Saturday, February 11, 2023

Rule 5 Saturday - Cassandra Martin

For Rule 5 this week, construction worker turned gym rat Cassandra Martin:
Hi Everyone, my name is Cassandra Martin, also known as @Casssmartin, on social media. I work as a full-time construction laborer with my husband, Hunter. We have owned and operated our contracting business over the last eight years. In the previous four years, we’ve been buying and flipping homes. When I am not on the job site, I am in the gym training and trying to be my best.

I started in the construction industry by accompanying Hunter to work one day. That day, he was working on a basement remodel. I fell in love right away with the whole process of building and creating. Since then, we have completed hundreds of jobs from complete re-roofs and additions to dozens of property flips.

The most satisfying thing I have learned through working a physically demanding labor job is similar to the gym; you only get out what you put in. It has taught me to be patient and put the effort in, and it will indeed pay off. Many times the hard way is the only way! This mentality has helped me in my training significantly.

When I first started training, everything was so heavy and arduous and didn’t feel right. However, I just kept pushing knowing that one day it would pay off and things began to steadily become easier.

As I began the training process with the mindset of improving my health, I noticed that my workload on the job site started to become a little more comfortable as well. As I gained strength in the gym, lifting items such as full 5-gallon buckets and sheets of plywood that previously were a struggle became much more bearable. I credit both the gym for my success in construction and construction for my success in the gym. They have worked hand-in-hand in helping me get to where I am today.

 It's working.

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