Saturday, November 11, 2023

Rule 5 Saturday - Nata Lee

Another week, another impossibly beautiful Russian girl. Do you think we might be making Russians uglier on average by importing their most beautiful women to the West? We can hope.

Celebrity World’s Sexiest DJ Nata Lee Thanks Fans, Poses in G-String
Celebrity model and adult star Nata Lee, who has been dubbed the “world’s sexiest DJ,” stunned her seven million followers with a recent picture in a G-string. The Russian social media sensation, whose real name is Natasha Krasavina, updated her social media page this week with an all-revealing photo of herself reclining on the bed, thanking admirers for their “incredible activity” in her DMs.


The startling picture on Instagram is taken in a daylit room and on a bed. The model poses on her front and glances at her phone while wearing a tight black thong and a low-cut and long-sleeved black blouse. She showed off her facial features and wide mouth, as well as her golden tan, highlighting her assets both up and down.

She has a large, very distinctive seahorse tattoo in her right hip. 

The celebrity was born in Moscow to a Russian family but later moved to Paris. The fashion model is also a DJ, performing under the name DJ Natasha. Media outlets dubbed the celebrity “world’s sexiest DJ.” She is active on TikTok and also has an official Twitter account. Lee created accounts on social media platforms that allow her to publish and sell adult-oriented content through her the popular OnlyFans service, ‘Good Morning by Natalee.007’ and ‘Nata Lee.’
A little bit of NSFW.

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  1. Perhaps the most sexually arousing woman I've ever seen....holy my age, she would be certain death, but what a way to go....

  2. What a crap tat! What will it look like when she's seventy and desperate for love?