Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Oldest Practitioner of the Oldest Profession

The oldest swinger in town? Milly, 96, makes £50,000 a year... as an escort
A woman who has worked as an escort since the end of the Second World War is still earning £50,000 pounds a year from her sex services - at the age of 96.

Milly Cooper was swept off her feet by a wealthy American at the age of 27, and moved from London's East End to Las Vegas.

But he died in action in 1945, leaving her with a baby daughter and no regular means of support...
Ah, it's the old, "hooker with the heart of gold" story.  It might even be true.
...In 1979, after nearly a 25-year break from providing personal sex services, she resumed that part of her life - and has continued as an escort ever since.

Milly, who has slept with 3,500 men, says her clients range in age from 29 to 92.

She currently sees two clients a week, earning up to £800 each time.

She told a magazine: 'Nowadays, the girls have vast boobs and skinny bodies and parade around half-naked.

'In my day, we would call those girls trollops. The industry's become mucky'...
I see a heckuva movie in this...

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