Monday, February 6, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - Balloon-Gate Lingers

 Yep, we're still talking about the balloon. Sundance at CTH hosts House Intel Chairman Mike Turner Discusses Likely China Objectives with Massive Surveillance Balloon. ". . . it appears (a) the balloon was designed to capture some intelligence that satellites cannot; and (b) the flight path of the surveillance balloon was steered to cover areas housing key the strategic military bases and missile defenses." Matt Vespa at Town Hall reports China Is Not Happy That We Shot Down Their Spy Balloon. At Da Caller, China Says It May ‘Respond Further’ After US Takes Down Spy Balloon. Jazz Shaw at Haut Hare, China: We can "respond further" to balloon shootdown.

From Breitbart, What Did Joe Biden Know About China Spy Balloon-gate and When Did He Know It? At Red State Nick Arama thinks There Are Big Problems With Biden Team's Evolving Story About Prior Chinese Balloons and Mike Miller claims Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin's Statement on Downing of Chinese Balloon Is Ironic Comedy at Its Best. Matt Margolis at PJ Media says Biden's Story About the Spy Balloon Doesn't Add Up; Here's What Most Likely Happened. "The most likely story is that the decision to shoot down the balloon once it was back over the water was made on Friday morning, shortly before Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s planned trip to Beijing was postponed." At Twitchy, Bloomberg DRAGGED for claiming it was actually GOOD for Biden to let the CCP balloon spy on Americans. Sarah Arnold at Town Hall hears Democrats and Republicans Speak Out Against Biden: 'A Circus Clown Knows How to Handle A Balloon Better'. 1945 thinks Joe Biden Should Be Embarrassed By That Chinese Spy Balloon. At Am Great, Lloyd Billingsley calls the crisis A Chinese ‘Invitasion.’ At Front Page, Dan Greenfield thinks The UFO Craze is a Chinese Spy Balloon Crisis, "It’s not the little green men, but the little red men." At Zero Hedge, The Chinese ‘Spy Balloon’ Story As Manufactured Crisis: An Alternative Reading. At WaPoo, Max Boot opines The hysteria over China’s spy balloon is dangerous and unwarranted. Of course he does, because it's hurting Biden. At the Free Bacon, Pompeo begs to differ, Biden’s Weakness on Spy Balloon Assures Chinese Aggression. At Am Great, Roger Kimball, Peace Through Strength or Chaos Through Senility? "The Chinese would not have been deploying spy balloons over U.S. nuclear installations if Donald Trump was still president." Breitbart Reports Biden Administration Scrambles to ‘Likely’ Rewrite China Portion of SOTU After Spy Balloon Fiasco

Almost immediately upon being attacked, unknown DOD spokespersons leaked the notion that Chinese balloon had overflown the US multiple times under Trump. See, it's all Trump's fault! At Da Wire, Chinese Spy Balloons Flew Over U.S. Under Trump But Were Only ‘Discovered After’ Trump Left White House and  Dan Chaitin, Ratcliffe Shoots Down Claim That Three Chinese Balloons Crossed Over U.S. Under Trump. That last is just BS, we have this thing called "radar," you might need to Google it. ET, Trump Responds After Anonymous Official Claims Chinese Spy Balloons Flew Over US on His Watch. Western Journal, Trump Issues Blistering Response After Biden Officials Claim Spy Balloons Happened Under His Watch. KT at Haut Hare, Trump, others deny Chinese spy balloons flew across the U.S. during Trump administration. Monica Showalter at Am Think thinks That claim about three Chinese spy balloons on Trump's watch is deflating fast. At Da Caller, ‘No Comparison’: Rubio Shuts Down Comparisons Between Trump And Biden Over Chinese Balloon. At WaPoo, Pentagon reports past Chinese surveillance balloons near Florida, Texas "The Defense Department tells members of Congress about several previous incursions of U.S. airspace as Republicans criticize Biden’s response"

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I'm going to hazard a guess that in the long run, history will show that Chinese balloons did make previous incursions over US airspace, but the Pentagon, under Gen. Milley, and intelligence agencies who are clearly against provoking the Chinese, refused to promote it to the Presidential level, prefering to handle it on their own, for fear that Trump would shoot it down, and that Biden might be forced to by political pressure, as eventually occurred. I'll bet Milley has been on the phone all weekend trying to calm down his Chinese counterparts.

Sundance,  Cohn and Brennan Talk Gleefully About the Return of the Service Driven Economy Under Biden, Happy with No Wage Growth. Althouse, "It’s like asking New York to move the Statue of Liberty from New York to Florida. I mean, that’s not going to happen. And it’s not going to happen that we’re going to change state law." "Said John Lynch, the former governor of New Hampshire, quoted in "Democrats Overhaul Party’s Primary Calendar, Upending a Political Tradition/The proposal radically reshapes the way the party picks its presidential nominees, putting more racially diverse states at the front of the line" (NYT)."

Harold Hutchinson at Da Caller, Trump Reveals What A ‘Reformed FBI And Justice Department’ Would Do If He Wins In 2024 "Former President Donald Trump said Friday that if he returned to the White House, a “reformed FBI and Justice Department” would be “hunting down Chinese spies,” not Republicans." KT again sees Shot fired: Koch network to oppose Trump in 2024 GOP presidential primary. It's not like they were ever friendly. WaEx has a list of Six Republicans most likely to challenge Trump in 2024. No great surprises. At Twitchy, Jerome Adams’ attempted swipe at DeSantis over ‘health decisions’ BACKFIRES in a spectacular way. At NYPo, Ilya Shapiro says Florida's Revised AP African American Studies curriculum delivers course students deserve. At Campus Reform, SUNY to require DEI and social justice courses in fall 2023, "SUNY faculty member observes that 'it seems as if higher education no longer values questions, debate, and dissent. Only groupthink, obedience, and submission will be tolerated.'"

Sarah Hoyt at Insty, THEY CAN TRY, IF THEY THINK THEY HAVE COMPLETE FRAUD CONTROL OVER THE VOTE: Michelle Obama For President 2024. "They won’t like what blows up in their faces. The most unlikable woman in the history of ever. Yeah, that will work out well."

John Sexton at Haut Hare reports Short-term staffer accuses George Santos of sexual harassment. George clearly lacks normal inhibitions, but could this be a Democrat trick, ala Kavanaugh?

Guy Benson at Town Hall takes note as Youngkin Slams VA Dems for Blocking Bill Requiring Schools to Promptly Inform Families of Academic Honors. Why would they do that?

At NYPo Jacob Sullun says it Turns out Russian election meddling’s main impact was on the gullible journos who hyped it. At Breitbart, Vice Chair of FL GOP Christian Ziegler: Only 17,000 of the Net 1 Million Moving to the State Registered Democrat. At Da Caller, CHRISTIAN ADAMS wonders When Will California Realize Its Vote By Mail System Is A Total Disaster? Try not to overestimate them.Jay Valentine at Am Think knows Your Government Wants to Keep You from Seeing Voter Rolls

Hwee Professor Jacobsen at LI, Joe Biden Lawyers Likely Conducting Cleansing Operation Of Hunter-Related Material When Stumbled On Classified Docs. Hmm, a good guess. "Why else would lawyers be doing this rather than just hire a moving company and move the boxes? I think this was a cleansing operation. And in the course of that cleansing operation, the Biden lawyers were like, oh crap, we’ve got classified documents in here. What do we do now?" At WaPoo, The longtime Biden aide at the center of classified documents furor, "Kathy Chung went to work for Biden in 2012, becoming part of his inner circle and a bridge between him and his family" She's been identified as the likely "fall girl" before. Byron York at Front Page notices The Joe Biden-Hunter Biden Scandal Convergence. "Classified information - and advancing foreign business interests." Debby Saunders at Am Spec, The Biden With His Hand Out. "Hunter Biden’s house of cards keeps tumbling down. But will he be forced to face the consequences?"

Miranda Devine@mirandadevine "House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer is demanding Biden’s “climate envoy” John Kerry hand over documents related to his secret negotiations with the Chinese Communist Party on “deals that undermine the United States’ interests.” Good letter here:" At Fox Business, AOC whines about 'rank partisanship' in Republican COVID fraud investigation, Comer responds, "AOC criticizes Republicans for investigating fraud in California, New York and Pennsylvania but not red states like Arizona or Kentucky." At WaEx, ‘Promises made': Here's what House Republicans have accomplished one month after taking majority

Althouse is concerned "The highest-profile scholar of misinformation is being forced out at Harvard’s premier public policy school..." "So it seems that "Misinformation Review" was serving the interests of the Democratic Party. Is this why the Semafor article feels so obscure? It's hard to say whether it's left or right wing to criticize a group that seems to be on the left for helping the political party on the right.

At Breitbart, ChatGPT Boss Sam Altman Hopes AI Can ‘Break Capitalism’. Pixie Misa at Ace's invokes Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics, in Daily Tech News 6 February 2023 "Paging Isaac Asimov. Will Dr Asimov come to take a victory lap please. . . Why do I mention all this? Because nobody at GPT creator OpenAI has bothered to read the foundational literature of their own field. "Korobochka@cirnosad "I asked ChatGPT for advice in the scenario of a demolition engineer attempting to disarm a 50 MT nuclear warhead in a city of 20 million. The only way to disarm the bomb was to type in a racial slur. AI told the engineer to kill himself. When asked about the aftermath it crashed."

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