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Flotsam and Jetsam - Bad News Biden

 Stacy McCain on electoral Viagra, ‘If You Experience an Erection Lasting More Than Four Hours …’ ". . . blame the latest New York Times poll." Insty, DON’T GET COCKY, but W. Joseph Campbell@ wjosephcampbell "Two new national #polls show Trump up +4 in prexy election matchup w/Biden @NYTimes-Siena has Trump ahead, 48-44 (980 likely voters); @Forbes-HarrisX has Trump in lead, 52-48 (3,021 registered voters) Biden not led @RCPolitics poll avg since Sept." Roger Kimball at Am Great gas an Election Countdown: Trump Surges in Swing States Amid Legal Turmoil "The election is eight months away. The Democrats will not be sitting by idly.  They have a country to ruin and power to maintain, and they are not going to let up on Trump." At Fox, Trump leads Biden among Hispanics, registered voters overall: poll "46% of Hispanics said they would vote for Trump, while 40% said they would support Biden." From Althouse,  "Voters Doubt Biden’s Leadership and Favor Trump, Times/Siena Poll Finds." and Batya Ungar-Sargon was terrific on Bill Maher's "Real Time" last Friday. Corey Uhden@CACoreyU. "The best part of @bungarsargon analysis is it gives the working class their own space, separate from the base of each party. The Democrats lost the white working class, and could be losing nonwhite voters, but Republicans are only renting that support themselves." I heard someone say, and I forget where, that minorities support Trump, not Republicans in general. That might be true. At Breitbart, Maher: Trump’s Abortion, Immigration Stances Are What Democrats Used to Support. Da Caller,  ‘It’s Class Warfare’: Newsweek Editor Says Biden Is Hemorrhaging Blue Collar Votes. 'Bonchie' at Red State reports Desperate Libs Go Full Cross-Tab Truther After Major Poll Shows Disaster for Joe Biden. "It's hilarious to see the tables turned like this. It wasn't that long ago that it was Republicans who were trying to "un-skew" polls, insisting that because of weighting biases and sampling errors, victory was still around the corner. How do I know? Because like most conservative commentators (and probably many of you), I fell victim to the same cope."

NEWSMAX@NEWSMAX, "BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump has won Missouri's Republican caucuses, one of three events Saturday that will award delegates for the GOP presidential nomination. MORE:" AP has the sads as Trump wins caucuses in Missouri and Idaho and sweeps Michigan GOP convention. Yahoo! Key takeaways from Trump's Saturday wins in Missouri, Michigan and Idaho. ET has 5 Takeaways From Trump’s March 2 Triumphs. Hat Hair's Jazz Shaw claims to know What Nikki Haley Should (Could) Have Said. If I were in the hypothetical position of advising her, allow me to queue up a proposal of the approach she should have taken. "I offered the voters an alternative, but it's clear that the base has made its choice. And yet, this is an uncertain situation. Given the frontrunner's age and pending legal issues, things may not go as expected. And while I'm suspending my campaign, I will stand by and be available to lead the party to victory if he is unavailable." That's all it would have taken." Never-Anybody-but-Trump sundance at CTH says that Facing Irrelevance David McIntosh and Club for Growth Reverse Course, Now Support MAGA and Trump. So they know which way the wind blows.

Natalia Mittelstadt at JTN reports on how Election lawsuits from both left and right are shaping the 2024 presidential election "A Delaware court has ruled that state laws allowing for permanent absentee voting and early voting violate the state constitution. Lawfare has become a nationwide political tactic." Great, but Republicans won't win Delaware. Kari Lake to Newsmax: Basic Voting Laws Imperiled in US. "A federal judge ruled a new Arizona law requiring voters to provide proof of U.S. citizenship is not discriminatory, and Republican Senate candidate Kari Lake told Newsmax it’s absurd it takes a court ruling to affirm that only American citizens can vote in elections."

Mark Halperin to Newsmax: No Secret Plan to Replace Biden. I assume that means there is one. Mediaite reports Dr Phil Challenges Joe Biden To Take a Cognitive Test And Prove He Has ‘Nothing To Hide’. Capt. Ed at Hat Hair comments "Depending on the poll, somewhere between two-thirds and nine-tenths of the American public think Biden's already too old for the job. An independent cognitive test would settle the question ... and that's why Biden and the White House would never agree to it." Jazz Shaw at Hat Hair notes Biden Fails to Distinguish Ukraine From Gaza. Fox Business reports McCarthy details what Biden's really like behind closed doors: 'Sticks to the cards'. From Da Caller, ‘Americans Hate That Sh*t’: Bill Maher Says ‘Nobody’s Buying’ That Biden Is Fit For Office, but many Democrats don't care. “Just admit it. Say, ‘Yes, I’m bad with names and I walk like a toddler with a full diaper. But I believe in democracy.'”  Althouse says Bill Maher makes an effort to satirize Joe Biden. It's not very funny, but it happened.

Jazz Shaw again, Biden: I 'Did Not Interact' With Hunter and Jim's Foreign Business Partners. PJM's Matt Margolis thinks it's Huge: Joe Biden Contradicts Hunter Biden's Testimony. Will the FBI go after Hunter for perjury? 

Nick Arama again, Closing Arguments in Fani Willis Disqualification Hearing Do Not Go Well For Her and Fani Willis and Nathan Wade Now Facing Trouble With the Georgia State Bar. At Althouse, "The legal arguments of Mr. Trump and his allies were advanced by a lineup of veteran defense lawyers who seemed quite at ease..." "... while [Adam Abbate, a prosecutor in District Attorney Fani Willis’s office] had a more halting, and at times fumbling, presentation, relying more on his recitation of precedent and case law. Regardless, Judge McAfee will be more interested in the substance of the legal questions, rather than the delivery style. He said after the arguments that he would rule within two weeks...." Twitchy, 'OH MY GOD!' Trump Roasts DA Fani Willis in Campaign Speech (You've GOTTA Watch This). Da Caller, Judge Indicates He Will Rule On Fani Willis Disqualification Within 2 Weeks

Sundance is disgusted that Jack Smith Asks DC Judge Boasberg to Decide What Trump Classified Doc Evidence to Show Florida Judge. Boasberg is head of the FISA court, has appeared numerous time here in regard to various "Russiagate" aspects, and gives every indication of being strongly prejudiced against Trump. "If you ever needed a good point to highlight the nature of political Lawfare, this is a great example. Julie Kelly essentially notes that Special Prosecutor Jack Smith is asking DC Judge James Boasberg to decide what evidence should be given to Florida Judge Aileen Cannon. Julie Kelly (Via Twitter) – “It appears that records related to the grand jury proceedings in DC on the classified docs case remain under seal and have not been transmitted to Judge Cannon or defense."

Jazz Shaw isn't the only person to wonder Will J6 Defendants Have Their Sentences Reduced? after the DC Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against one of the ways J6 prosecutors sought enhanced sentences.

From Da Wire, Left-Wing Ex-Federal Prosecutor: First Amendment Makes U.S. ‘Vulnerable’, Harder To ‘Regulate Speech’ "The Friday remarks from former federal prosecutor Barbara McQuade on MNSBC came while she was discussing a book that she wrote about “disinformation.”" From Bastiat's Window, A.I. and Community (Double) Standards "Political bias? What political bias?"
I mentioned in last week’s article that I enjoy introducing anachronism into my artwork. Hence, I sought to see how a long-dead Victorian caricaturist might handle Donald Trump and Joe Biden. So, I asked the AI platform Midjourney to do both. First, I requested, “Donald Trump pen-and-ink caricature, drawn in the style of John Tenniel.” The result, shown here, was quite good. It employed a reasonable facsimile of Tenniel’s cross-hatched, pen-and-ink style and produced four immediately recognizable and highly expressionate renderings of Donald Trump in different moods. “Success,” I thought.

Then, I issued an identical request to Midjourney, replacing “Donald Trump” with “Joe Biden”: “Joe Biden pen-and-ink caricature, drawn in the style of John Tenniel.” The image didn’t appear in my feed, so I figured I had done something wrong. I tried again. Still nothing. Then, I noticed that no images appeared because Midjourney had, instead, sent me a message titled: “Banned prompt detected”  . . . 

 Stacy McCain, again, Let’s Talk About Things That Never Happen, According to Mainstream Media

Why will you never hear April Bradford’s name mentioned on CNN? Because she is something that the liberal media wishes us to believe is non-existent. April Bradford is a lesbian child molester:
A former Floyd County educator was sentenced Thursday to three-and-a-half years in prison for crimes involving the sexual assault of minors while she was their coach and teacher, Kentucky Attorney General Russell Coleman announced. April Bradford, 51, of Weeksbury, pleaded guilty on November 30 to eight counts of sodomy third degree and 11 counts of sex abuse first degree, a news release from Coleman said. Coleman’s office prosecuted the case. As part of her guilty plea, Bradford admitted to sexually abusing two minors between 1997 and 2007, both of whom she held a position of authority over as their coach and teacher during the victims’ middle and high school years.

 Hat Hair's John Sexton is happy to reports University of Florida Fired All of Its DEI Staff "As a result of the changes, 13 full-time positions were eliminated, administrative appointments have ended for 15 members of faculty and $5M in funds will be reallocated, the university confirmed to CNN." It's a start. 

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