Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - No Theme Yet

I'm still waiting for this week's news to gel into something like a theme, but it's getting a little late. In the meantime, lots of material in the usual categories. The government appears to have temporarily kicked the can down the road on the greatest calamity that can befall them, a temporary stop in the money spigot. As WaPoo reports House passes bill to avert government shutdown, sends to Senate "Senate leaders say they will take up the legislation ‘as soon as possible’ to beat the Saturday deadline when federal funds expire." Don't work too hard.

In Secret Service Agents Open Fire on D.C. ‘Youth’ Breaking Into Their Car, Stacy McCain identifies an angle in the Secret Service shootout story that I hadn't: "By the way, why do you think those Secret Service agents decided to shoot at these thieves who were “breaking a window on a parked and unoccupied government vehicle”? Isn’t it likely that the intent of the thieves was to steal what was inside the vehicle, rather than stealing the vehicle itself? And what do you think Secret Service agents might have kept locked up in their vehicle? Oh, yes — GUNS!" There were probably some real assault weapons in the van, not some bowdlerized AR15s without automatic fire capability. Rebeka Zeljko at Da Fed notes The Gun Joe Biden Doesn’t Want You To Have Just Protected His Own Granddaughter. At NYPo, First photos emerge of cocaine found at the White House — but we still don’t know whom it belonged to, but I strongly suspect the Secret Service does.

At Red State, Nick Arama thinks Something Is Very Wrong: Biden Slurs Heavily, Brain Breaks During Remarks. PJM's Matt Margolis says Another Day, Another Terrifying Biden Glitch. Ace, Obama Campaign Manager and CNN Spinner David Axelrod Continues Saying Biden Is Too Old to be President, So Biden Calls Him a "Prick." "A prick, Biden said, oldishly." At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 11.14.23, EBL,  Joe Biden Calls David Axelrod a Prick

Matt Vespa at Town Hall suggests If This Is True, Biden's Incompetence Cost American and Israeli Lives. All 37 intelligence agencies missed the Hamas attack on Israel because they were focused on climate change? You're supposed to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time. Da Wire reports Biden Considering Giving $10 Billion More To Iran Through Sanctions Waiver: Report. Dave Strom at Hat Hair, Biden: Another $10 Billion for Iran? Sure, Why Not? I'm sure they'll put it to good use. PJM's Linc Brown finds 400 Government Officals (sic) Sign a Letter Objecting to Biden's Israel Stance. Joel Klotkin at Spiked wonders Could the war in Gaza sink Joe Biden? Shaomin Li at Am Spec  wonders Why Has the CCP Banned Demonizing America? "Biden must not be fooled by Xi this Wednesday." He wants something. At Am Great, Jim Fanell and Brad Thayer call it Worse Than Appeasement: Xi Will Be Saved by Biden While the Risk of War Is Intensifying. Althouse, "Undeniably, the public has soured on President Biden’s handling of [illegal immigration]." Hat Hair's KT is pissed that 8 Republicans Voted With All House Democrats to Block Mayorkas Impeachment. Me too. Larry Elder at Da Caller says Chaos Reigns Under Joe Biden

Politico whines Pollsters aren’t the only ones giving Biden bad news on the economy. "“The economy should be something of a tailwind for the president, but it may not be enough of a tailwind, given everything else that’s going on.”  Beege Welborn comments "Man, they just keep trying to find that glimmer of hope to talk themselves into." At ZeroHedge, Biden Has "Hurt The Economy A Lot" According To 33% Of Americans, While Only 14% Say They're Better Off. Beege again, 'Survey Says!' #Bidenomics Sucks So Bad It Blows  "Dems will keep up the “disconnect” language to the bitter end, while implying how stupid we all really are…until we aren’t." At Da Caller Reagen Reese hears Biden’s Inner Circle Is Reportedly Scrambling To Salvage ‘Bidenomics’ Messaging After Months Of Failure and Will Kessler at Da Caller observes Bidenomics Is Making This The Most Expensive Thanksgiving In History "Desserts were hit hard under the president, with frozen and refrigerated bakery products like pies, tarts and turnovers jumping 31.8% since January 2021, according to the BLS. Similarly, cakes, cupcakes and cookies increased in price over the same period by 23.8%." CNBC cited at Hat Hair reports UBS Sees Fed Cuts Coming But There's a Catch "UBS expects the U.S. Federal Reserve to cut interest rates by as much as 275 basis points in 2024, almost four times the market consensus, as the world’s largest economy tips into recession." Beege says "Of course it will be “on the back of a recession.” Which #Bidenomics will have had NOTHING to do with. Curious if they’ll even tell him about it…or if he’d remember if they did?"

At PM, Donald Trump trounces Joe Biden in 2024 Electoral College match up, DeSantis would get blown out: national survey. "The poll found that Trump was on track to win back four key swing states that Biden had won in 2020: Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin." But did they count the mail-in ballots yet? J Bob Smith at Am Think thinks It’s Not November 2024 "Other than a feelgood rush, so what? The official date for the ‘24 elections is November 5, though Election Day has become a nugget surrounded by gobs of ballot-stuffing and electronic hijinks. November 5 is now less than a year hence. Whatever the polls report today won’t necessarily reflect outcomes then, even if they’re honestly tallied." Da Caller reports  Vivek Ramaswamy Launches After Viral Debate Callout Of RNC Chair. Don Surber, What have Republicans done for us? Lately? Ever? "I am voting for Trump next year but I may leave the rest of my ballot blank because Republicans are not worthy of my support. It won’t be Donald Trump killing Republicans down ballot; it will be Republican indifference to the electorate that will cost them." At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 11.14.23, Shawn Fleetwood at Da Fed echoes the sentiment, The GOP Is A Fake Opposition Party With No Vision For The Country. But at least they're not Democrats, who are actively destructive. Ace sees a "Downward Spiral:" Kevin McCarthy Gets Into Physical Altercation With One of the Eight Republicans Who Voted to Depose Him "It's who they are, as a wise man often says."

 I&I ed board, claims Election Fraud Deniers Are The Real Threat To Democracy. Still Tilting at Windmill, Tom Knighton says of potential fraud in Stacy Abrams organization, Nothing about this is surprising. Jack Cashill at Am Think thinks ‘In the Old America, This Would Provoke an Uprising, putting someone in prison for a meme.  

At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 11.14.23, the Volokh Conspiracy, Supreme Court Adopts Ethics Code, Dave Harsanyi at Da Fed warns that By Caving To Chuck Schumer, SCOTUS Only Incentivizes More Attacks. Reform was never the objective, discrediting the conservative court was. 

A triple from Althouse on Trump Troubles, "The audible portions of the Fulton recordings reviewed by The Post do not appear to directly implicate Trump." "At one point in [Sidney] Powell’s interview, she said Trump really believed he had won — a statement that could help his defense, " "In all four of the criminal trials Mr. Trump is facing, he has opted to pursue a strategy of creating noisy conflict to obscure the legal issues at play..." "Look, Trump is the leading candidate for President of the United States. Everyone in the country has a vital interest in keeping an eye on him and seeing him as he really is. The judge has tools enough to control her courtroom. Let us see the proceedings!", and "A judge on Tuesday ruled Donald Trump can appear on the primary ballot in Michigan, delivering the latest setback...", "... to those who contend Trump sparked an insurrection Jan. 6, 2021, and is barred from running for president again as a result..." Brandon Drey at Da Wire, Michigan Judge Dismisses 14th Amendment Challenge Against Trump

Kerry Picket at WaT reports FBI accused of targeting Trump types; agents who served in military deemed ‘disloyal.’ Miranda Devine@mirandadevine "Signs that an FBI employee was a “right-wing radical and disloyal to the United States,” were “failure to wear a face mask, refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccination and participating in religious activities.”" The FBI, which was never authorized by Congress must be destroyed, and it's few remaining legitimate functions moved elsewhere. At Wired, A Powerful Tool US Spies Misused to Stalk Women Faces Its Potential Demise "Though often viewed as the “crown jewel” of the US intelligence community, fresh reports of abuse by NSA employees and chaos in the US Congress put the tool's future in jeopardy." Section 702. "As of now, members of Congress have introduced exactly zero bills to prevent 702 from sunsetting on January 1, 2024." Do not renew! At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 11.14.23,  At Da Fed,  Tristan Justice hears House Republicans Propose Gutting Pentagon Censorship Regime In Defense Reauthorization Bill

At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 11.14.23, at Legal Insurrection , Cornell graduate student workers vote to join anti-Israel national union, Climate Cultists Get Roasted After Suggesting Climate Warning Labels Should be Slapped on Meat, “Racial doctrines such as ‘critical race theory’ and ‘intersectionality’ are the mother’s milk of antisemitism on campuses”, Rutgers University Disbands Student Bar Association for Targeting Jews and Anti-Semitism, MIT Declined to Expel Anti-Israel Students Because They Would Have Been Deported, and UNH Prof Likens Hamas to Polish Jewish Victims of Nazis in WWII, and at Da  Fed, WaPo, New York Times Make Dumb Fake News Out Of Very Perfect, Very True Trump Quote, How Obama And Biden’s America-Last Ethos Demoted The U.S. From World Leader To Loser, Margaret Sullivan Rewarded For Being On Wrong Side Of Every Major News Story With A Gig Teaching ‘Ethics’, The Conversion Of Ayaan Hirsi Ali To Christianity Is A Dire Warning To The West. Fuzzy Slippers at LI says Nothing To See Here: Democrat Media Arm Scrambles As It Becomes Clear They Knew About Hamas Invasion Of Israel Before It Happened

From Da College Fix, Harvard graduate student union endorses anti-Israel BDS movement. From the Free Bacon, This Harvard Student Group Wants To Combat 'Misinformation'—By Promoting News Sources That Peddle Hamas Propaganda, "School's Palestine Solidarity Committee, which blamed Israel for Hamas's attack, is now blaming the media for biased coverage." Hat Hair's John Sexton reports NYU Law Student Whose Job Offer Was Rescinded Starts a GoFundMe Campaign. John Green at Am Think thinks 2,000 Sociologists Discredit Their Profession "Over 2,000 sociologists (and climbing), from some of the world’s most prestigious universities, have proudly signed a letter of support for Gaza after the October 7 attack on Israel." It's a pseudoscience.  CJ sees Unions for Palestine "Radicalized teachers are peddling anti-Israel propaganda to our kids." Michael Goodwin at NYPo opines It’s time to declare war on campus hate as shocking antisemitism explodes. Campus Reform documents  Yet another billionaire donor demands UPenn fix its anti-Semitism problem. "Len Blavatnik, a philanthropist and noteworthy figure in the business world, has joined the growing list of benefactors expressing discontent with the university's handling campus anti-Semitism." Hugh Fitzgerald at Front Page cites Two Attempts to Attack Jews Inside the United States "Anti-Semitism — the “oldest hate” — is alive and well." At NYPo, About 300 Jewish people headed to DC Israel rally left stranded by bus drivers staging ‘deliberate and malicious’ walkout. At CJ, Joshua Mitchell discusses The Anti-Liberal Crusade "On Hamas and the moral blindness of identity politics."

Insty, at his NYPo gig, writes The US Army discovers woke doesn’t win wars — but is it too late?.

From Breitbart, Top Female Pool Champion Refusing to Play Against ‘Transgender Women’ "Cunha is the fifth-ranked woman in the world, but she stepped up to preclude competing against transgender women after her sport moved to open the women’s categories to trans competitors.. . . “I recently played a transgender player, and I was destroyed when I lost,” said Cunha, who is captain of the Portuguese women’s national pool team. I’ve been playing pool since I was 17, and I’m fifth in the world, but I’m risking throwing everything away over this because I hate unfairness,” she said." HE reports Trans CEO of women's health charity believes biological sex, age are 'constructs,' demands access to female-only spaces. mrc-TV thinks Macy’s Thanksgiving Gay Parade Is All About Trannies This Year. "The 2023 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is reportedly going to feature a “non-binary and transgender extravaganza.” In response, more than 20,000 people and counting have signed a petition slamming the iconic parade for its propagandistic shift." Scott Hogenson at Front Page wonders Was Audrey Hale Taught To Hate Herself?  “Wanna kill all you little crackers!!!”

The Wombat has Rule Five Sunday: Meanwhile, In The Mountains and FMJRA 2.0: New York. Feh. up on time and under budget at The Other McCain.

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