Sunday, December 10, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - Republicans Out to Kill Me says Hunter

From NYPo, Hunter Biden whines media ‘trying to kill’ him, wreck dad Joe’s presidency in interview with Moby, "Want some cheese with that, Hunter?" Hat Hair's KT,  Hunter Biden: Republicans are "Trying to Kill Me."  At Am Great, Roger Kimball thinks The Son-Of-A-Gun-Number-One-Son Might Just Toss Pops Under the Bus "Pere is getting a little nervous." NewsMax thinks Hunter Biden Believes Taxes Are for the Little People. Fox, Biden repeatedly demanded wealthy pay 'fair share' while Hunter allegedly evaded over $1M in taxes. Cutie Pavlich at TownHall Has the List of Things Hunter Biden Bought Instead of Paying Taxes, drugs, hookers and porn subscriptions. The rest of it he wasted.

At the Free Bacon, Hunter Biden Whistleblowers Claim ‘Complete Vindication’ After Bombshell Indictment. "Biden case ‘would have died a quiet death’ without whistleblowers, attorney says." Fox, Hunter Biden indictment: White House asked if president will pardon his son, "Hunter Biden faces 9 charges in a federal tax evasion case." At Da Caller, ‘I Don’t Think [That’s True]’: CNN Legal Analyst Throws Cold Water On Hunter’s Lawyers Defense. Tristan Justice at Da Fed, Jim Jordan To CIA: How Many Hunter Biden Laptop Letter Signatories Were On Your Payroll? The Messenger cites the older Biden, ‘Bunch of Lies’: Biden’s Clintonesque Denial Before a House Impeachment Inquiry Vote. Sarah Arnold at TownHall finds Biden Caught In Another Lie. "Despite countless photos and records from Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop, Biden is holding on tight to his claim that he never interacted with his relatives’ foreign business partners." He's counting on the friendly press to provide cover. 

Breitbart has another Poll: Biden Approval Rating Falls to Lowest Level Since He Took Office. "President Joe Biden’s approval rating has fallen to the lowest level since taking office, the latest TIPP poll found. Biden’s approval now sits at 33 percent, reflecting a six-point drop from November 3 in this survey. That is a new low for the 81-year-old since he took office. His disapproval now sits at 55 percent, reflecting a three-point increase over the same time frame." Charlotte Hazzard at JTN, Small business owners suggest Bidenomics is Grinch that stole Christmas bonuses. "A poll conducted by RedBalloon shows roughly 42% of U.S. small businesses are forgoing Christmas bonuses." At Althouse finds "Only 23% of voters say Biden's policies have helped them personally, while 53% say they have been hurt by the president's agenda." At Off The Press, #Joementia: Biden Boasts Of Spending ‘Billion Million Trillion’ On Rail Projects In Vegas "Biden Boasts Of Spending 'Billion Million Trillion' On Rail Projects In Vegas." Maybe that's his goal.

Jon Levine at NYPo cites Megyn Kelly says Donald Trump has lost ‘multiple steps’ mentally. I don't doubt, but his still head and shoulders above Biden in mental acuity. Althouse reads the Slantic Who are the "we" who say "That's not who we are"? "I'm reading "Trump Voters Are America Too/If he wins a second term, perhaps we’ll finally dispense with the myth that 'this is not who we are,'" by Mark Leibovich, in The Atlantic. . . . But Leibovich doesn't proceed to try to understand Trump voters as human beings worth knowing. He just goes on to do what a writer for The Atlantic is supposed to do and bemoan those terrible deplorables."

Paul Bedard at WaEx hears 'Dirty voter rolls’ slammed, 131% of eligible DC voters registered. You never know when you may need some extra votes. Natalia Mittelstadt at JTN reports At least 5,600 federal-only ballots cast in Arizona 2020 election without US citizenship proof "Arizona is “one of the only states to have bifurcated elections,” said former Arizona Assistant Attorney General Jennifer Wright." At Fox, Houston mayoral candidate Sheila Jackson Lee tells supporters to vote on wrong date. She never struck me as the brightest congresscritter.

The Peacock whines Trump PAC paid for expert witness testimony in N.Y. civil fraud trial "Eli Bartov, an accounting professor at New York University, said that his $900,000 in expert witness fees were paid by the Trump Organization and Trump’s Save America PAC." Paying expert witnesses is not something new, and both sides do it. "On Friday, Bartov said he has devoted some 650 hours to working on the case, the equivalent to three-plus months of 50-hour workweeks." Pretty good pay.

NewsMax, NY Post: State Dept Paid NewsGuard to Tar Conservative Media. At CTH, sundance is upset that The Modified FISA-702 Reauthorization Bill (HR 6611) Has Passed the House – The Changes Have Expanded Federal Surveillance of Americans."In my opinion, instead of trying to put the FISA genie back into the bottle, Congress needs to work on the accountability piece.  The punishment for abusing the database needs to be defined – perhaps 5 years imprisonment for each search violation."

At Off the Press, One Down, Two to go, ‘Only The Very Beginning’ "Stafanik Vows Resignation Of UPenn Pres. "Just The Start Of Ending Antisemitism." Greg Lukianoff at FIRE, with a FIRE statement: Penn resignations can be exactly what the university needs to restore free expression. From the Hahvahd Crimson, UPenn’s President Resigned. What Does it Mean for Harvard President Claudine Gay? She's Black so she should be pretty safe, or at least, last to go. Althouse approves an SNL sketch on the affair, On the subject of anti-Semitism, "I'd like to speak not from the heart, but from the thesaurus...."/"And could you rephrase that in an even more academic way?"  "I like the freeze frame. All 3 have the same head tilt and arrogant smirk. The actual sketch is hardest on Elise Stefanik though, unsurprisingly." Also,
"Not since Bill Clinton was asked about having sex with Monica Lewinsky and replied, 'It depends on what the meaning of the word "is" is,' has there been such parsing." "Writes Maureen Dowd, in "The Ivy League Flunks Out" (NYT), talking about the line "It is a context-dependent decision" spoken by U Penn president Penn’s Elizabeth Magill."  The Babylon Bee snarks 'Not All Calls For Genocide Are Bad,' Say Ivy League Presidents Sporting Cool New Mustaches. Andy Sullivan, The Day The Empress' Clothes Fell Off. "Did the Congressional hearings finally expose the scandal of the Ivy League?" Breitbart finds itself in agreement with Bill Maher: People Who Get News from MSNBC, NYT Didn’t Know About Longstanding Issues on Campuses

Breitbart also finds Trans Supremacy: 11th-Place Irish Dancing Competitor Switches to Girls’ Event, Wins Top Prize, Heads to World Championship. "The first-place win comes after the boy had placed 11th when he competed as a boy against other boys in April at the Coimisiún Le Rincí Gaelacha (CLRG) World Championships. The organizers of the dance association are defending their decision to let boys take prizes and status from girls." Of course, boys do everything better than girls. From WaEx,  Riley Gaines launches 'Real Women of America' calendar with anti-woke beer company 
The Wombat has Rule 5 Sunday: Outstanding In Her Field and FMJRA 2.0: Falcons & Eagles out at the Other McCain.

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