Thursday, November 16, 2023

Thursday Tanlines

Ex on the Beach star Charlotte, whose father is the late comedian Les Dawson, has launched a giveaway in which the winner wins £100 cash, all the products from her popular beauty brand Dawsylicious Tanning and a meet and greet with herself at a chippy.

Announcing the giveaway’s launch whilst dressed as a superwoman, Charlotte said: “I am so excited! We’ve got a 100k follower giveaway for Dawsylicious and I feel so proud of my other baby [her business as opposed to her two sons Noah, 3 and four-month-old Jude] that we’ve nearly got 100k followers, come on guys lets get to 100k because guess what you win?”

The reality star than gestures at the array of products in front of her and continues: “Right, you win all of this, every single thing from Dawsy you chuffin’ win – everything on the website, you win – if you get a tan, you’re getting the three tans, you get a bloody bronzer, you get the three bronzers! Honestly guy I have sorted you right out, you get £100 quid chuffin’ cash, oh yeah baby, lets splash that cash, and save the best for last – you get a meet and greet with Chazza and chuffin’ chippy- what more could you want?”

The Wombat has Rule Five Sunday: Meanwhile, In The Mountains up on time and under budget at The Other McCain. 

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