Sunday, November 12, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - Slim Pickens on the Wrack Line

Veteran's Day left little debris on the wrack line this Sunday. On the Biden Crime Family watch, Hat Hair's Jazz Shaw explores the role of Jim Biden: Serial Grifter. At Da Mail, Biden suffers ANOTHER embarrassing gaffe as he stumbles through Veterans Day service and appears to get lost while laying a wreath. Maybe they should put an electric collar on him like an errant dog. Michael Rubin at WaEx wants to know If Biden is against antisemitism, why does he continue to fund it? Handing out money is what government does best. It may piss of a lot of people who get it a little, but it makes a few people very happy, and wanting to keep you in office. From Breitbart, The Dersh notes Obama Has Always Had a ‘Deep Hatred’ of Israel in His Heart. As I've previously noted, that came with his alignment to the Muslim community, whether or not he actually adopted the faith. And it's his crew, for the most part, that's running Biden's ship.

Hat Hair's Beege Wellborn wants to know Where's the Beef? No, Seriously - Where Did It GO?. Inflation and drought. Biden didn't cause the drought, but inflation is all his. At Fox Business, US credit rating outlook lowered to 'negative' by Moody's as shutdown looms

At Town Hall, Matt Vespa wants to Hit the Brakes: Virginia Republicans Might Have a Chance to Retake the State Senate Now. Apparently, one of VA's newly elected State Senators is probably not a resident of "his" district.

WaEx issues a Spoiler alert: Jill Stein becomes latest to join cast of characters who could cause chaos in 2024. You go, girl! Althouse reads the NYT and finds "When elites pine for a third-party candidate, they usually imagine someone like Michael Bloomberg, a fiscal conservative and social liberal." ""But the sweet spot for a third-party candidate has always been slightly left of center on economics and moderate to conservative on cultural issues — and that describes Manchin better than it does most American politicians." Writes Ross Douthat in "Should Joe Manchin Run for President?" (NYT)." I disagree, but we might end up trying it as an experiment.

At Hat Hair, Ronna McDaniels WHUT?

Beege Welborn comments "Holy SMOKES, if that is even CLOSE to true?! Girlfriend needs a career in lawn maintenance and small engine repair. DAMN I wish Harmeet had won."

NewsMax reports Trump 'Demands' D.C. Election Trial Next Spring to Be 'Fully Televised'. It should be, but it won't be. It would put too much of the chicanery out there. Althouse, "The prosecution wishes to continue this travesty in darkness. President Trump calls for sunlight." ""Every person in America, and beyond, should have the opportunity to study this case firsthand and watch as, if there is a trial, President Trump exonerates himself of these baseless and politically motivated charges. Wrote Trump's defense attorneys, quoted in "'Travesty in darkness': Trump backs drive to televise his D.C. election subversion trial Trump, who is facing four criminal prosecutions as well as several civil lawsuits, has been trying in recent weeks to leverage those proceedings to amplify his message to voters.""

Twitchy, 'Police State': Julie Kelly Has Inside Story From FBI's Massive 'Urgent Manhunt' for a J6 Suspect. Surveilled his house for three months before arresting him with drawn guns:
First, he said the FBI staked out their home for THREE MONTHS prior to the raid on Wednesday am. (Todd, Greg, and another brother live together in the home their father built in NJ).

After Todd and his other brother left for work after 6am, Greg left the house around 7am to go to work. They all work for same company. That's when armed FBI agents and SWAT vehicles surrounded Greg. "Greg walked out, froze in the face of guns drawn, and ran."

A woman who lives with them heard the commotion. When she opened the door, she faced armed agents who told her to get on the ground. She thought they were being robbed.

About 30 armed agents stormed the house and property. They threw flashbangs inside areas of the property including the garage. This resulted in broken windows of vehicles and a boat. "They went nutty, tore up the house, stuff scattered everywhere."

Agents told Todd, after he returned to the house that afternoon from work, to open his gun safe. When he refused, they told him if he didn't, they would break it open. Although not a defendant, FBI took his guns and ammo. Todd confronted the agents, asking "who killed someone?" They treated my brother like a criminal, Todd said.

Vehicles were everywhere blocking the driveway and parked around the property. FBI and local law enforcement used helicopters, drones, and search dogs to try to track down Greg. That's when Todd again confronted agents. "Go get Hunter, go get Joe Biden," Todd said. "Everyone of you is corrupt, you're all Joe Biden's puppets." He demanded to know why they were not arresting Antifa and BLM. They then asked him not to be rude, lol.

News reporters were staked out near the house the entire time. The FBI asked Todd if the media tried to interview him. He said no, but he hoped they had. "They are as corrupt as you guys."

At the College Fix, House committee hearing on campus free speech disrupted by pro-Palestinian protesters. Sounds pretty insurrectiony to me. Do you think they'll get the full J6 treatment? I don't. Fox reports Pro-Palestinian rioters vandalize NYPD cruiser during anti-Israel protests "The police cruiser was spray-painted with the phrase 'Free Gaza,' referring the the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, 'KKK' and 'IDF'". 

Stacy McCain on  The High Price of Forgetting "Certainly, it is not a coincidence that the Left is now supporting protests (or rather pogroms) to terrorize Jewish students on university campuses." Matt Vespa explains Why Pro-Palestinian Activists Ripping Down Israeli Hostage Posters Might Want to Stop. After a couple are arrested for pulling down signs posted on private property. Hat Hair's KT heartened when Columbia University Temporarily Suspends Two Anti-Israel Groups on Campus. Campus Reform hears VIVEK Ramasmarmy: Campus anti-Semitism shows why we need to 'shut down' the Dept of Ed. "'Shut it down and return the 80 billion back to the people.'" A great idea, but it will never happen because money. The Free Bacon reports WaPo's Shipley Hand-Selected Hamas Cartoon He Pulled Amid Woke Blowback, Cartoonist Ramirez Says "Pulitzer Prize winner calls paper's decision a 'blow against … the freedom of speech'"

At Da Signal, Tyler O'Neil adopts my "testosterone poisoning" theory, Trans Anomaly: Nashville Shooter’s Manifesto Suggests an Inconvenient Aspect of ‘Gender-Affirming Care’ Girls just can't hold it as well as boys. "It seems America’s elites want to silence any debate on these drugs before it begins. Perhaps that explains why we still don’t know, eight months after the shooting, whether Audrey Hale was on testosterone." Michael A. Letts at Am Think thinks The Nashville shooter’s motive was leftist beliefs. "As long as the authorities continue to hide the manifesto, the worse it continues to look for them. In taking extraordinary measures to hide it, they tied their own reputations to a mass shooting. They aided and abetted the crime."

Hat Hair's KT is irate that College Sorority Retaliates Against Alumnae Who Spoke up to Protect Women. "A story came out that two Kappa Kappa Gamma alumnae have been kicked out of their sorority for speaking out against admitting men into the sorority. Independent Women’s Forum has come to the aid of the alumnae."

Herr Professor Jacobson at LI sees Tuition Waivers Open Only To Non-Whites at U. North Dakota and Its Law School Challenged by Equal Protection Project “This is much worse than what Harvard and USC were accused of doing” by taking race into consideration, as rejected by the U.S. Supreme Court. “Here, you have absolute barriers based on race and ethnicity.”

Lincoln Brown at PJM has an absolutely hilarious Weekend Parting Shot: Woman Plays All the Woke Cards During DUI Stop

The Wombat has FMJRA 2.0: New York. Feh. up on time and under budget at The Other McCain.

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