Thursday, February 23, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam DIY - Trump Visits East Palestine, Georgia Jury Foreman Casts Her Spell

Places to go and things to do, and I'll kind of miss snarking on this one because it's pretty funny, in a twisted way

The East Palestine Disaster

‘We’re Like A Third World Nation’: Trump Hammers Pete Buttigieg Over Handling Of Toxic Train Derailment - The Daily Caller
Trump brought goodwill to East Palestine, Ohio while the Biden administration sniped at him – HotAir
Raw Video - Love and Cheers as President Donald Trump Raises Spirits During Visit to East Palestine, Ohio - The Last Refuge
EPA Administrator Quietly Postpones Africa Climate Change Trip With Idris And Sabrina Elba As Ohio Train Disaster Unfolds - The Daily Wire
EPA Orders Norfolk Southern To Handle All Ohio Train Derailment Cleanup, Pay Triple If They Cut Corners | The Daily Wire
Company Tasked With Testing East Palestine Water Hired by Norfolk Southern – PJ Media
Norfolk Southern, USDOT, Congress All Targeted In Buttigieg's Requests - The Political Insider
Ohio train derailment: Buttigieg to visit East Palestine following toxic crash - Washington Examiner
Report: Buttigieg Finally Plans To Visit East Palestine—Three Weeks After Chemical Disaster
East Palestine Will FINALLY Get A Buttigieg Visit - Victory Girls Blog
Pete Buttigieg Takes ‘Personal Time’ In Midst Of East Palestine Disaster, Asks If He Can Snap Photo Of Reporter Who Dares To Question Him - The Daily Wire
Exclusive: Trump Delivers Truckloads of Water to East Palestine
Fiddling while Ohio burns - spiked
Biden finally responds to East Palestine, Ohio residents... from Poland – HotAir

The Trump Great Googly Oogly Grand Jury Witch

Is Georgia Anti-Trump Grand Jury Forewoman Literally a Witch? : The Other McCain
In The Mailbox: 02.22.23 : The Other McCainTwitter This is the foreperson of the Georgia Grand Jury that investigated Trump
What the Hell Is Going on With That Trump Grand Jury Foreman? – PJ Media
Ace of Spades HQ Fulton County, Georgia Grand Jury Forewoman Promises "Long List" of Names Coming for Recommended Indictment in "Election Interference" Case, But There's a Problem UPDATE: A Witch, Now?!
Trump grand jury forewoman’s Pinterest page is real and it’s spectacular –
Justice must be blind - y'all see that Trump grand jury forewoman? – HotAir
Georgia Jury Leak By Giggly Forewoman Could Tank Trump Prosecution - Victory Girls Blog
Althouse: "Could the Georgia grand jury forewoman’s media tour cause problems?"
President Trump Responds to Georgia Grand Jury Foreperson and the Circus Media Tour She Is Undertaking - The Last Refuge

Politics as Usual

Some awkward moments from Biden's trip to Ukraine and Poland – HotAir
Ace of Spades HQ Biden Heroically Falls While Walking Up the Steps of Air Force One, Again
Will Biden’s Ukraine Trip Inspire Even More Of His Lies? – Issues & Insights
WATCH: Biden Falls on the Stairs to Air Force One – PJ Media
Watch: Joe Biden Falls, Catches Himself Again Boarding Air Force One
Politico: Some starting to wonder if Biden is really up for 2024 – HotAir
House Oversight Committee mulls subpoena if Hunter Biden misses Wednesday deadline to produce documents - Fox News
MSNBC host: DeSantis' Florida is "all crystal meth and alligators" – HotAir
Yes, Governor Ron DeSantis's claim that Florida's crime rate is at a 50-year low is true |
Draft Ron DeSantis effort reaches 200,000 - Washington Examiner
Ace of Spades HQ - Andrea Mitchell Lies, Claiming Ron DeSantis Demands That "Slavery and the Aftermath of Slavery Should Not Be Taught to Florida Schoolchildren"
DeSantis Swears Off All NBC Interviews Until Andrea Mitchell Issues Correction - The Daily Caller
MSNBC Host Offers Correction After Making False Ron DeSantis Claim - The Daily Caller
Did Andrea Mitchell climb down to fake a grovel to Ron DeSantis? Why, yes - yes, she did. – HotAir
DeSantis admin slams Andrea Mitchell for 'blatant lie' and subsequent 'non-apology,' vows to shun NBCUniversal interview requests - TheBlaze
Tucker Carlson Rips Nikki Haley: "She's Indistinguishable from the Neo-Liberal Donor Base"
Who needs Nikki? - Your Daily Don Surber
Megyn Kelly to CNN: Does Lemon have to cop a feel to get fired, or what? – HotAir
Don Lemon gets away with a slap on the wrist - The Spectator World
Vivek Ramaswamy Announces 2024 Presidential Bid - The Daily Caller
A Time for Serious Populism - The American Conservative
2024 presidential candidates face scrutiny from Republican and Democratic voters : NPR
Well, it looks like the GOP field for 2024 is going to be large – HotAir
The Fetterman Fiasco - The American Spectator | USA News and Politics
Kari Lake Confirms She’s Taking Election Lawsuit to State Supreme Court
Key Dominion exec admitted company products 'riddled with bugs' days before 2020 vote: Fox lawyers - Just The News
How GA Became Dems' Test Site For Their 2024 Election Takeover
Frontpage Magazine Follows Foreign Election Money to West Virginia - Frontpage Mag
Idaho Republican Introduces Bill To Ban Ranked-Choice Voting
How A Texas Lawsuit Could Nuke Biden's $1.7T Spending Spree
Tell Me Teacher-Groomers Aren't Real: Degenerate Teacher's Aide Arrested for Licking the Feet of a Seven-Year-Old – PJ Media
Crybullies – HotAir
Clinton Aide Linked to Jeffrey Epstein Ruled a Suicide Despite No Sign of Weapon – PJ Media

Jan 6 and FBI/DOJ Misdeeds

Eric Swalwell leads Democrats seeking to ban Trump from US Capitol | Washington Examiner
Democrats Scramble to Block Tucker Carlson Reporting on Jan 6 Tapes - Slay News
Chuck Schumer’s clearly in a PANIC about J6 footage being released to Tucker Carlson –
Ace of Spades HQ Metropolitan Police Officer on January 6th: "They Set Us Up, They Set Us the F*** Up" Update: The Left Freaks Out That The Public Will Get to See the Videos They've Hid From Them For Two Years
Biden DOJ Charges 8 More Pro-Life Activists With Violating FACE Act

Twitter, Musk and Cybersecurity

The Twitter Files Reveal An Existential Threat
How Does This Happen? U.S. Military Email Server Was Exposed for Two Weeks – PJ Media
JPMorgan restricts ChatGPT usage for its 250,000 staff over data privacy fears - Daily Mail Online

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