Sunday, February 26, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - Sunday Morning on the Wrack Line

the real Erin Brockovich

At Da Wire Biden Will Not Visit East Palestine Following Train Catastrophe. Biden's latest excuse for not visiting East Palestine? Biden: I didn't go to East Palestine because I wasn't invited (Jazz Shaw at Hat Hair). Besides, like Peter Strzok said, you can smell those Trump supporters. 'Bonchie' at Red State hears Biden Give a Shockingly Bad Response When Confronted With East Palestine Mayor's Criticism. Guy Benson at Town Hall Fact Checks Team Biden's Bogus Attacks and Misleading Excuses in East Palestine Can't Survive Scrutiny. At Twitchy, Pete Buttigieg ‘alarmed’ by what GOPer wrote about NTSB (NTSB Chair’s fact-check, not so much). Naomi Lim at WaEx, hears 'Someone on the staff blew it': Biden and Buttigieg's bad week in East Palestine. When in doubt, blame the staff. Jazz Shaw again, EPA orders "pause" on Ohio derailment waste shipping, make the residents of East Palestine stew in it a little longer, while the EPA dots its Ts and crosses its Is. KT at Hat Hair, Biden orders door-to-door checks on Ohio residents in toxic train derailment vicinity, better late than never, just barely. At Da Caller Erin Brockovich (not Julia Roberts) tells East Palestinians ‘Superman’s Not Coming’: Ohioans Brace For Tough Road Ahead After Toxic Train Derailment. Matt Vespa at Hat Hair VIP says Democrats love the environment…unless it’s Ohio. No, they love the environment as long as they can use it to support their real goal of total control. 

From the Free Bacon, Turns Out They Are Coming for Your Gas Stoves, "New Biden ‘efficiency’ rule would ban half of gas stoves on the U.S. market." So we'll use gas to fire power plants to run electrics stoves. Sound efficient to me. Outkick reports Students Raise Over $270,000 For 80-Year-Old Custodian Who Had To Unretire Because Of  Biden Economy. New Neo, Biden is trying to enshrine “equity” more deeply as a national policy, except for the Bidens. "“Equity” is of course the tricky word the left has adopted, in part because it sounds so much like “equality.” It’s not; not at all – it’s the institutionalization of a policy that ignores merit and prioritizes some races over others." ET reports First Lady Gives Hint on President Biden’s 2024 Plans. When do you suppose she'll clue Joe in? At Da Wire, WATCH: Australian News Bursts Out Laughing At Biden.

At NYPo, Biden doesn’t sanction billionaire linked to Hunter — despite actions against prominent Russians "Baturina, the billionaire widow of Moscow’s longtime former Mayor Yury Luzhkov, allegedly paid $3.5 million to a firm associated with Hunter Biden in February 2014 while his father was vice president." John Solomon at JTN reports Emails show how cooperating Hunter Biden associate could dish on Joe. At Da Caller, ‘Biden Showered With His Daughter’: WH Comms In Hot Water After Sharing Tweet

Anthony Gonzalez at Am Think notes Democrats introduce resolution to ban Trump from US Capitol. Mike LaChance at LI finds the Forewoman in Trump Grand Jury is so Strange Some Liberals Think She is a Plant “someone’s deliberate effort to damage a potential case against the ex-President?”

Stacy McCain has the Obligatory CNN Mention "CNN is in a hole and they keep digging themselves deeper. This week, Don Lemon returned after a three-day absence."

At Breitbart, DOJ: Google Destroyed Chats It Was Required to Save During Antitrust Investigation. Interesting, remember the FBI communicated with the social media companies via a self destructing message system. At PM, BREAKING: Slack permanently suspends Libs of TikTok over 'violations of acceptable use policy' "As highlighted in Slack's Acceptable Use Policy, Slack may exercise its right to suspend or terminate your access." Apparently, making liberals look bad with their own words and deeds is in violation of their acceptable use policy. 

The Wombat has Rule 5 Sunday: Amberleigh West awiting your digital pleasure at The Other McCain.

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