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Kaine and Unable at

A little cleanup in the email scandal aisle before we get on to the VP pick: Exclusive: Hillary Clinton exchanged top secret emails on her private server with three aides
Hillary Clinton exchanged nearly two-dozen top secret emails from her unsecured, private server with three senior aides, the State Department revealed in documents released to VICE News late Friday.

The 22 emails were sent and received by Clinton in 2011 and 2012. Clinton discussed classified information with her deputy chief of staff, Jacob Sullivan, her chief of staff, Cheryl Mills, and Deputy Secretary of State William Burns. A majority of the top secret emails are email chains between Sullivan and Clinton.

This is the first time the State Department has revealed the identities of the officials who exchanged classified information with Clinton through her private email server.

One of the top secret emails from 2012 was described by the State Department as an "email chain originating with email from a State Department official to multiple State Department officials, concluding with message to Jacob Sullivan from Secretary Clinton." Another from the same year was an "email from a State Department official to multiple State Department officials, forwarded by Jacob Sullivan to Secretary Clinton and Cheryl Mills." Only one classified email was exchanged with Burns. State described that one as an "email from a State Department official to multiple State Department officials, forwarded by Jacob Sullivan to Secretary Clinton, Cheryl Mills, and William Bums."
The only thing shocking to me was that she carried out State Dept. business at all. I figured she'd delegate all that icky stuff out to Huma or some intern while she stuffed the coffers of the Clinton Foundation.

Now, onto Kaine: NYT: Hillary picked Kaine to narrow gap with white males … and due to her “responsibility gene” If she has a responsibility gene, it's recessive and heterozygous. And, yeah, it's pretty obvious part of the Kaine strategy is to take white men off their guard. Don't be fooled! According to the WaPo Kaine’s VP pick greeted by blowback from progressive groups. Althouse: Tim Kaine: "I’ll enforce the death penalty as governor and I’m against same-sex marriage." But back in that era, Obama and Hillary said the same things. Michael Moore on Kaine Pick: Progressives Will ‘Stay Home’ Have another doughnut, pal. Instapundit shouts: YOU DON’T HAVE TO FALL IN LOVE, YOU JUST HAVE TO FALL IN LINE: Clinton VP pick could face liberal ire.
On the other hand, other than his last name not being Warren or Sanders, I don’t know what the left is losing much sleep over:
Guccifer 2.0 is the gift that keeps on giving: Wikileaks: DNC Fretted Over Proposed POTUS Host’s Ties to Sex Offender Jeffrey Epstein
The vetting correspondence highlights a February 2016 Miami Herald article, which claims federal prosecutors were “cowed by Epstein’s high powered attorneys, including Roy Black.” It goes on to say that that was part of the reason the billionaire sex offender received an extraordinarily lenient sentence despite reportedly abusing at least 34 underage girls.
DNC APPROVED PLANTING SATIRICAL CRAIGSLIST AD TO MOCK TRUMP, LEAKED EMAILS SHOW - Fictitious job listing says Trump "may greet you with a kiss on the lips or grope you under the meeting table" But no dirty tricks from the left. But, we can count on the press to police them, right? Leaked emails reveal Politico reporter made ‘agreement’ to send advanced Clinton story to DNC:
An influential reporter at Politico made an apparent “agreement” with the Democratic National Committee to let it review a story about Hillary Clinton’s fundraising machine before it was submitted to his editors, leaked emails published by WikiLeaks on Friday revealed.

Reporter Kenneth Vogel sent an advanced copy of his story to DNC national press secretary Mark Paustenbach in late April.

The email’s subject line read: “per agreement … any thoughts appreciated.”
Maggies Farm: Press conspired with DNC and Clinton to destroy SandersBernie Sanders Campaign Chief Says Someone Must Be 'Accountable' for What DNC Emails Show Accountability? You want accountability? Maybe you should have thought about that before you endorsed her. One Bernie Bro finds out the hard way: VIDEO: Protester shouting ‘DNC leak!’ ejected from Hillary rally

Via Instapundit: TWO FORECASTS for the Democratic Convention.
In many ways I expect the Democratic National Convention to be more of the same. Oh, I doubt that the convention will blazon the Clinton name larger than the American flag across the stage as she speaks. But you can expect her to paint a republic in crisis, one where women are practically indentured servants of their male managers, where the police routinely use civilians for target practice, and of course, where Republicans roam among us, tirelessly impoverishing the poor and oppressing the oppressed. Who can save us now? Only one person, of course. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s — HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON!
That case will, of course, be a lot more challenging to make given that Barack Obama has been president for eight years — which is why to hear Democrats talk, you’d often think that George W. Bush was just completing his fourth term in office. So they will spend the week pinning America’s flaws on Republicans.
So it’s business as usual, then.
Evidence of brain damage? Hillary Clinton's strange convulsions during interview - tries to play it off.

Pretty odd, but I think it's just a startle response.

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Morning Music - "Ah Mary" and More

She's so hot she casts a shadow on Mick Jagger:

Saturday, July 23, 2016

A Hot Day for the Butterflies

The heat brought out the butterflies today. An American Lady against the sky on the Butterfly Bush. I couldn't get a shot that showed the top of the wings. You can tell it from the very similar Painted Lady by the two big eyespots on the hind wing (top or bottom) or the little white spot surrounded by orange on the fore wing (top or bottom).
A giant female Eastern Tiger Swallowtail. The wide blue markings at the bottom distinguish it from the males.
A Zebra Swallowtail. I saw one laying eggs on a Paw Paw a few days ago, and I'm hoping to catch a caterpillar of one and grow it up.
 A Spicebush Swallowtail. One of several black swallowtails in the area. The cloudy green markings identify this one as male (the females are much bluer). Supposedly a mimic of the poisonous Pipevine Swallowtail, but it seems much more common to me.
 Not a butterfly at all, but a day flying moth that imitates hummingbirds or bumblebees, the Snowberry Clearwing.
One of the little orange skippers. I think it's a Sachem.
Oh, and a frog.

It's So Hot . . .

The squirrels are melting. The deck thermometer claims it's 95 in the shade. The humidity is through the roof. But Skye wanted to go the beach anyway, and let us know it.

Not too many people at the beach as most of them are huddling in the AC.

A few hardy souls were down sunbathing.

And Skye managed to make a few of them give her some pets
 This looks cool, but even the bay water is well over 80 F.
We did the short version of the walk and turned at the "wall" in front of the cottages.
Skye seemed content.

Smith Island to Get Much Needed Upgrade

$2.4 Million Contract Awarded To Shore Up Smith Island's Infrastructure
A $2.4 million contract was awarded to bring shoreline stabilization for Smith Island's west side. Coastal Design and Construction Inc. of Gloucester, Va. was awarded the contract.

The west side of the island's shoreline known as Rhodes Point is eroding away.Eddie Somers, president of Smith Island United said that area of the island is at a critical point. Somers said if another major hurricane were to hit that part of the island could possible be gone.

Somers said getting through this process has been a long awaited journey.

"It's fantastic. We're thrilled; a lot of us especially my age thought we would never see anything like that and we're grateful to our Somerset County official's and our state officials for helping us with that," Somers said.
Shoreline stabilization is a good thing; it keeps the erosion at the edges from slowly devouring the whole island, as has happened repeatedly to Chesapeake Bay islands. It doesn't change the dynamics when it comes to slowly rising sea levels. As a mostly saltmarsh island, the saltmarsh part that still remains can rise with the rising Bay (about 3 mm/year currently), but the part covered by houses, roads, and other land uses cannot, without input from man.
Gary Pusey, Somerset County Planning Director said the county set aside some of its Hurricane Sandy Recovery funds to pay for the project. Pusey said the county will chip in $1.6 million as its share.
That's fair; the Smith Islanders pay taxes too.

Kaine Chosen for Henchman at

Or maybe that should be "henchperson"?

As Ashe Schow speculated yesterday (or was it the day before), Hillary has confirmed that she's chosen Tim Kaine, former governor of Virginia, to be her running mate, generating loads of excitement. Ace: Hillary Picks Tim Kaine as Her Running Mate, for Some Reason. Althouse: I don't know if I really need to put up a post for this, because it's very boring... ... but Hillary picked Kaine. Instapundit shouts: WHAT, YOU THOUGHT HILLARY WOULD CHOOSE A RUNNING MATE WHO WASN’T CORRUPT? Kaine accepted clothes, vacation as gifts. Pretty much like his successor, Bob McDonnell, the Republican governor of Virginia who was indicted, tried and convicted by the Obama Justice Department, only to have the conviction overturned by the Supreme Court, who basically said what he did was tawdry, but necessarily against the law. Donald Trump has already made the link: Donald Trump Compares ‘Ethically Challenged’ Tim Kaine to Bob McDonnell

In the Guccifer 2.0 emails hacked from the DNC we find Leaked DNC Emails Reveal Discussions About Attacking Bernie Sanders’ Religion. Remember, Hillary's team also brought up Obama's supposed Kenyan origin long before the Republicans.
In an email dated May 5, DNC CFO Brad Marshall apparently floats the idea of trying to raise Sanders’ potential atheism. The email does not mention Sanders by name. The email says, “It might may no difference, but for KY and WVA can we get someone to ask his belief. Does he believe in a God. He had skated on saying he has a Jewish heritage. I think I read he is an atheist. This could make several points difference with my peeps. My Southern Baptist peeps would draw a big difference between a Jew and an atheist.”
In his defense, Communists are supposed to be atheists.

In case you were wondering where Hillary stood when it comes to police
Word comes that Hillary Clinton has invited Michael Brown’s mother Lesley McSpadden to speak at the DNC Convention next week. McSpadden is the mother of Michael Brown. Brown was killed by Officer Darren Wilson after Brown refused a lawful police order, assaulted Wilson and then tried to take Wilson’s weapon, which was discharged in the police cruiser. Brown was killed as he charged Wilson, again refusing to obey Wilson’s lawful orders. The facts can be reviewed in the video here. Michael Brown, as did Alton Sterling, brought on his own demise. Subsequently, McSpadden got into a fight over the sale of Michael Brown merchandise. Brown’s family has filed suit against Ferguson and Darren Wilson. Despite having done nothing wrong, Wilson remains in hiding to this day because of death threats.
I wasn't really wondering where Hillary stands when it comes to police; like Bonnie and Clyde going for banks because that's where the money is (yeah, I know that was Willie Sutton), Hillary and Bill go where the votes (and money) are. Right now, that means trashing the police for the black vote. When it comes to November, I expect her to "triangulate" and try to split the difference, and hope the SEIU can enforce discipline on the police.

A Sanders voter makes the case for anybody but Hillary: I (was a lifer) am a Dem and I’m Voting for Trump. Let’s talk about it… #DemExit
Ivanka Trump in $138 dress

Ivanka Trump wore a $138 dress at RNC — and you can buy it
Unlike so many politicians and their families, who wear outrageously expensive clothes when they give speeches, Ivanka wore a simple pink sheath dress that cost $138. It's from her own fashion line, and after her speech she tweeted out a link for people to purchase the dress.

I get the obvious angle of Ivanka using her speech as a way to enrich herself. On some level I find it to be a cheap stunt, but on another level I'm just fine with this.

I find it difficult to find nice work clothes, and always end up seeing things that female politicians wear and wondering where they purchased their clothes. This made it easy to see a simple but nice dress and know where to buy it.

Even better, it only costs $138. She's the daughter of a billionaire, married to a billionaire and successful in her own right. She could have worn a dress that cost thousands of dollars, but she wore something that cost a little over a hundred. Yes, she did it to sell that dress, but she still could have tried to sell a more expensive dress.
Hillary Clinton in $12,000 sack

This is unlike, say, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, who wore a $12,000 Armani jacket while giving a speech about inequality. Her supporters can claim she did so to highlight inequality all they want, but the optics don't work in her favor.

Clinton still received more of a defense than did Mitt Romney's wife Ann, who wore a $900 shirt on TV and was criticized heavily by the liberal media. Other female politicians and family members – like first lady Michelle Obama and Sarah Palin – have been criticized by various media outlets.
I look forward to the "first daughters" debate.

Rule 5 Saturday - Margot Robbie is the Australian Rosetta Stone

Margot Robbie is an Australian actress. . .
Robbie was born in Dalby, Queensland, Australia, later moving to the Gold Coast. She is the daughter of Sarie Kessler, a physiotherapist, and a former farm-owner father. She has three siblings, older brother Lachlan "Lockie" Robbie, younger brother Cameron Robbie and an older sister, Anya. Robbie and her siblings were raised by their single mother. She has minimal contact with her father. She grew up in a farming family. To make ends meet, Robbie worked three jobs simultaneously at the age of 16. She studied drama at school, graduating from Somerset College. When Robbie was 17 years old, she moved to Melbourne to begin acting professionally.
. . . whose previous work include starring as the bitch to Leonardo DiCaprio's "Wolf of Wall Street" (The love of his life/bane of his existence), "The Legend of Tarzan" and the star of "Suicide Squad", where she plays Harley Quinn, who, in the Batman Universe, is Joker's lover and all round bad chick.
Margot Robbie was so outrageously seductive as The Wolf of Wall Street’s trophy wife, Naomi (a role that earned her an Empire Award in March), that she managed to exceed the script’s hyperbolic requirement that she personify “the hottest blonde ever.” When she makes her sizzling entrance at a Hamptons bacchanal, one prurient male declares, “I’d fuck that girl if she was my sister!” Another breaks down on the spot and masturbates.
 American Power also has a spread on Margo this week.

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Now, let Margot explain how to speak Australian: