Saturday, February 11, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - Biden Pops Another Balloon

 At least, we think it was probably another, smaller balloon, of "unknown" origin. ABC, US shoots down unknown 'high-altitude object' over Alaska, White House says. Jazz Shaw at Haut Hare, So we shot down a UFO over Alaska yesterday. Althouse, "The Pentagon said it shot down an unidentified object over frozen waters around Alaska on Friday at the order of President Biden...." ""U.S. officials said they could not immediately confirm whether the object was a balloon, but it was traveling at an altitude that made it a potential threat to civilian aircraft...." Nick Arama at Red State has More Info on That Unusual 'Object' Shot Down Over Alaska  "flying at about 40,000 feet that was about the size of a “small car.” Sundance at CTH, White House Confirms They Shot Down Another “High-Altitude Spy Object” Over Alaska. Meanwhile, regarding the Chinese balloon, Breitbart reports Biden Says Chinese Spy Balloon ‘Not a Major Breach’ and State Department Says Chinese Spy Balloon Contained Technology to Monitor Communication Signals. At CNS News, Blinken: Chinese Spy Balloons Have Operated Over Countries on Five Continents. Bart Marcois at Am Great says Forget the Balloon. We’re Are Already At War with China. "The Chinese don’t need the balloon to attack us. From COVID to corrupt deals with presidents, they are already here." And, not reassuringly, At the Free Bacon In 2020, China Privately Told Biden Ally They Wanted Joe To Win. At Breitbart,  Republican Rep. Bob Good Asks How ‘Biden Crime Family’ Money ‘Compromised How the President Has Treated China.’

Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.09.23 (Punditocalpyse Edition), Your Daily Don Surber on The real state of the union. "Biden is stumbling but always remember, he is 10-0 in elections (7 Senate, 2 veep and 1 presidential). He is an idiot, true, but he is an election savant. Governing is another matter. He sucks like a Shark vacuum." At Am Think, Silvio Canto thinks Bad show, bad ratings. Robert Romano at Da Lid points out Biden Lied About Debt Ceiling, Social Security, And Medicare In SOTU Address. Larry Keane at the Truth About Guns says One Thing Biden Didn’t Mention During the SOTU – Cratering Support for Gun Control. Matt Margolis at PJ Media, Biden Wants to Sic the IRS on Restaurant Servers. Remember how those 87k new IRS agents were supposed to go after million and billionaires. At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.10.23, Nice Deb at Am Great follows up on a Report that Joe Biden Ordered Covert CIA Operation to Blow Up Nord Stream Pipelines. He had the means, motive and opportunity. There's only one problem with the story, Seymoure Hersh. If he told me the sky was blue I'd step out to check.

Matt Margolis again, 'Fit to Serve' John Fetterman Remains Hospitalized. I think I saw he's out now. And, Fetterman Might Have Permanent Brain Damage, Chief of Staff Admits.  Of course he does. Nick Arama says a New Report Reveals the Depths of Fetterman's Problems. At Twitchy, After months of lying, MSM are ready to acknowledge that John Fetterman’s health is a ‘horror show’ Steve Krakauer@SteveKrak "Here comes the truth about John Fetterman, in today's New York Times - months too late: "When it’s bad, Mr. Fetterman has described it as trying to make out the muffled voice of the teacher in the 'Peanuts' cartoon, whose words could never be deciphered."" Treacher, Everybody Knew John Fetterman Was Unfit for Office. What do you mean unfit? He can still vote the party line, if it's written down for him. 

At Da Fed, Vicky Marshall sees House Republicans Block DC Law That Would Allow Illegal Residents To Vote. Libs aghast. Natalia Mittelstadt at JTN, Media pillar admits 'potential vulnerabilities,' 'security challenges' in electronic pollbooks "But Associated Press frets about possible exploitation of issues by purveyors of "election conspiracies" and continues to advocate use of the devices," meaning Republicans. At Compact Cassian Anderson explains how he thinks  Pfizer Fixed the Election.

At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.10.23, Kelsey Bolar at Da Fed sees how ‘Detransitioners’ Are Being Abandoned By Medical Professionals Who Devastated Their Bodies And Minds and Victory Girls Gender think Affirming Care For Trans Kids Is Appalling. I agree. Tyler O'Neil at Da Signal, Doctors at Pediatric Transgender Center Could Lose Their Licenses in Wake of Whistleblower Testimony. Althouse, "Four trans children on one block in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania? I think not." "One of the commenters at a NYT column titled "The Relentless Attack on Trans People Is an Attack on All of Us"" Ace, Seth Dillon, Matt Walsh Push Back on Trans Extremists' Suicide Lies, and the Left Can't Stand It "Yesterday, I wrote about the counselor who just came clean about her time at the Washington University Gender Center. She noted that their go-to pressure tactic to bend parents to their gender-bender will was to demand, "Do you want an alive daughter or a dead son?"

Larry Sand at Front Page sees Pushback in the Culture Wars, "DeSantis and some state legislators are stepping up." John Sexton at Haut Hare, Gov. DeSantis takes control of Disney's tax district.

Matt Vespa wants to know  Did You Notice What’s Ironic About the Dems’ Fears Over the House GOP Investigating the FBI?. "Plaskett, who served as an impeachment manager in the second impeachment of former President Donald Trump, said she is "deeply concerned" that the Weaponization Subcommittee will be used "as a place to settle scores, showcase conspiracy theories and advance an extreme agenda that risk undermining Americans’ faith in our democracy."

Lincoln Brown at PJ Media, Whistleblower Says FBI Mined Bank Records for the J6 Probe as the Bureau Takes a Hard Look at 'Radical Traditionalist Catholics". Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media sees Rogue FBI Extremist Fever Dream Is Worried About Traddy Catholics at Latin Masses. Capt. Ed at Haut Hare, FBI to "rad trad" Catholics: Never mind, our bad ... maybe. National Catholic Registry, BREAKING: FBI Retracts Leaked Document Orchestrating Investigation of Catholics, "Document singles out Catholics who are interested in the traditional Latin Mass as potentially linked to violent extremist groups." Ace, FBI: Our Bad on Declaring that Catholics Are Natural-Born Terrorists and Ripe for Recruitment by White Supremacists "Boy, I gotta tell you, I didn't realize that weaponizing the FBI against a major religion was frowned upon here. Was that wrong? . . . They're not sorry they did it. They're sorry they got caught doing it." Dave Strom at Haut Hare, NYC schools sent FBI fingerprints of teachers who refused COVID vax

Ace, Biden Releases a Terrorist -- A "High-Value Detainee" -- From Gitmo and Sets Up a Nice Life for Him in Belize "Another terrorist freed. And given a nice big Nest Egg, too. . . . Julie Kelly points out that the Biden Regime is treating terrorists better than the January 6th Paraders"
Haut Hair cites a Politico Tweet, Breaking: FBI conducting new consensual search of Pence home. Capt. Ed notes, "This is separate from the issues in the subpoena that Pence just received from the January 6 special counsel. However, it certainly sounds as though Pence is getting a lot of attention just as he’s preparing to launch a presidential campaign." Andy McCarthy at NRO (cited at Haut Hare), Trump special counsel about to cross the Rubicon. John Sexton is Looking back on the media's Russia narrative: Collusion, between the media, the Democrats and the FBI.

Stacy McCain on James Baker’s Amnesia Problem "Something about being required to testify under oath seems to induce a strange type of amnesia among big-shot lawyers. The things they “cannot recall” are very specific, and they never deny anything without preceding their denial with the qualifying phrase “to the best of my recollection.”" At CTH, sundance has the video Musk Advisor David Sacks States Elon Musk Had “No Idea” the Level of Government Control and Influence Over Twitter Platform Prior to Purchase and First Hearing – House Select Subcommittee on Weaponization of Federal Government, Full Hearing Video. Margot Cleveland at Da Fed, Twitter Execs Testify That Their Election-Meddling Decisions Were Even Flimsier Than Previously Claimed. The redoubtable Julie Kelly calls them  Righteous Tyrants, "No, they’re not cutting off food supplies or building labor camps but these modern-day tyrants seek the same ends: crush the opposition and control the masses." Capt. Ed, Why we fight: The blacklist against conservative viewpoints by Big Tech. At Twitchy, Microsoft-owned ad group blacklists conservative media INCLUDING Twitchy – wants to shut us all down. At Da Caller, State Department Helped Fund ‘Disinformation’ Research Group That Reportedly Blacklists Conservative News Sites and Psaki Urges MSNBC Viewers To ‘Think Of The Danger’ Posed By Free Speech. At Twitchy, PhD. discovers conservatives are ACTUALLY saying whatever they want on podcasts and REEE (thread). From the Free Bacon, Facebook Officially Reinstates Trump's Account "The former president has been banned by Facebook and Instagram for more than two years."

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