Thursday, February 22, 2018

Olympic Sore Loser of the Week

At medal ceremony after loss to USA, Canadian player immediately yanks silver off her neck
The disappointment showed on their faces and for Canadian defenseman Jocelyne Larocque there was no celebration in winning the silver medal.

After the United States won a thrilling shootout for its first Olympic gold in two decades, the medal ceremony took place. Larocque had the reaction that was most noteworthy — yanking off the silver immediately after it was placed around her neck.

It may not be that she hates the US. She may just hate losing.

Lindsey Vonn Missed the Brass Ring

But got the Bronze medal: American Lindsey Vonn takes bronze in likely final Olympic downhill race
Lindsey Vonn knew the bronze medal she earned Wednesday came in her final Olympic downhill, the signature event of her singular career. She knew that, but she didn't have an easy time processing it.

That's why the words "probably" and "most likely" kept slipping into her sentences. Why she marked the occasion by posing with dozens of folks for a group photo near the finish line. Why she engaged in a series of warm, lengthy hugs -- with her sisters; with U.S. coaches; with the winner, her good friend Sofia Goggia of Italy; with the runner-up, Ragnhild Mowinckel of Norway. With, seemingly, anyone she could grab a hold of.
Sofia Goggia
Ragnhild Mowinckel, mow that's a name that should make a Viking proud!
"I wish I could keep going. I wish this wasn't my last Olympics, but it is," Vonn said, looking down at the snow underfoot and shaking her head, "so I'm trying to accept that and deal with the emotions of that and enjoy the ride."

Ragnhild Mowinckel

Goggia finished in 1 minute, 39.22 seconds, just 0.09 seconds faster than Mowinckel. Vonn was 0.47 seconds off Goggia's pace.

"I came here ... with one goal: to beat Lindsey," Goggia said.
Well, it wasn't exactly a bad career.

Now we'll get to see how she stacks up against Mikaela Schiffrinin the Alpine combined.