Monday, December 25, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam on Christmas Day

Strange bedfellows, at JTN, Gov. Newsom blasts effort to kick Trump off theCalifornia ballot "The California Republican primary is slated for March 5 and the final candidate list is due Dec. 28 " and from Fox, Barr calls on Supreme Court to ‘smack down’ Colorado decision, offers quip on Trump-Biden matchup "Former U.S. Attorney General said the U.S. Supreme Court needs to strike down the Colorado Supreme Court's decision to remove Trump from the state ballot." Sorry, not sorry about that image. Chris Talgo at TownHall calls the Colorado Supreme Court Ruling a Total Travesty. Althouse, Significant chunks. "I don't (want to) believe this:"
"There are significant chunks of the American populace that will find it very hard to respect a supreme court decision that keeps Trump off the ballot, and there are significant chunks of the American populace that will find it very hard to respect a supreme court decision that keeps Trump on the ballot."That's a quote from lawprof Steve Vladeck that appears in this Guardian article, "'Did you just hear John Roberts scream?': US supreme court to have outsized influence in 2024 election Court temporarily waved off request from special counsel prosecuting Trump, but it’ll likely soon have to wade into fray."

From Da Caller Deroy Murdock,  Mess Around And Find Out: If Dems Remove Trump From Ballots, GOP Must Do The Same To Biden, and sure enough, at WaEx, GOP state lawmakers, in an act of retribution, seek to bar Biden from state ballots. Sarah Hoyt at Insty, NO DOUBT THEY ARE: FBI looking into threats against Colorado justices following Trump ballot ruling. "Whether the threats happened or not."

Madelein Hubbard at JTN reports  Trump asks appeals court to toss 2020 election case after SCOTUS declines special counsel's request. "The indictment alleges only official acts, so it must be dismissed." Trump's attorneys wrote." Atop Da Hill, George Conway refutes Jake Tapper’s claim Trump got ‘big win’ with Supreme Court ruling. Refutes or attempts to refute; it seems like a matter of opinion before it plays out. 

Jeff Davidson at TownHall asks Is It Time to Cheat Like a Democrat? Yep. At Off Teh Press, Kari Lake About To Get Giuliani-ed Over Accusing Election Worker Of Voting Irregularities. Go see the video I posted yesterday. At WaEx, How a sitting Democratic Connecticut mayor could be ousted after 'shocking' evidence. "Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim was reelected in the general election in November, but a judge ruled that there was "shocking" evidence of ballot harvesting, when a third party collects and returns many ballots, enough for a redo of the Democratic primary, which took place in September. If Ganim does not win the nomination next month, the town will have another mayoral general election in February, with his opponent as the nominee." If they'll cheat each other, they'll cheat us. The Peacock giggles Former Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani files for bankruptcy protection, lists more than $100 million in debts

India Today? Trump calls new poll which shows Nikki Haley just 4 points behind him a 'scam', "The poll, conducted by American Research Group, indicated that 33 per cent of New Hampshire GOP voters support Trump, while 29 per cent support Nikki Haley." Madeleine Hubbard at JTN, Chris Christie off presidential primary ballot in Super Tuesday state of Maine, per court ruling. "Christie submitted 844 of the minimum of 2,000 certified signatures required in order to appear on the ballot in Maine." Go home, Chris, it ain't happening.

VOA, Bidens Plan to Spend Christmas at Camp David, New Year’s in St. Croix. Sarah Arnold at TownHall thinks Americans Are Tired of Joe Biden's 'Retiree' Lifestyle. No, really, retire Joe! 'Bonchie' at RedState, Kamala Harris Gets Dragged for Christmas Eve Post. She's done worse.

Chris Woodward at JTN reports States sue Biden administration over highway emissions rule. "The states' complaint, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Western district of Kentucky, argues the federal agencies don't have the authority granted by Congress to require states to reduce emissions." From WaEx, Manchin blasts Biden administration's 'kneecap' of hydrogen market, vows to fight it.


At NYPo, Claudine Gay’s resignation won’t fix Harvard’s reputation — only school admitting it ‘made a bad choice of leader’ will, Bill Ackman says and Stefanik slams Harvard prof suggesting school doesn’t need to cooperate with congressional probes: ‘Harvard is funded with billions of taxpayer dollars’ . Jeff Flier at Quillette, The Harvard Double StandardAnd how higher education can reform from within. From Twitchy, Mary Katharine Ham Sums Up Whack-Job's Bizarre Thread About Harvard and White Supremacy in 1 PERFECT Post.   Kurt Schlichter in his inimitable style says Leftist Idiocy Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving
Of course, the big pony-shaped present under our culture war tree this year is Claudine Gay, the President of Harvard, which is America’s best college ever, according to Harvard. Thanks, Santa, because for those of us out to defeat the Marxists, there’s no better gift than this ridiculous mid-wit with smart girl glasses and a shaved head. Remember, this is a woman who could not explain before Congress and TV cameras that genocide is bad – I will charitably give her the benefit of the doubt and assume that she thinks genocide is bad. However, many of her fellow travelers (like the aforementioned Turtle Island residents) eagerly support it not just for Jews but for everyone designated a “settler” or “colonist.” What a spectacle – the president of an allegedly prestigious college word-salading it worse than Kamala after downing a bottle of Quaaludes and knocking back a couple of tumblers of Jack Daniels.

An old idea reborn on Da Hill,  It’s time for universities to share the burden of student loan defaults. NYPo, The DEI machine has always been about toeing an ideological line — not meaningful change.

Breitbart hosts a Video: Pro-Palestinian Protesters Yell Abuse, Storm Live TV Christmas Celebrations. Stacey Matthews at LI, Anti-Israel Radicals Try Hijacking Christmas, Falsely Declare ‘Jesus Was a Palestinian’, “Overheard: Shoutout to all the Christians who’ve remained completely silent about the Palestinian genocide while they get ready to celebrate the birth of their favorite Palestinian man”   NYPo, Professor calls on people to ‘go as hard as possible’ to ‘dismantle’ US at pro-Palestinian event: ‘Lean into scaring them.’

Stacy McCain hears an Ex-NFL Player: ‘Average White Guys’ Shouldn’t Be Talking About Football. OK, I'll shut up, now. I never really understood the finer points of the game anyway. 

Madeline Leesman at TownHall notes A List of America's Most Dangerous Cities and Towns Just Dropped. Here's What They Have in Common. All Democrat mayors. At WaEx, DC takes the crown as petty crime capital of America and Congress doesn't count. "Washington reported 3,671 incidents of petty crime per 100,000 people last year. A total of 24,664 incidents were reported, more than half being vandalism." From Fox, Gavin Newsom's 10-year plan to end San Francisco homelessness marks 20-year anniversary "Newsom 'has taken his failures statewide' since 2003 mayoral election, California GOP chair says." 

Hat Hair's Jazz Shaw reveals a Christmas Miracle: Women's Catholic College Reverses Trans Admission Decision. No more chicks with dicks. Ward Clark at Red State Author Claims Children With 'Two Parent Privilege' Do Better, but Is That the Cause or Effect? Are they seriously saying bad kids break up families?

The Wombat has Rule 5 Sunday: Happy New Year! ready at The Other McCain.

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