Thursday, December 28, 2023

Fresh Lies

Tom and I hooked up on a walk-on trip with Walleye Pete out of Buzz's Marina, down in Ridge, MD, where, where he has been fishing to take advantage of the masses of fish, some big, that school near the mouth of the Potomac River this time of year. 

It was overcast and misty, but relatively warm for this time of year, in the low 50s on land, probably more like high 40s over the 45 F water.

My best today was this 44 inch Striper that took about 5 minutes to bring to boat.
Tom's best was this 38 inch fish. We did a lot of traveling, 95 miles on the boat, mostly in search of big gulls and Gannet birds marking the location of schools of fish. We found quite a lot, but they usually only lasted a few minutes/fish before moving away.

I also had this small bird (tern?) blunder into my line and get tangled. Pete wrapped it in a towel while we gently cut the line and freed the bird, allowing it to fly off apparently upset, but unhurt.

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