Friday, December 8, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - Hunter Indicted

In California, on felony tax charges, the charges that Federal prosecutors in California had previously refused to cooperate with David Weiss in prosecuting. So I guess sunlight does work, slowly. Insty, THE REST OF THE MONEY, HE WASTED:

I can't imagine a California jury convicting him, but the trial ought to be a kick. I suppose this gives him all the excuse he need to plead the 5th when called before the House committee.  "I take this to mean that the establishment has decided that Biden has to go. Probably in favor of Newsom. Remember, the primaries aren’t necessary for the Dems to field a candidate." James Lynch at Da Caller, James Comer, Jim Jordan Threaten Hunter Biden With Contempt Of Congress. John Sexton at Hat Hair, Why Does Biden Keep Pointing Out He's Really Not Indispensable. Maybe he's thinking of handing the job over to Kamala, while pardoning his family and cronies on the way out the door?

"The vote on the resolution will likely happen next week." At Da Signal, House to Advance Biden Impeachment Inquiry Next Week. Capt. Ed at Hat Hair comments "This is a necessary procedural step to provide a firmer foundation for continued investigation into the Biden Inc influence-peddling allegations. House Republicans should have held a floor vote to authorize it in the first place." Jordan Boyd at Da Fed, Biden Says The Emails, Bank Records, Whistleblowers, And Testimony Proving His Involvement In Family Biz Are ‘Bunch Of Lies.’ The divine Ms. Devine at NYPo, Joe Biden offers bald-faced lies to all of America about his family affairs. From TNP, National Archives Will (give?) 62,000+ Biden Records to House GOP, Including Emails From Pseudonyms. Margot Cleveland at Da Fed, Wray Misdirects Congress Over FBI’s Burying Of Credible Biden Bribery Report. I could save a lot of words in that title. From HE, Christopher Wray exemplifies the deep state’s twisted methods of dodging accountability.

Ellie Gardey at Am Spec sees Anti-Israel White House Interns Publicly Rebel Against Joe Biden.
"The interns, who are paid, accused the Jewish state of committing “genocide.”" How amusing. Fire their asses and publish their names. From the Free Bacon, Washington Post Union Strikes Over 'Record-Level Inflation' as Paper Insists Biden Economy Is Just Fine. Yesterday's news tomorrow. Insty, LOOK AT THIS COMMUNITY NOTE AND IT’S EASY TO SEE WHY THEY HATE ELON: Joe Biden@JoeBiden "We’ve created close to 800,000 manufacturing jobs since I’ve taken office." "Readers added context they thought people might want to know. The close to 800k (764k) manufacturing jobs total is factually correct but missing context. The Oct. 2023 figure is 175k higher than the Feb. 2020 peak from before COVID-19 forced layoffs. It’s more accurate to say 589k manufacturing jobs were recovered and 175k created.…"

Stacy McCain on the ‘Republican’ ‘Presidential’ ‘Debate’, note the scare quotes.  Althouse really watched the debate, I had to check the transcript to make sure Nikki Haley said this, which is so stupid I thought maybe some devious A.I. made the video, "The third thing is we really do need to ban TikTok once and for all, and let me tell you why. For every 30 minutes that someone watches TikTok, every day, they become 17% more anti-Semitic, more pro-Hamas based on doing that," My favorite Ron DeSantis moment: Asked which U.S. President would inspire him, he said Calvin Coolidge and "I was fluid. I didn't really have much restraint," said Vivek Ramasmarmy. Matt Vespa at TownHall, claims the Fourth GOP Debate Could Be Summed Up With These Three Words, "Nikki Haley sucks."  PJM's Matt Margolis thinks Vivek Took a Page Out of the Democrats' Playbook. "Is Ramaswamy going to join in with the Democrats chanting "Bush (and Cheney) lied; people died," or is going to heed his own advice and learn about the issue he's talking about before speaking of it?"  Breitbart is concerned that Nikki Haley Repeats Amnesty Offer for Pre-2021 Illegal Aliens. Me too. The correct answer should be never. Also, Crowd Boos Chris Christie After He Claims Trump Will Be Convicted of Felonies. At the PI, Joy Behar, 81, Bizarrely Compares GOP Debate To Her ‘G-Spot’ "“I would love to know the stats as to how many people watched that,” co-host Sunny Hostin said, with Sara Haines adding that she couldn’t even find where to watch it. “Exactly,” “It’s like my G-spot!” Behar exclaimed, much to the shock of her audience." Capt. Ed says Ewwww! "Shock, revulsion, need for mind bleach … six of one, half-dozen of the others …" Reagan Reese of Da Caller is finally satisfied as GOP Challengers Finally Produce Fireworks As Clock Ticks To Run Down Trump. At Da Lid covers Debate Night In AlabamaWhat's Next? Scott Johnson at Power Line, After last night, "This is no longer Ronald Reagan’s Republican Party. It is Donald Trump’s Republican Party. Thinking in a straight line, I have no doubt that President Trump will be the party’s 2024 presidential nominee. The prospect requires us to project ahead to the effect of the criminal convictions he will suffer before election day. That requires something beyond thinking in a straight line. I can only say at this point that I am among the many discomfited by the prospect of a Trump versus Biden rematch." Sarah Arnold at TownHall, This Is Who Melania Trump Is Reportedly Pushing for Her Husband's VP, and It's Not Surprising. Tuckah! Why in the world would he want a job with real responsibilities, however small?

At Insty, GEORGE KORDA: Trump’s ‘vermin’ comment was vile, but Democrats should also stop dehumanizing opponents. "Meh, once you’ve called a guy Hitler, I don’t think you can complain about what he calls you back. There’s been no restraint in political language (aimed at the right) at least since the GWB era, and probably for longer. After all, Thomas Dewey was compared with Hitler, too." Twitchy has the Receipts: WaPo Lost It When Trump Used the Word 'Vermin,' but Check Out These Headlines. Jack Hellner at Am Think snarks Trump embraces ‘dictator’ moniker by promising to enforce border laws and promote energy independence… and the left loses it
From Da Caller, Federal Judge Hands Huge Victory To Trump In Bid To Remove Him From Arizona Ballot. Matt Margolis, Jim Jordan Makes a Stunning Claim About Fani Willis. Tristan Justice at Da Fed, House Republicans Probe Collusion Between J6 Committee And Georgia Trump Prosecutor. It's not immediately obvious to me why that would be illegal, but it's certainly worthy of sunlight.

Albin Sadar at Am Great thinks The ‘Why’ is Now Obvious "January 6, 2021 was a smoke screen for the real insurrection of November 3, 2020."

Roger Kimball at Da Spec,  The disgraceful, ducking, diving, dodging college presidents, "Their testimony to Congress was saturated by feminization." At Insty,  EVERYTHING IS GOING SWIMMINGLY FOR THE IVY LEAGUE: Universities Face Congressional Inquiry and Angry Donors Over Handling of Antisemitism: Congress has opened an investigation into Harvard, M.I.T. and University of Pennsylvania, a $100 million gift was withdrawn, and demands have grown for the universities’ presidents to resign. “Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Democrat of New York, said all three presidents should leave their posts.”  THE PENN DEBACLE: After President’s Remarks on Antisemitism, Penn Should Consider Her Future, the State’s Governor Says.  and  EVERYTHING IS GOING SWIMMINGLY, IVY LEAGUE EDITION: Prediction: Harvard Will Have a New President Next Year,  snd inevitably, the Republicans Pounce! take: Republicans Try to Put Harvard, M.I.T. and Penn on the Defensive About Antisemitism.  John Sexton thinks UPenn's President Magill Is Probably Toast. At Da Wire, Rabbi Resigns From Harvard’s Anti-Semitism Advisory Committee: ‘Ignoring Jewish Suffering Is Evil’. Ellie Gardey at Am Spec, Harvard President Faces Uproar Over Refusal to Punish Students for ‘Intifada’ Chants "Jewish students have been left “terrified.”" Chris Queen at PJM notes a Billionaire Goes After Anti-Semitic Ivy League Presidents. Dave Lat at Original Jurisdiction is Against Free-Speech Hypocrisy, "And in (partial) defense of Harvard President Claudine Gay's controversial congressional testimony." Insty, at his substack says Reverse Speech Codes Aren't the Answer.  I agree. Say what you want and reveal your ignorance or evil, but no physical violence. Kevin Downy at PJM, 'The Fall of Minneapolis' — the Documentary About How the Democrats Lied to Gut Our Nation. From Behind the Black, yet Another example of the inability of Democrats to condemn bigotry.

Mike Cantrell at PJM highlights a Law Prof who Seems to Suggest Real Issue With Terrorists Raping Israeli Women Is Israel Fought Back. The TNP has DATA: Gen Z As Likely To Call Hamas ‘Freedom Fighters’ As They Are ‘Terrorists’. From NYPo, ‘Antisemite’ professor finally suspended by liberal college — after sex for grades claim revealed. At Behind the Black, Americans might finally be noticing the depravity in academia that has existed for more than two decades. The great Victor Davis Hanson at Am Great explores How Were the Universities Lost. "The Ivy league and their kindred so-called elite campuses may soon go the way of Disney and Bud Light." At Front Page, Anatomy of a Lynching: The Hillcrest HS Pogrom "A statement on the Jew-hating student riot at Hillcrest HS - and the immediate actions that need to be taken." At CJ, The Rationalizer. "Randi Weingarten has excused anti-Semitism when it benefits her teachers’ union."

Mary Chastain at KI, Teachers ‘Scared to go to School’ Due to Student Violence and Hardly Any Punishment. “There were a few days that I was scared to go to school.” At I&I, Virginia High School Racial Discrimination Case Deserves Supreme Court Hearing, Too. City Journal No White Faculty Allowed "At the University of Washington, civil rights laws have not stopped blatant racial discrimination in faculty hiring."

TNP, School Board Gets Death Threats After Refusing $10K From LGBT+ Group. Mike LaChance at LI reports,  Colorado Dad Suing School District for Discrimination After Refusing to Display ‘Straight Pride Flag’ Next to ‘Progress Pride Flag.’ “If we had more parents like [Feldman], then these policies would never have been rolled out in the first place, and they’d be teaching kids about math and science.” CBS Colorado whines Father's "straight pride" flag lawsuit against Denver Public Schools could succeed in court.

The Wombat has FMJRA 2.0: Dune up and awaiting your digital pleasure at The Other McCain. 

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