Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Stale Link Dump

Time to take out the garbage again.  Rummage through it at your own risk

Food Porn can help you eat less - Imagining specific food can satisfy that craving.

Dinosaur sex, how did they do it? - I think to answer this, they should consult porcupines.

Everything you need to know about politicians - The more you lie the easier it gets.

Where are the heroes? - Why won't the honest watermen turn in the outlaws?

DNA tests could reveal incest - Well, that seems obvious.

The Decline of Male Space - First they took away the job, then they took away the bar...

Narwhal flukes compensate for tusks - There must be joke here, but I don't see it.

Have Smart Phone, will hook - How high tech transformed sex  in New York

Trust but Verify - Man bitten by "defanged" cobra

Astrology is a Science - according to the High Court in Mumbai

Snow Shovels of Death - I had to get rid of this one before Spring.

Too dumb to screw - Judge bans sex for man with low IQ.

Are women colder than men? - Are we talking physiology or emotion?

Professor brews beer with 45 million year old yeast - Why?

Woman slaps herself silly - Rare 'Alien Hand' syndrome at work

Burglars steal dead man's ashes, snort it up - Thinking it's cocaine.

Cool overpass to allow wildlife to cross the road - but will a chicken use it?

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