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Flotsam and Jetsam - Joe Still a No Go in Ohio

Yes, we're still talking about the train wreck in East Palestine. At Da Caller, a retired fire chief says the "controlled burn" wasn't controlled, and may not have been necessary, ‘They Did It To Open Up A Railroad’: Former Ohio Fire Chief Rips Controlled Burn Of Toxic Chemicals “The cooling off could have done it, the temperature gradients could have fell off, you don’t know,” he later said. “If you just let it boil off, you don’t know. But what they did was they took a potential and made it a for sure.” But at the Pipe Line, Rich Trzupek calls it Yet Another 'Disaster' That Actually Wasn't 

The East Palestine derailment was no disaster. Disasters require multiple bodies, or extensive/expensive property damage, or long-term environmental harm, preferably all three. East Palestine includes none of those elements. The one thing East Palestine had that allows people to label it a disaster is ugly visuals. I get it. Everyday, non-technical people who don’t understand dispersion, or exposure, or risk see that big black cloud and think “that’s what disasters look like!”

Looks controlled to me.

Leah Barkoukis at Town Hall,  'There's the Lie': Chemical Expert Identifies What Officials Are Wrong About in East Palestine

“It wasn’t a controlled burn. It was an uncontrolled burn,” independent environmental scientist and chemical spill expert Stephen Petty said. “In hazardous waste situations, they very carefully control the temperature and the amount of oxygen so they get complete combustion…so it’s not a controlled burn because a controlled burn would have to be like in a furnace or in your car or in some system where you control the fuel… the vinyl chloride and the amount of oxygen. So they didn’t do that.”

 At CTH, Sundance reports Big Crowds Including Erin Brockovich Attending East Palestine, Ohio, Town Hall Event Tonight – Video. At Da Wire, PA Governor Accuses Norfolk Southern Of Giving ‘The Middle Finger’ To Residents After Ohio Train Crash, Makes Criminal Referral, cashing in politically. Treacher says Mayor Pete Is Blowing This, "And not in a fun way." "I’m starting to suspect this guy isn’t the unparalleled megagenius the libs keep telling us he is." CNN, cited at Hat Hair, NTSB chair debunks Buttigieg: For the last time, the Trump rule change had nothing to do with derailent. (sic) "The wheel bearing failed on car number 23. So even with ECP brakes, the derailment would have occurred." Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.24.23 Transterrestrial Musings has Thoughts On Mayor Pete. privilege means poisoned water and air."

Mark Tapscott at Insty, AMTRAK JOE NOWHERE TO BE SEEN IN OHIO: Ukraine pays better. At Da Caller, White House Won’t Confirm If Biden Will Visit East Palestine, Says He’s ‘Taking It Very Seriously.’ Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.24.23   Weasel Zippers: WH Struggles To Say Exactly Why Biden Is Dodging A Visit To East Palestine, Nick Arama at Red State notices Biden Makes Bizarre Comment About East Palestine, Says Things He Shouldn't in Interview "Sometimes, I listen to Joe Biden–and all I can think is: he is one weird dude. He was asked on Friday if he would be visiting the site of the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, and his response was bizarre. He said he did a “whole video,” and he couldn’t remember that it was a “Zoom” video." Scott McKay at Am Spec worries that In a Country That Would Elect Fetterman, Biden Doesn’t Seem All That Implausible "America is awash in smarmy incompetents." We do love our snake-oil salesmen. Breitbart goes Behind the Scenes With Trump in East Palestine: ‘You are Not Forgotten.’  Dan Greenfield at Front Page accuses the administration of Systemic Racism in East Palestine, "WhiteAce, Joy Behar: East Palestine Deserved What They Got Because They Voted For Trump. "This ugly bilious wattle-necked demon. What kind of demon, you ask? A Yuchubus." No picture required. 

Matt Margolis at PJ Media has news about Bidenflation: Biden Just Got Some Really Bad News. Ed Driscoll at Insty, OLD AND BUSTED: Biden: Inflation Is Coming Down. The New Hotness? The Fed’s favorite inflation measure skyrockets as markets realize rate hikes are far from over. Capt. Ed at Hat Hair, Oof: Key Fed inflation indicator hotter than expected -- and markets are noticing. At Breitbart, The U.S. Economy Grew at a Slower Pace Than Previously Thought in the Fourth Quarter. Ace, NPR To Lay Off 10% of Staff In Cuts Equal to Those That Followed the 2008 Great Recession, "This Biden Economy is the bomb!!!

From NewsMax, House Panel Probes Penn Biden Center Over Classified Docs. At the Free Bacon WFB's Alana Goodman: Biden Think Tanks a 'Sketchier Version of the Clinton Foundation'. Jonathan Turley has visions of The Dark Biden Rises: The Reinvention of Hunter in a New and Menacing Image."

Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.24.23 Shark Tank: DeSantis Mobilizes Law Enforcement To Counter This Weekend’s “National Day Of Hate.”  ET, DeSantis to Boycott NBC and Its Affiliates Until Andrea Mitchell Corrects ‘Blatant Lie’ Good. 

Capt. Ed podcasts at Town Hall about Partisan Hacks at the Department of Defense.From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.24.23  Elaine Donnelley at Da Fed notes how Biden Pentagon Orders Military Chaplains To Bless Putting Male Soldiers In Female Showers And Bedrooms and the Victory Girls see Transgender Psychosis In The Department Of Defense.

At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.24.23 The Fed's Shawn Fleetwood contributes  Alabama Secretary Of State Discovers Popular Leftist Voter-Roll Group’s Address Is Bogus and Calls Grow For Georgia Officials To Investigate DeKalb County’s Acceptance Of Shady Election Funding. Eric Lendrum at Am Great proud to report New Charges Revealed Against Disgraced FTX Founder Sam Bankman-Fried As reported by Politico, federal prosecutors in New York claim that Bankman-Fried, along with two other unnamed co-conspirators, donated to multiple super PACs and campaigns in 2022, after taking out loans from his hedge fund Alameda Research and siphoning customer funds from FTX. In addition to his direct contributions, Bankman-Fried also allegedly funneled donations through other individuals so that some of them couldn’t be easily traced back to him.

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.24.23 At Am Think, Bob Bishop thinks the Biden Administration's New Equity Atlas is An Unconstitutional Equity Redistribution Scheme and at Da Fed, Matt Beienburg claims New York Times Uses Groupthink, Not Evidence, To Claim ‘DEI’ Works, it's a matter of faith, not evidence. Also at Legal Insurrection: Minnesota HS Student – ‘Principal’s Attempt to Unify Us’ Ended Up ‘Pitting Us Against Each Other Based on Characteristics We Can’t Control’, Breitbart reports EPA Awards $550M in ‘Environmental Justice’ Grants as Biden Administration East Palestine Response Under Fire. At the College Fix, University of Texas System suspends new DEI policies, launches probe into current ones. At HE, Florida Teacher On Leave After Making White Students Bow Down to Black Students for TikTok Video. That dastardly Libs of TikTok claims another scalp.

At Da Wire, Detransitioner Chloe Cole Announces Official Lawsuit Against Kaiser Permanente For ‘Medical Negligence’. PJ Media's Kevin Downey reports on how Transgender Hormones Increase Heart Attacks and Strokes, but the Left Still Pushes Them on Kids. Legal Insurrection, L.A. DA Gasc√≥n Suspends Prosecutor for ‘Deadnaming’ Transgender Child Molester Accused of Murder.

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.24.23, the redoubtable Julie Kelly at Am Great notes the Media Demands Darkness, Not Sunlight, on January 6 Tapes. "What we are hearing from the media industrial complex is fear, not concern." Also, Twitchy, Media orgs demand ALL the J6 footage they didn’t care about until Tucker Carlson got access. "Oh, heaven forbid an ideologically-based narrative be allowed to develop! The January 6th Committee was the only entity allowed to do that, all the help of the media that suddenly wants all the footage now that Tucker Carlson has access." At Ace's Quick Hits, Mike Lindell says he will sue Kevin McCarthy for sharing the January 6th video only with Tucker Carlson. He wants a peek too. He's one weird dude. 

At Fox, CNN, MSNBC pan Trump grand jury foreperson’s media blitz after bolstering her profile with interviews. "Emily Kohrs has made national headlines for her giddy comments about the Trump criminal probe." Dan Chaitin at Da Wire, Judge Speaks Out After Trump Grand Jury Leader Hits Media Circuit

“They cannot discuss their deliberations,” McBurney said, alluding to the instructions he gave members of the grand jury about discussing their work with the media and others. “So the question becomes what deliberations are, and I explained that would be the discussions they had amongst themselves when it was just the grand jurors in the room … when they were discussing what do we do with what we’ve learned,” he continued. According to the report, McBurney said the grand jurors can talk about what transpired if a prosecutor or witness was in the grand jury room.

Matt Vespa at Town Hall believes A Georgia Grand Juror Dropped a Damaging Revelation About the 2020 Investigation "Even more alarming were some of the things Kohrs said about her own experience. She said she swore in one witness while holding a Ninja Turtle ice pop she had received at the district attorney’s office ice cream party. A what?! Why on Earth would grand jurors be socializing with the prosecutors? A grand jury is an independent body, and prosecutors are trained to maintain a professional distance and avoid engaging in interactions that could be perceived as influencing their decisions."

Insty, MIKE PENCE IS ARGUING THAT HE’S A LEGISLATIVE OFFICIAL, AND HENCE NOT SUBJECT TO THE J6 SPECIAL PROSECUTOR, and over at my Substack I argue that he’s not crazy to do so. "As longtime InstaPundit readers may remember, I’ve written before on the Vice President’s character as a legislative official. "

At Breitbart, DOJ Indicts 8 Pro-Life Activists for Blocking Access to Abortion Clinic. How are they doing on those pro-life pregnancy clinic fires and bombings? "since the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, the DOJ has only indicted two pro-abortion extremists out of at least 81 estimated attacks against pro-life groups (not including churches)."

 Ace, Microsoft Bing's AI "Sidney" Argues With Reporter, Getting Belligerent and Insulting -- and Playing the "Hitler" Card. "Okay everyone -- I'm shutting down. This "Sydney" is now officially capable of doing my job better than I can." From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.24.23, Gab News: The AI Arms Race Is Here.

At Cafe Hayek, Twitter Admits That It Received “Legal Demands” from the US Government to Censor Covid Information.

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