Saturday, February 26, 2011

They Told Me If I Voted for McCain Congressmen Would Try to Censor Nude Art

And they were right.

"Triumph of Civic Virtue"

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A New York Congressman is calling for the removal and sale of a statue that once graced City Hall park, saying it is ugly and sexist.Anthony Weiner, who represents parts of Queens and Brooklyn, called on city officials to remove the decaying statue, entitled "Triumph of Civic Virtue," from its pedestal near Queens' Borough Hall, rather than spend thousands to have it repaired.

"Mayor (Fiorello) LaGuardia had it right when he banished this offensive statue from City Hall Park," Weiner told a news conference on Friday.

"Queens residents don't want this sitting in our back yard any longer," the Democrat said, adding the statue "is neither civil nor virtuous, and it's time for it to go."

The statue by sculptor Frederick MacMonnies depicts a nude male figure standing atop two women who represent evil sirens...
 The sculptors intent?

"The heroic figure, the sculptor said, "looks out into the distance so concentrated on his great ideal that he does not even see the temptation" of the pleasure and luxury that lead to "devious ways".
Shocking, don't you think?   Does anyone remember the fuss when John Ashcroft didn't want to be repeatedly photographed with the bare breasts of Lady Liberty peering over his shoulder?

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