Sunday, December 17, 2023

Palm Sunday

Artificial Intelligence palm trees with an Artificial Intelligence girl, Mia Fer:

Well, at least artificial intelligent palms won't shed on your head. WESH Orlando, Orange County woman sues SeaWorld, claims falling palm tree branch hit her on the head
A lawsuit was filed against SeaWorld after an Orange County woman says she was injured by a falling palm tree branch at Discovery Cove. Donna Montesanti was at Discovery Cove, a theme park owned by SeaWorld on Nov. 17 as a business invitee, the lawsuit states.

The lawsuit claims that while at a wedding, Montesanti was hit in the head by a large branch that fell from a palm tree. SeaWorld is accused of "negligently failing to maintain the premises in a reasonably safe condition."

Montesanti had a concussion and other injuries as a result of the branch hitting her, the lawsuit alleged.

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