Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - Secret Service Shoots Up Georgetown

Doesn't seem like we're heading towards any big theme so far this week, just a lot of old threads continuing to unravel. An interesting event though, as at least one SS agent fired shots at car thieves attempting to steal the SS limousine outside Naomi Biden's (Hunter's daughter) Georgetown apartment. Interestingly there seems to have been no threat to life here, except from the SS agent, who, by all reports, appears to have missed, and whose bullets flew off elsewhere into Georgetown. The would be car thieves escaped in a red car. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 11.13.23, EBL, Secret Service Agent Shoots To Protect Biden’s Granddaughter’s SUV?. At Da Caller, Secret Service Agents Open Fire On Would-Be Robbers While Protecting Biden’s Granddaughter

In the Biden Crime Family news, WaEx's Kaelan Deese wonders Will Hunter Biden's fight against federal firearm violations reach the Supreme Court?. Hunter's firearm violations, while egregious, and enough to get  right-wing radical thrown in the hoosegow, interest me a lot less than the influence peddling nonsense with his Dad and uncle (and apparently any one else with the family name). Margot Cleveland at Da Fed is getting fed up with Willfully Blind David Weiss Pinky who Promises Political Favoritism Didn’t Affect Hunter Biden Probe. NewsMax reports Jim Jordan thinks an Impeachment Decision Likely Early Next Year. Michael Goodwin at NYPo thinks the Likely impeachment adds to feeble Joe Biden’s already brutal presidency

From Fox, Biden calls David Axelrod a 'p----' in private as ex-Obama adviser voices election concerns: report "Politico's Jonathan Martin hammered Biden's name-calling strategy and said it wasn't going to help him beat Trump." Was that prick or pussy? Nick Arama at RedState, Biden Shows How Nasty and in Denial He Is With Vicious Crack About David Axelrod. It's not really news that politicians swear in private, and that Joe Biden is really a nasty piece of work. PJM's VodkaPundit observes So Many Democrats So Want to See Slow Joe Gone. PM reports Biden losing support of black Americans ahead of 2024 election "Just 49 percent of black respondents said they would "definitely" cast their ballot for Biden." At Da Wire, Political Statistician Airs Concerns Over Dems Running A Biden Re-Election Ticket, Nate Silver. “Democrats would be taking a huge risk by replacing Biden — but they’re also taking a huge risk by nominating him.” Nick Arama again wants you to WATCH: CNN Host Nails Biden Campaign Official on How Bad Things Are, His Response Makes Things Worse. At Mediaite, DNC Touts ‘Bidenomics at Work’ Hours After New Poll Shows Just 24% of DEMOCRATS Say They’re Financially Better Off With Biden. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 11.13.23,  Da Tech Guy has a choice between a  Pinball Machine or Heat? Thanks Joe Biden!  NYPo reports Migrant crisis has US taxpayers on the hook for up to $451B, House GOP report says, and those are just the direct costs. At the Free Bacon Biden Taps Top Campaign Donor To Lead Powerful Treasury Department Commission. "Announcement comes weeks after hedge fund founder Orin Kramer cohosted Biden reelection fundraiser." Money talks.

ET reports White House Gives Dire Update on Americans Kidnapped During Hamas Terrorist Attack "It isn't clear how many Americans are 'still alive,' a top Biden administration adviser said."

Hat Hair's Jazz Shaw hears Oh, No! Trump May Be Planning to 'Secretly' Deport Millions of Illegals. Not much of a secret. Dave Catron at Am Spec warns Ignore Any Poll Showing Trump Beating Biden "When it comes to Trump, you can flip a coin this morning and produce a better prediction."   In the run for first runner up, Ace wakes up to find Tim Scott Makes Surprise Announcement That He Won't Be President "Is it a surprise tho?" Althouse, "What a terrible candidate! I was going to avert my eyes, but you asked." Insty, WELL, THEY’RE THREATENED BY A STRONG BLACK MAN: Mickey Kaus@kausmickey "Seems completely graceless. Not even Chris Lehane would be this pissy, back in the day." regarding the DNC statement on Scott. From PM, Nikki Haley says corporations should get however many foreign workers they want, "For too long, Republican and Democrat presidents dealt with immigration based on a quota.” Sauron's Unblinking Eye, Nikki Haley will launch a $10M ad campaign to try to overtake Ron DeSantis in the GOP primary. WaEx's Paul Bedard finds Vivek Ramasmarmy embraces ‘Rebel Scum’ label. From TNP, DR. GINA LOUDON: Ronna’s RNC Vacationed While Republicans Lost. It’s Obvious – #RonnaMustGo.

Da Caller thinks These Wild Card Candidates Could Upend The 2024 Election. Cornell West, RFK Jr., Jill Stein, Joe Manchin? CNN pretends to analyze How RFK Jr. could change the outcome of the 2024 election

The Peacock crows Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has not decided whether to seek reelection in 2024, meh, I think his seat is safe. Hat Hair cites NBC, QAnon Shaman Runs as Libertarian for Congress. Capt. Ed worries "From what we’ve seen of Chansley, he should really spend his time focusing on his mental health rather than expose himself to more public scrutiny. For the record, AZ-08 is an R+10 district in the Cook index and votes heavily GOP in presidential cycles. Chansley’s bid could split the Republican vote in the next House race, if he gets enough funding to get off the ground, in a way that a normal Libertarian candidate probably couldn’t."  The Right Scoop, Former Qanon Shaman Jacob Chansley wants to run for Congress. We've had crazier. At Hat Hair Salena Zito warns Democrats' Big Bucks County School Board Sweep Should Unnerve Republicans Everywhere. At Am Think Monica Showalter thinks Not so fast on that big statehouse victory for Democrats in Virginia. Buck Throckmorton at Ace's THE MORNING RANT: In Response to Democrats’ Success with Abortion Initiatives, the GOP Needs to Drive Turnout by Using Ballot Initiatives that Favor Conservatives "Did you hear about the referendum last week in the red state of Ohio to enshrine abortion rights in its state Constitution? It passed resoundingly, 57% to 43%. (“Abortion rights advocates win major victories in Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia” – Washington Post)"

At ET, Appeals Court Orders Louisiana to Draw New Congressional Map "An appeals court has ordered Louisiana's GOP-led legislature to draw up a new congressional map after a lower court found the current one is likely unfair." From Da Signal, Another Government Agency Secretly Plans to Follow Biden’s Election Executive Order, GSA. Get out the Democrat vote order.  From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 11.13.23, at Am Great Nice Deb notes Federal Judge in Georgia Orders Trial for Case Against Dominion Voting Machines. At PM, Georgia case arguing use of electronic voting violated voters' rights, opened election to vulnerabilities, heads to trial in 2024. "The plaintiffs argue the machines could impact voters' ability to effectively cast their ballots, which would be in violation of the United States Constitution."

From Mary Chastain at LI, SCOTUS Releases New ‘Code of Conduct’, "However, the rules never technically applied to SCOTUS even though Chief Justice John Roberts said the justices had applied them themselves." Da Caller, Supreme Court Adopts Code Of Ethics After Pressure From Dems, Activists. Althouse cites the NYT, "The Supreme Court announced on Monday that it had issued an ethics code for the justices...." "Left unclear was how the code will be enforced." . . . Is it unclear? It seems clear to me. The Justices agree these are the "rules and principles." That's it."

From NYPo, Trump trial live updates: ‘Overzealous’ attorney general Letitia James wants to ‘destroy all of New York business,’ Don Jr. rails after testifying as 1st defense witness. Per NewsMax, Trump Jr. Testifies on 'Sexiness' of Dad's Portfolio. Althouse again with the NYT, "With his own lawyers questioning him, [Donald Trump Jr.'s] testimony adopted a rhapsodic tone that aimed to create a parallel universe..." "Hmm. That smiling. Is the judge falling (a little) in love with Trump or is the judge getting off on the prospect of depriving this man of his New York properties?" Mediaite reports Letitia James Caught on Camera Smirking Before Don Jr. Takes Stand for Defense in Fraud Trial, Atop Da Summit, Stefanik Hits “Radical Leftist” Trump Judge With Ethics Complaint.  “Americans are sick and tired of the blatant corruption by radical Leftist judges in NY.” From TNP, Trump Attorney Alina Habba Plans to File For Mistrial ‘Very Soon’. Maybe it will work, but I bet against it. It's his money though, so it's worth a shot. At the Free Bacon, Trump Prosecutor Fani Willis Hosts High-Dollar DC Fundraiser, "Event comes as Republicans accuse Willis of using her prosecution of Trump to boost her political career." Would getting Trump be just a bonus? At the Right Scoop, ABC News obtains video of Jenna Ellis testifying that Trump wasn’t going to leave the White House, but he did, right? She's a known fabulist. 

Town Hall's Spencer Brown finds Democrats in Disarray Over New FBI Headquarters. I propose a compromise, move it to Fairbanks AK. From Behind the Black, Real Pushback: Conservative family sues Biden Justice Department for “‘Malicious and Retaliatory Prosecution” Houcks. 

Ace comes around, Feds Seize NYC Mayor's Phones, Suspect That Adams Fast-Tracked a Turkish Diplomatic Mission In Exchange for Cash "The FBI is Seizing on texts that indicate that Adams did favors for foreign cash. There's less to this story than the headline, to be honest. The texts don't establish much. There's a suspicion that Turks contributed to Eric Adams illegally but we don't know for certain he did favors in exchange for that money."  Hat Hair's Jazz Shaw says There Might Be More to That Eric Adams Corruption Story "This still doesn’t sound like the FBI has uncovered any type of Watergate-level scandal directly involving the Mayor. The consulate is in Admas’ old borough so they asked the borough president to move a minor piece of bureaucratic paperwork through the system for them and he made a call. If the straw donation allegations prove to be true, there will be some people in serious trouble, most likely including Brianna Suggs. It could possibly even impact Adams’ campaign treasurer. But there still doesn’t seem to have been any sort of “arrangement” or understanding between Adams and the Turks. If nothing further is revealed, this could still wind up being a big nothingburger." Influence peddling is illegal? Someone should tell the Bidens. 

 Tyler O'Neil at Da Signal is SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT: Examining 7 Accusations of Harassment Against Moms for Liberty

The College Fix reports Report: Jewish, Israeli students at MIT ‘blockaded’ from attending classes. At Front Page, Larry Sand sees Schools for Hamas-cide. "Welcome to the vicious Jew-hatred in many of our schools." Ace, notes False Claims of "Islamaphobia" Are Just a Cover for Anti-Jewish Terrorism, "FACT: Two Ohio State students were assaulted by men asking if they were Jewish or not." From Da Wire, ‘DEI Teacher’ In Jewish Area Says Jews Kill Palestinians To Sell Their Organs. From Campus Reform, Rubio introduces legislation to ban federal tax dollars from funding anti-Semitic campuses. "Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) has introduced legislation to end all federal taxpayer money from funding colleges and students who engage in anti-Semitic demonstrations or support foreign terrorist groups." At Twitchy, OMG, This is REAL! Prankster Calls Harvard Admissions About Admitting Her Hamas TERRORIST Son (Listen)

Jon del Arroz at PJM, An Israeli Soldier's Viral LGBTQ Pride Flag Photo in Gaza Drives the Pro-Palestinian Left Crazy. Hat Hair cites NYPo, Mind-Blower for the Left? Gay Israeli Soldier Hoists Pride Flag in Gaza. Capt. Ed, "I’d bet the IDF doesn’t mind this either, and may have encouraged it. What better way to remind the Left in the West what Hamas and Palestinian culture truly means for any sort of heterodoxy from radical Islam? As Adam Baldwin argues, there’s a level at which “Queers for Palestine” is not an oxymoron, but only among the most intentionally radical in the Queer movement. And those people wouldn’t dare live in such a “liberated” environment in the first place."

Ed Driscoll at Insty, DISPATCHES FROM WEIMAR AMERICA: How Is THIS for irony? ‘Planned Parenthood Won’t Say Gay.’ "Planned Parenthood won't say gay. pic.twitter.com/dGTr0X6OwA", also GREAT MOMENTS IN MORAL NARCISSISM: Soccer star Megan Rapinoe says her injury in championship game proves there is no God. OutKick@Outkick "“If there was a God, this is proof there isn’t” Megan Rapinoe after getting injured and leaving the game early." Capt. Ed, "I think Rapinoe was trying to be funny. She should accelerate her exit from the public stage, because clearly this career change holds very little promise." 

The Wombat has FMJRA 2.0: New York. Feh. up on time and under budget at The Other McCain.

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