Sunday, February 20, 2011

Low Tide Today!

As a result of yesterday's high wind, we had an extraordinarily low tide today.  The graph below shows the predicted and recorded tide for today at Solomons Island, a few miles south.  Today was almost a full foot lower than the predicted astronomical tide.  The source of the graph is here, one of my favorite weather sites.

Today was a lot less windy than yesterday, but significantly colder, 35 F when we left home.  As you can see, the extra low tide exposed a lot more beach than usual.

It also exposed a lot of material that is usually under water and made for pretty good fossil hunting.  Georgia beat me by a lot today, getting about 20 teeth to my 7.  However, I got lucky and found the fossil de jour:

Give up?  It's a whale's ear bone.  Not as complete as the one at the link, but quite good and very large. Certainly the best I've ever found.  Much rarer than sharks teeth; sharks have many teeth through their lives; whales have only two ears each.

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