Sunday, November 12, 2023

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For some values of "random", "celebrity" and "news." First, BIC, continuing to demonstrate the callowness that has made her legendary, Rachel Zegler Claims ‘The Hunger Games’ Was First Story To Depict A Female Character That Was Anti-Establishment And Anti-Government

Rachel Zegler shared that she believes The Hunger Games novels by Suzanne Collins were the first stories depicting a young woman as anti-establishment and anti-government.

In a pre-recorded promotional video for the upcoming The Hunger Games: Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes Rachel Zegler said, “The Hunger Games kind of started that era of like Divergent and Shadowhunters.”

She elaborated, “You know, it was like, she was really, Suzanne was the first to write this young woman who was anti-establishment, anti-government, and really standing up for what’s right in a really unconventional way without an era of sweetness. There was nothing cordial about her either. She was very rough around the edges. And it was amazing to read that.”

As for Zegler’s comments about Collins being the first person to write about young women being anti-government and anti-establishment, George Lucas might like to have a word given Princess Leia clearly was anti-government and anti-establishment in Star Wars.

One can even look at real historical figures as well and point to how absurd the comment is. St. Joan of Arc, the patron saint of France, led French forces against England as well as the Burgundians. She would eventually be captured by the Burgundians, turned over to the English, and martyred.
Hollywood Reporter reports Buffy St. Marie is the latest Pretendian, CBC Investigation Says Buffy Sainte-Marie Has Falsely Claimed Her Native Identity
CBC newsmagazine The Fifth Estate has aired its Buffy Sainte-Marie exposé. The hourlong documentary episode, presented by senior investigative reporter Geoff Leo, alleges that the singer-songwriter — considered the first Indigenous winner of an Academy Award — has been fraudulently posing as Native throughout her 60-year career.

While the specifics about Sainte-Marie’s background varied as they appeared in articles and other materials over the years — The Fifth Estate found news clippings referring to her as Algonquin, Mi’kmaq and Cree — eventually her accepted (and authorized) biography was that she was born in 1941 on Cree land in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan and removed from her birth family and adopted by a white American family, the Sainte-Maries, as part of a government policy known as the Sixties Scoop. Later, as a young adult, she reconnected with the Cree people and was adopted by descendants of Chief Piapot according to Cree ways.

But The Fifth Estate unearthed Sainte-Marie’s purported birth certificate, which states that she was born in 1941 in Stoneham, Massachusetts, to Albert and Winifred Santamaria — her supposed adoptive parents, who are listed as white. Although a representative for Sainte-Marie told the program that adopted children in Massachusetts were commonly issued new birth certificates with their adoptive parents’ names, Leo traveled to Stoneham to verify Sainte-Marie’s documentation, which appears to have been filed at the time of her birth and not later.

“It doesn’t appear that she was adopted in any way, shape or form,” Stoneham town clerk Maria Sagarino told Leo.

Vicky Taft at PJM,  West Coast, Messed Coast™: Julia Roberts Escapes Doom Loop City – Edition

Et tu, Julia Roberts?

The decay of doom loopian proportions continues apace in San Francisco where even actress Julia Roberts wants to get the hell out of town. Roberts had to take half a million dollars less for her 1912, five-story, 6,315 square-foot Presidio Heights home with stunning Golden Gate Bridge views.

She listed her house on October 8 for $11.8 million, and sold it for $11.3 in fewer than 30 days, according to SF Gate. She bought it in 2020.

From NYPo,  Scarlett Johansson takes legal action against AI app ripping off her likeness. She might regret this when the AIs take over the world. I'll bet they have a long memory.

Scarlett Johansson has officially taken legal action after an artificial intelligence app called Lisa AI: 90s Yearbook & Avatar used the actress’ face and voice in an advertisement.

According to Variety, the 22-second clip, which has since been deleted from the internet, first appeared on X (formerly Twitter) on Saturday using an old clip of Johansson, 38, during a behind-the-scenes look at her film “Black Widow.”

“What’s up, guys? It’s Scarlett and I want you to come with me,” the “Avengers” star says before the clip transitions to a group of AI-generated pictures that resemble the star “It’s not limited to avatars only,” a voiceover continues, sounding very similar to Johansson. “You can also create images with texts and even your AI videos. I think you shouldn’t miss it ”

According to the outlet, the advertisement also features a disclaimer that states the ad features “images produced by Lisa AI. It has nothing to do with this person.”

According to Breitbart, Sheryl Crow ‘Really Scared’ of Artificial Intelligence

Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter Sheryl Crow says she is “really scared” of artificial intelligence (AI) being used in the entertainment industry.

The “All I Wanna Do” singer appeared on NBC’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on November 2 and discussed one of the tracks on her latest album, Evolution, in which she expresses her worries that AI will seriously hurt music.

“It’s been so disturbing to me,” the singer told Fallon as she described her recent brush with the technology.

“I did a session the other day, and this young songwriter had this incredible song, but she needed a guy to sing on it so that she could pitch it to male singers in Nashville,” Crow explained.

She went on to say that her associate “Paid $5, put in John Mayer’s name, and she played it for me. There’s no way you could tell the difference, and it just blew my mind. And it didn’t just sound like him,” she said adding that even Mayer’s “inflections” came through with the recording.

“This is what AI can do, and it really scared me.”

Learn to code! 

The Wombat has Rule Five Sunday: Meanwhile, In The Mountains up on time and under budget at The Other McCain.

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