search makes parallels between Biden and Trump even stronger 

Like Trump’s lawyers, Biden’s lawyers told the government they’d done diligent searches and turned over any classified documents they had reason to believe Biden might be retaining; yet, upon subsequently doing its own search, the FBI found more documents — causing the bureau belatedly to do more searches, like the one now under way in the Rehoboth residence, a search that should have been done months ago. Are we to assume the Biden team has thus obstructed the investigation?

At Am Spec, Paul Kengor inquires What in the Hell Is the Penn Biden Center? "Clearly it has a bad case of cult of personality," Jed Babbin comments Biden’s Classified Documents Scandal Won’t Go Away "There’s no excuse for his negligence and irresponsibility, regardless of how typical they are of his behavior," and Jeff Lord is not the first to notice DOJ Has a Double Standard on Classified Documents, "The Biden-run Justice Department hosted at Haut Hare, CNN host to Biden flack: "Transparency" is when you bring things to us, not when we bring them to you. Dave Strom at Haut Hare finds Karine Jean-Pierre is mastering stonewalling. She's a mushroom. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.01.23, Weasel Zippers say WH Still Has No Clue Exactly How Many Classified Docs Were Found On Biden Properties. At Am Great Lloyd Billingsley calls attention to Biden’s China Spy Scandal "It’s even worse than his classified documents scandal." Read it and weep. 

At NYPo, Hunter Biden finally admits infamous laptop is his as he pleads for criminal probe

The revelation came in a petulant letter from Hunter’s lawyers seeking a criminal probe into what they called attempts to “weaponize” its contents.

In the 14-page letter to Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings, Biden’s attorney Abbe Lowell claimed that repair shop owner John Paul Mac Isaac “unlawfully” accessed Hunter’s laptop data and worked with former President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani to “weaponize” sordid and incriminating contents on it against Joe Biden.

“This failed dirty political trick directly resulted in the exposure, exploitation, and manipulation of Mr. Biden’s private and personal information,” Lowell wrote.

I love the quote in WaPoo's Hunter Biden’s lawyers, in newly aggressive strategy, target his critics "His attorneys have sent letters to prosecutors urging probes of Rudy Giuliani, Steve Bannon and others."

Mac Isaac’s attorney, Brian Della Rocca, on Wednesday evening said he had just received a copy of the materials. “After skimming the letters, the only thing I see is a privileged person hiring yet another high-priced attorney to redirect attention away from his own unlawful actions,” he said.

John Sexton at Haut Hare, Hunter Biden's lawyers go on the attack, demand investigations. Ben Whedon at JTN, Hunter Biden demands investigations into reporting on his laptop, threatens to sue Tucker Carlson.

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.01.23, The Geller Reports Hunter Biden’s MetaBIOta Labs Received Tens of Millions of Dollars in DOD Contracts, Experimented with Bat Viruses. 'Bonchie' at Red State, Facing Millions in Legal Fees, Hunter Biden Readies His Next Scam "Something just doesn’t feel right here. If Hunter Biden does try to set up a legal defense fund, alarm bells should be going off for everyone involved. You can’t have the president’s son taking large donations without the implication that something is expected in return. But perhaps the Bidens are shameless enough to run such a scheme anyway? It might be smarter to call up Burisma for another cash injection." The Free Bacon reports Hunter Biden Paintings Worth Less Than His Mounting Legal Bills "Biden considers launching legal defense fund after underwhelming painting sales."  A reminder from Kevin Downey at PJ Media, New Low! Hunter Biden Withheld Employee's Pay Until She Let Him Watch Her Shower. At NYPo, Hunter Biden paid assistant thousands off the books for filthy sex chats, texts show. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.01.23,  Victory Girls, Hunter The Pig Paid An Employee For Sex. Cocaine's a helluva drug, dontcha know! Jim Treacher wonders When Does Hunter Biden Get Cancelled? Capt. Ed responds "What does it take? A media clique willing to apply standards equally. We all know why it’s (D)ifferent with the Bidens, right?"

At CTH sundance accuses Biden of Continuing to Playing Politics with COVID Emergency – House Votes to End it, Senate will Ignore. The Free Bacon wants you to Meet the Liberal Climate Scientist Biden Tapped to Serve on His Intelligence Advisory Board. "Brown University's Kim Cobb entered 'acute mental health crisis' following Trump's 2016 win," so a typical liberal. At Haut Hare, KT observes Food inflation is so high even Whole Foods is looking to lower prices. Thanks Brandon! At PJ Media, Stephen Kruiser hears Dems Might Be in the Market for a Bus to Throw Kamala Harris Under. Insty, NOBODY KNOWS, NOBODY CARES: White House asks of Kamala Harris, ‘What’s she doing? Where is she?

JD Vance at WSJ, Trump’s Best Foreign Policy? Not Starting Any Wars, "He has my support in 2024 because I know he won’t recklessly send Americans to fight overseas."  Sundance, New York AG Releases Footage of President Trump Deposition, The Details of the Witch Hunt Are Very Visible in Procedural Explanations "If people actually watch this deposition, not just listen to pundits outline it, this video will backfire against the New York AG." Ace, Trump Just Can't Stop Attacking DeSantis: "The real Ron is a RINO GLOBALIST, who closed down Florida and even its beaches", "I wanted to avoid this -- I hate being at odds with any readers -- but Trump won't let it go." At WaEx, DeSantis backhands Trump with perfect comeback: I got reelected. True, but he only had to win one state. At Da Wire, ‘A Drain On Resources’: DeSantis Announces War On College Diversity Funding And ‘Deadweight’ Professors and Black Florida Democrat Sides With Ron DeSantis on AP African American Studies Course: ‘I Think It’s Trash.’ Cockburn at Spec World, Larry Elder 2024? Radio host may run for president for some reason "With the party’s focus already on Trump and DeSantis, what are his chances?" Negligible. Capt. Ed says

Presidential primaries usually have a number of low-yield candidacies that intend to push the main candidates on specific issues. John Bolton’s public flirtation with a 2024 run likely falls into that same category. Neither man has ever won public office before, although Larry made a pretty credible run in California’s gubernatorial recall a couple of years ago. This is an American tradition, and it will be interesting to see what both men have to say and how the other candidates respond."

When you've lost VodkaPundit, Kari Lake Is Too Reckless to Run for Office Again. "I don’t believe for one moment that Lake published those signatures with any malice, or that doing so is worth any jail time. Or even a prosecution, for that matter. But Lake’s state is effectively controlled by Democrats for the time being. What the hell was she thinking, setting herself up like that?" Dave Strom again, Governor Abbott: election irregularities in Harris County may necessitate new elections

At PM, BREAKING: Alec Baldwin formally charged with involuntary manslaughter in shooting death of cinematographer. Vice reports Alec Baldwin Was ‘Distracted’ on His Phone During ‘Rust’ Gun Training, Prosecutors Say. Damn cell phones. Ace, Prosecutors: Alec Baldwin Admitted He "Fired" the Gun That Killed the Cinematographer  "Baldwin has argued since shortly after the incident that he didn't pull the trigger, and that the gun, somehow, just went off. His admission that he "fired" the gun isn't exactly the same as admitting he "pulled the trigger," and I'm sure he'll further argue that, but it does sound like he admitted he pulled the trigger, before he talked with his lawyers and decided on the "gun just went off" defense."

Saleno Zito finds Parents Want a Complete Overhaul of the Education System "The findings show the K-12 educational system is wildly unresponsive to what parents and children actually want."

Beege Wellborn at Haut Hare, McCarthy v Biden: Rockem sockem debt bout debut. At Da Wire, Sparing The Sacred Cow: Republicans And Democrats Refuse To Touch Social Security As Debt Crisis Looms. At WaEx Paul Bedard finds Dems, GOP want McCarthy’s debt for spending cuts deal, not Biden’s. At ET, 24 GOP Senators Warn Biden They Won’t Back Debt-Limit Hike Without Spending Cuts, Fiscal Reforms

KT reports Axios is bummed House Republicans have the votes to keep Omar off the Foreign Affairs Committee. At the Free Bacon, Gaetz on Omar: I'm Just Into Her Foreign Policy, "telling Newsmax that he is a fan of her fierce opposition to "neoconservative" foreign policy and pointing to her questioning of former State Department official Elliott Abrams as a highlight of her good work on the committee." Matt Vespa thinks Omar is Why Some House Dems Regret Purging GOP Members From Committees.

NYPo reports FBI investigating George Santos over alleged sick service dog scam. Insty, GAME RESPECTS GAME: George Santos Calls Out ‘Career Pathological Liar’ Biden In Apology, Despite His Own Career of Lying.

At Fox, Mike Lee, Rick Scott lose key committee seats; Scott blames McConnell. When you strike at a king.

At NBC, Top Jan. 6 investigator says FBI, other agencies could have done more to repel Capitol mob had they acted on intel. Capt. Ed, "Why did the J6 committee leave this out? That would have diluted their main ambition, which was to focus all attention on Trump." 'Bonchie' Chief January 6th Investigator Makes Shocking Admissions, and Committee Members Covered Them Up. It's like they wanted the riot to happen, or something.

Liz Stauffer at WaEx examines The common ground between the Biden administration, a cartel, China, George Soros, and a recently indicted FBI agent.In National Security Without Patriotism, Dan Greenfield at Front Page argues "The FBI is suffering from a moral crisis of patriotism." Chris Queen at PJ Media notes Suddenly Domestic Terrorism Charges Are a Problem Now That Atlanta Is Using Them Against Antifa. "The NBC article cites Patrick Keenan, a professor of law at the University of Illinois, who says that civil rights groups aren’t crazy about domestic terrorism charges “because of the risk of politicization, because they can be used against politically disfavored groups by the government.” No, seriously."

At Da Fed, Emily Jashinsky thinks The Astounding Saga Of Hamilton 68 Illustrates Scope Of America’s Institutional Rot. At Twitchy, Michael Shellenberger shares ‘damning indictment of the U.S. news media’ over Russia collusion hoaxMichael Shellenberger@ShellenbergerMD, "“Before the 2016 election, most Americans trusted the traditional media and the trend was positive…Today, the US media has the lowest credibility—26 percent—among forty-six nations” Russia collusion hoax had a lot to do with it " and Michael Shellenberger@ShellenbergerMD, "Mainstream news journalists believe they are more fair and objective than the public, but Pew finds the opposite: where 76% of U.S. adults agree that "Journalists should always strive to give every side equal coverage," just 44% of journalists do." Trying to crawl back on the right side of history, Woodward claims I tried to warn you journalists about the Steele dossier (Capt. Ed). 

NewsMax reports Musk Ignores Dems in First Trip to Capitol as Twitter Chief. Breitbart has Woke PayPal to Lay Off 2,000 Employees.

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