Sunday, September 24, 2017

Reason #5712 - #5713 That Trump Was Elected

Rich Lowry, a committed Republican "never Trumper" on the NFL protests, and Trumps call to fire the protesters.
Regarding Trump’s fire-the-NFL-protesters line last night that Teddy noted, it is a classic example of Trump’s, at times, gut-level political savvy. This kind of thing is why he’s president.

He takes a commonly held sentiment — most people don’t like the NFL protests — and states it in an inflammatory way guaranteed to get everyone’s attention and generate outrage among his critics. When those critics lash back at him, Trump is put in the position of getting attacked for a fairly commonsensical view.

Of course, NFL owners firing players on the spot for protesting isn’t necessarily common sense, but this is where “seriously, not literally” comes in. Since everyone knows that owners aren’t going to do this, Trump’s statement registers for his supporters merely as forceful opposition to the protests, not as a specific plan of action. His advocacy for a Mexico-funded border wall and for the Muslim ban played in a roughly similar way (although The Wall was taken more literally, hence Trump’s exertions to make a colorable case that it is being built).

Finally, when Trump is criticized and doesn’t back down it is taken by his supporters as a sign of strength. If a political consultant came up with this strategy, he’d deserve a huge raise. But it’s just Trump himself operating on instinct.
Similarly, after Stephen Curry said he would vote "no" for the team to visit the White House, Donald Trump says Warriors not welcome at White House.
Stephen Curry said his beliefs were "cemented even further about how things in our country are going" after President Donald Trump tweeted Saturday morning that the Golden State Warriors are not welcome at the White House to celebrate their 2017 NBA championship.

"My stance is the same as it was [Friday]," Curry said Saturday. "And even kind of cemented even further about how things in our country are going, especially with [Trump] representing us in a very damaging way.

"I don't know why he feels the need to target certain individuals rather than others. I have an idea of why, but it's kind of beneath a leader of a country to go that route. That's not what leaders do."

On Friday, Curry said he would vote no if the team was invited to the White House. Teammate Kevin Durant previously told ESPN that he would not go. Warriors owner Joe Lacob told ESPN on Friday that he planned to meet with the team Saturday morning before its first practice to discuss the issue and that the White House was aware of the timeline.

President Trump made his message clear Saturday morning on Twitter before that meeting could happen.

An invitation to the White House is not an entitlement.
Warriors coach Steve Kerr, who has been openly critical of Trump and his administration on multiple occasions, said the team probably wouldn't have gone had it been extended an invitation.

"We would, in normal times, very easily be able to set aside political differences and go visit and have a great time," Kerr said. "That'll be awesome. But these are not ordinary times. Probably the most divisive times in my life, I guess, since Vietnam.
It's divisive because he chose to make it divisive.

What Rhymes with Witch?

Prayers up for Melissa Joan Hart who had to cancel her vacation because of Maria
In a now deleted Instagram post, actress Melissa Joan Hart lamented that Category 5 Hurricane Maria forced a cancellation of her family vacation in the Dominican Republic. Via Us Magazine:
“And just like that, our family vacation is canceled,” the Sabrina, the Teenage Witch alum, 41, captioned a screenshot of a weather report. “Such a bummer but we plan to hit the @nickresortpuntacana resort another time this year.”
 It's good to have a backup vacation.

Hart has her Instagram linked to Twitter, so the first part of her caption was captured in a tweet yesterday:
And just like that, our family vacation is canceled. Such a bummer but we plan to hit the…
— Melissa Joan Hart (@MelissaJoanHart) September 19, 2017

Tone. Deaf.
Who hasn't had such invidious thought? The special magic of social media is how it seduces us into committing our worst thoughts into digits, and projecting them to the whole world.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Not More Obamacare Schadenfreude Already?

Before I get into it, just a reminder, Obamacare is failing, badly: Health Insurers in New Mexico To Implement Record-High Premium Increases
Insurers will increase premiums next year from a range of 36 to 41 percent for midlevel insurance plans. For all plans, premiums are expected to rise a range of 17 to 49 percent.
My sympathies are somewhat lessened upon recalling that New Mexico voted solidly for Hillary.

If You Want Medicare For All, Get Used To Eating Rabbit Now
Venezuelans still have access to free health care—except they don’t receive much care. The country suffers an 85 percent shortage of medicine and a 90 percent deficit of medical supplies. Fewer doctors are available to provide care, too. By 2015, at least 15,000 doctors had left the public health care system because of shortages of drugs and equipment and poor pay.

Consequently, infant mortality increased 30 percent, maternal mortality climbed 65 percent and cases of malaria went up 76 percent. People in war-torn countries like Syria receive better health care than Venezuelans do nowadays.
The Alaska Purchase: Graham, Cassidy Try To Buy Murkowski’s Health-Care Vote With Extra Goodies. I'm trying to work up some outrage, but then I remember the Corn Husker Kickback. Politics ain't beanbag. With Timing Tight for GOP’s Health-Law Repeal Effort, Opponents Rush to MobilizeJimmy Kimmel Got a Hand From Chuck Schumer in His Fight Against Obamacare RepealHow Obama is funding the anti-Trump resistance. Big hint, you're the one paying.

And of course, the big news: From the NYT: McCain Announces Opposition to Republican Health Bill, Likely Dooming It. Yahoo: GOP's 'Obamacare' repeal all but dead; McCain deals the blow. Althouse: "Senator John McCain of Arizona announced on Friday that he would oppose the latest proposal to repeal the Affordable Care Act..."
"... leaving Republican leaders with little hope of succeeding in their last-ditch attempt to dismantle the health law" (NYT).

So Lindsey Graham’s being his best friend was not enough.
Ace: Shocker: Maine Socialist Susan Collins "Leaning Against" Obamacare Repeal
Another Shock: JOHN McCAIN, HERO OF CONSERVATISM, WILL VOTE TO SAVE OBAMACARE and John "Build the Dang Fence" McCain Liesplains His Obamacare Reform No-Vote: I Won't Support Any Law That Democrats Don't Support Too, thus guaranteeing he will not vote to alter Obamacare.

Gateway Pundit: Lying RINO John McCain Says He Cannot Support Latest Obamacare Repeal Bill – But Ran on Repealing Obamacare

It's not that he loves Obamacare, it's that he hates Trump so much he'll do anything to spite him. And he loves being praised by the press and Democrats.

Via Wombat-socho's "In The Mailbox: 09.21.17", Twitchy: Will Tough Guy Jimmy Kimmel Accept This Offer From Heritage Action?, Da Tech Guy: The Notion That Graham-Cassidy Has To Pass To Save The GOP Is Ludicrous, Jammie Wearing Fools: New Democratic Party Leader Threatens Fox Host With Violence, JustOneMinute: The Graham-Cassidy Health Care Bill, and Shark Tank: Rand Paul Equates Graham-Cassidy To 2013 Senate Amnesty Bill.

And from "In The Mailbox: 09.22.17", EBL: A Mendoucheous Dotard Probably Doomed Graham-Cassidy Obamacare Repeal, Twitchy: MSNBC’s Ari melber Gets Roundly Fact-Checked Over “Nonpartisan” Jimmy Kimmel Claim, and Legal Insurrection: Stacy’s Crazy Cousin John “Cannot In Good Conscience” Vote For Graham-Cassidy

Remember, Congratulations, Democrats. Obamacare Is Here To Stay And You Own It, Well, them, John McCain, Susan Collins, and Rand Paul. Can Megan inherit?

Reason #5711 That Trump Was Elected

To reform the mess that Obama created in education: It’s over! Education Department rescinds controversial 2011 letter
Six years of federal Title IX policy that stripped college students and faculty members of important due process protections and sowed confusion among administrators is finally over.

Today, the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights announced that the April 4, 2011 “Dear Colleague” letter and an accompanying 2014 guidance document are rescinded. The 2011 letter mandated that colleges use the low, “preponderance of the evidence” standard in adjudicating accusations of sexual misconduct on campus. It also recommended the removal of other critical elements of a fair procedure, such as the right to cross-examination and prohibitions on double jeopardy (being tried for the same accusation twice).
“The campus justice system was and is broken,” said FIRE Executive Director Robert Shibley and author of “Twisting Title IX.” “Fair outcomes are impossible without fair procedures. When the government sprang its 2011 letter on colleges and students without warning, it made it impossible for campuses to serve the needs of victims while also respecting the rights of the accused. With the end of this destructive policy, we finally have the opportunity to get it right.”

In today’s announcement, the Department of Education stated that it will develop a new approach to addressing sexual misconduct on campus that takes seriously the rights of victims and the accused. New policy will be implemented through a “notice and comment” process that responds to the input of all stakeholders, according to the department. The department did not solicit feedback for its 2011 letter, prompting a FIRE-sponsored lawsuit last year.
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Rule 5 Saturday - 2017 Girl of the Summer - Bella Hadid

With the fall of Fall it's time to consider whether or not we will choose a girl to represent to summer of 2017. And the answer is yes!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the envelope please. No, not that one. The right one.

It seems like Gigi's darker little sister, Bella Hadid, was everywhere this year. Out with the Kardashian/Jenner crowd, drinking margaritas, swimming in Greece's setting sun, always in her signiture skin-tight, transparent, or both clothes. Or even nothing at all. (NSFW) Hey, flaunt it while you got, right?

Isabella Khair Hadid is an American fashion model, signed to IMG Models in 2014. In December 2016, the Industry voted her "Model of the Year" for's Model of the Year 2016 Awards.

Hadid and her siblings were originally raised on a ranch in Santa Barbara, California for ten years. As a teenager, Hadid was an equestrian and had dreams of attending the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro but had to give up competing in 2013 due to her suffering from chronic Lyme disease. It was not announced that she suffered from chronic Lyme until October 2015. She was diagnosed, along with her mother and brother, with the chronic illness in 2012.

Hadid has said she is "proud to be a Muslim" while reflecting on her father's history as an immigrant, devout Muslim, and successful US businessman when discussing her opposition to President Trump's migration policies
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