Thursday, February 17, 2011

Visited the Vet Tonight

Yep, old dogs get arthritis, just like old people.  Otherwise, in remarkably good shape for a 13 year old.  Got some painkillers and some doggy glucosamine, had blood drawn, and her teeth looked at.  No particular recommendation to slow down, but clearly some is inevitable.  Bill - $391.

Good to hear, and a little sad at the same time.


  1. Which doggy glucosamine? 'We're' on Phycox. Cosaquin is another popular one.

  2. We got a "trial bottle" of Pycox. She seems to think they're acceptable treats.

  3. I buy them on Amazon. I just made a purchase so if you need any I can help out. Our supply will last 3 months at 2 for each dog each day.