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Flotsam and Jetsam - Hunter Rejects Subpoena, McCarthy to Quit

At Twitchy, Biden Calls House Oversight Evidence 'a Bunch of Lies' and Then Can't Leave the Room Fast Enough. Ace Biden Lies Outrageously, Claiming That It's Just "Lies" That He Ever Even "Interacted" With Hunter Biden's "Business" Associates, Then His Handlers Quickly End the Press Conference.  "Joe Biden previously lied and said he never even spoke with Hunter's "business" partners. Then it was proven that he spoke with them and met them in restaurants. The new claim became, "he only spoke to them about the weather." This reporter attempts to forestall quibbling about what Biden spoke about by asking about Biden "interacting" with Hunter's "business" partners. Obviously, this includes any interactions, including interactions supposedly about "the weather." From Fox, Comer, Jordan threaten to hold Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress after he rejects subpoena for deposition "Hunter Biden's attorney says the president's son would only testify at a public hearing." I think all of Trump's children sat for depositions. At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 12.06.23 (Morning Edition), at Da Fed ‘Two-Tiered Justice System’: House Finds Biden’s DOJ, Weiss Gave Hunter Biden Special Treatment, Biden Admin Gives Catholics, Parents The ‘Domestic Terrorist’ Treatment But Not Violent Antisemites, and Democrats Are Afraid Trump Will Do To Them What They Have Done To Him

 Paul Bedard at WaEx reports Comer told an NBC host: ‘You’re financially illiterate’ “You’re calling it an influence-peddling scheme, and you don’t even know definitively whether or not it’s a loan?” Nobles said. Comer, with a smirk, responded, “You don’t understand. It’s like you’re financially illiterate. You look like a smart guy on TV. Listen, I’m a banker. You know, I’ve been involved in a bank board for a long time. The money that the Bidens pay Joe Biden back with came from influence peddling.”" Jazz Shaw at Hat Hair, Hunter Biden 'Sugar Brother' Confirmed. Ace, Hunter Biden's "Sugar Brother," Hollywood Lawyer Kevin Morris, Has Secretly Given the Crackhead Whoremonger 4.9 Million Dollars. "Do you believe that this $4.9 million dollars was Kevin Morris' own money? Or do you think he's just a funnel for money coming from billionaires? And China? Because I think the latter. Time to subpoena his bank records."

Althouse, "Trump and the Republicans held leads on... being for working people (a 7-point advantage), standing up to elites (8 points)..." Hat Hair's John Sexton hears Democracy Corps on Current Biden Polling Numbers: 'This is Grim' 

On 32 subjects ranging from abortion to China, the Democracy Corps survey asked voters to choose which would be better, “Biden and the Democrats” or “Trump and the Republicans.”

Biden and the Democrats led on six: women’s rights (ahead by 17 points), climate change (15 points), addressing racial inequality (10 points), health care (3 points), the president will not be an autocrat (plus 2) and protecting Democracy (plus 1). There was a tie on making democracy more secure.

Donald Trump and the Republicans held leads on the remaining subjects, including being for working people (a 7-point advantage), standing up to elites (8 points), being able to get things done for the American people (12 points), feeling safe (12 points) and keeping wages and salaries up with the cost of living (17 points).

NYPo,  Biden says ‘probably 50’ Democrats could beat Trump after insisting ‘I have to run’. At Althouse, "Even though he has opponents in the primary, the party leadership has ordered that only Biden will appear on the primary ballot." "Writes Jonathan Turley, in "The Guardians of Democracy: Democrats Move to Protect Democracy from Itself" and "A dearth of charging infrastructure is one of the top reasons Americans say they won’t buy an electric car." "Woefully bland caption under a photograph at the Politico article "Congress provided $7.5B for electric vehicle chargers. Built so far: Zero. The sluggish rollout could undermine President Joe Biden’s reelection messaging promoting electric vehicles." They've taken us so insanely deeply into debt, but what if we had a brilliant, beautiful, well-functioning, modernized national infrastructure to show for it? Did we get anything?!" No, but a lot of Democrat donors and hangers on made a mint. PJM's Steven Kruiser,  Never Mind a Second Term, Can We Make It to the End of Biden's First?

Insty, THE NEW YORK TIMES IS CONCERNED TRUMP MIGHT DO WHAT BIDEN HAS BEEN DOING: “He has threatened to use the power of the presidency against his political opponents, including President Joe Biden and Biden’s family.” "I mean, I know these people are utterly lacking in self-awareness, but. . . ." From Unherd, Why all this Trump hysteria? "America won't descend into an authoritarian state." Capt. Ed comments "The rational argument against Trump is not that he will seize power he doesn’t have under the Constitution, but that he won’t use the authority he *does* have. Far from ‘draining the swamp,’ Trump mainly let it fester by ignoring the political appointments necessary to first controlling it and then dismantling it. The worst of these examples is the COVID-19 pandemic, where Trump allowed the bureaucrats to impose *actual* authoritarian measures while trying to avoid conflict with Fauci and the love the media showered on him." Althouse finds 2 from Glenn Greenwald. Glenn Greenwald@ggreenwald, "This is what you will hear from all liberal corporate outlets for the next year: no, this time we mean it! This time Trump *really will be* fascist! These are the people imprisoning non-violent Jan 6 protesters, prosecuting Trump to win an election, censoring the internet:"

Sundance at CTH has mixed emotions that Kevin McCarthy Announces He Is Leaving Congress at the End of This Month. Spencer Brown at TownHall, Matt Gaetz Responds to Kevin McCarthy's Retirement With One Word  "McLeavin’". From Ace, Kevin McCarthy Will Leave Congress "At the End of the Year" "Not at the end of the current Congress, which extends into January. But at the end of the year. This will leave us with only a 1 member majority for a period." and Update to Last Post "I think the real objection to my criticism of Gaetz is really, "C'mon dude, he offered a single-word sneer on Twitter at McCarthy, it's no big deal and you're acting like a spazz." Hat Hair's Jazz Shaw speculates about What Was Behind McCarthy's Resignation? "So what made his exit so urgent?  . . .  While it pains me to say it, this looks more than anything else like a simple case of sour grapes."

And, then, of course, the Republican also-rans held another debate last night, where it was Nikki Haley's turn in the barrel.  NYPo, Republicans quickly dogpile on Nikki Haley in fourth debateAt WaEx, Republican debate: DeSantis PAC hits Haley over transgender stance before GOP showdown and Republican debate: Christie delivers fiery performance at fourth GOP event, "DeSantis, Haley, Ramaswamy, and Christie clash in fourth GOP debate." Insty, I THINK SHE’S OUT OF TOUCH WITH HER PARTY: Matt Rinaldi@MattRinaldiTX "100% disqualifying." Robby Starbuck@robbystarbuck, 
"Nikki Haley was just asked on CBS what should be done if a 12 year old decides they want a sex change and she said the law should stay out of it to let parents handle it. This is 1000% disqualifying. The law must intervene when a parent abuses their child."

Ace, Liz Cheney, Who Lost Her Primary for Reelection by 36 Points, Says She Might Run Third Party to Stop Trump and the Republican Party. "In related news, an obese five-year-old girl with dyspraxia just told me "I'm gunna bust you up, chief."" From the Da Fetched, Trump: Liz Cheney Is Suffering from ‘TDS’ at a Level Rarely Seen Before. VodkaPundit at Insty, “THIRD-PARTY” IS LIZ-SPEAK FOR “BIDEN STALKING HORSE”: Liz Cheney says she’s ready to consider a third party, warns of ‘grave’ threat of Trump-led GOP.

At Breitbart, Soros’s Foundation Commits $50 Million to Spur ‘Nonpartisan Civic Engagement Among Women,’ Youth. Nonpartisan my ass. 

The redoubtable Julie Kelly at RCI goes into gory detail on the 'Jan. 6 Jurisprudence' About to Be Unleashed on Trump. At da Wire, 6 Nevada Republicans, Including GOP Chairman, Indicted In Trump ‘Alternate Elector’ Case.   OutKick hears BLM Rioters being Fined $500 For Burning Down Wendy's Has The Right Fired Up

NewsMax, Sen. Cruz: Govt 'Laundering Taxpayer Dollars' for Censorship, and not very well, because it's obvious to anyone. Matt Taibbi at Racket, Sue the Bastards: Federalist, Daily Wire Take the State Department to Court "Bookending the historic Consortium News suit, conservative news outlets take on the Global Engagement Center for funding "censorship enterprises" and blacklisting."

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