Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Beach, 2/27/11 Edition

Dennis Fleming, the hero of the "near tragedy at my fishing hole" was just heading out this morning as we arrived for our walk.  Fishamajig is his on screen handle and the name of his guide service.  It looks like he's going out alone.  Too bad I didn't hitch a ride.

As usual, click Pics to enlarge.
It's starting to feel a bit like Spring. It was a nice day out, wind calm, temperatures rising from mid 40s to mid 50s as we walked.  The tide was high, but there was lots of exposed shell hash, so we got lucky and found 38 sharks teeth, all pretty small, though.
 Skye did a little skinny dipping.
A cardinal posed and sang for us up at the top of a tree.
An unusual mirage, showing James Island(s) in the distance. I guess this would be categorized as a Fata Morgana type mirage, but this one was new to me, with what looks like a line of fog or mist separating two parts of the image.  The Bufflehead drake heading down the bay is a happy coincidence.

UPDATE:  A little research, and staring at the mirage picture causes me to change my mind.  I think this is an inferior mirage (no, not low class; an inferior mirage is one where the secondary image appears below the primary image). I thinks that what is happening here is that the image of James Island is being reflected off the air above the water like the "water" in a highway mirage is the reflection of the sky.

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