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Election 2020: Is The Kraken Floundering?

Lots of discussion about Sidney Powell's multiple lawsuits in several state alleging massive voter fraud of different kinds, with affidavits to back them up affectionately dubbed, "the Kraken". Insty, HERE’S SIDNEY POWELL’S COMPLAINT, just filed today in Michigan. Twitchy,  Sidney Powell reportedly files lawsuits in Michigan and Georgia; UPDATE 'Shipwreckedcrew' at Red State, Sidney Powell Shoves Her Chips 'All in' With Georgia Complaint Alleging Rigged Election -- Part One.

On behalf of several Republican Presidential Electors, Powell — joined as Plaintiffs’ counsel by famed Atlanta trial attorney Lin Wood — filed a 104-page complaint that begins with the allegations that the Dominion voting system sold to Georgia was originally designed for, and used by, Hugo Chavez to ensure that he never lost an election as President of Venezuela. The complaint alleges that various uncontrolled and open parts of the software architecture are designed so that real-time activity logs can be modified to delete activity involving vote switching and/or addition/subtraction from the accumulated vote totals in such a way that the activity would not appear on the activity logs as part of an audit.

She alleges that video from the State Farm Arena in Fulton County, where vote counting activity involving mail-in ballots took place, documents that a false claim of a water main break was used to evacuate the area of all election workers and observers involved in the counting of ballots for a period of two hours, but that a small number of election workers remained behind working at the computer terminal on vote tallying without any supervision or observation by outsiders for nearly three hours.

Breitbart, Sidney Powell Files Lawsuits Challenging Election Results in Georgia, Michigan. Matt Vespa at Town Hall, Here's the Part of Sidney Powell’s Lawsuit That Could Impact the Outcome of the Election. The number of votes likely cast be people from out of state, which can be documented, and is sufficient cover the margin between Biden and Trump.

“To me, the easiest way to reach that goal is something much simpler alleged in the complaint at paragraph 121: That thousands of specific, identifiable voters, cast ballots after they moved out of state as evidenced in their registration in a national database, and may even have cast votes in their new states also which can easily be checked against the other state’s records,” she added.

Sundance at CTH, Doug Ross Journal Creates Infographics of Sidney Powell Georgia Lawsuit…  "Our good friend Doug Ross has created a series of great INFOGRAPHICS that outline the stunning evidence, discoveries and allegations within the recent lawsuit filed by Sidney Powell" and Andrea Widberg at AmThink, Help is on the way for understanding Sidney Powell’s Georgia complaint

Capt. Ed at Hot Air, Krakens Released: Powell Publishes Lawsuits In GA, MI Alleging Massive Fraud. He doesn't think too much of them. And George Conway found spelling errors in the 100 page filing! Sidney Powell Files Election Suits In “DISTRCOICT” Court, and a stickler for proper language, Althouse chimes in with First impressions maahttter. Let he (or she) who has never left a typo in their final product cast the first stone. It won't be me.

Breitbart, Twitter Blocks ‘Potentially Harmful’ Links to Sidney Powell Election Lawsuit

A number of users across Twitter have reported being unable to share links to lawyer Sidney Powell’s lawsuit relating to voter fraud in the 2020 Presidential election. When attempting to share the link to the document, users receive a notification stating that the link has been identified as “potentially harmful.”

And evidence of the fraud continues to surface, The Spectator, The Intimidation and Unfair Enforcement of Detroit's Election, Leah Barkoukis at Town Hall, GOP Poll Watcher and Fraud Expert Gives Explosive Testimony About What He Observed Happen in Delaware County

Gregory Stenstrom, a Navy veteran and forensic computer scientist, testified Wednesday before the State Senate Majority Policy Committee hearing in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, about an election process in Delaware County he described as being “forensically destructive.”

“In all cases the chain of custody was broken,” the GOP poll watcher said. “It was broken for the mail in ballots, the drop box ballots, the election day USB card flash drives."

Sundance, Crowd Gasps, Laughs, as PA Legislature Learns of Ballot Upload With 600,000 Votes Biden and 3,200 For Trump…. Video at link. Joseph Weber at JTN, Georgia voters registered at postal, commercial addresses that appeared to be residential, study

The addresses listed on the rolls included information that didn't make sense for the locations, but appeared on paper to look like residential ones, the newspaper also reported.

Some of the locations were UPS and FedEx locations.

Nearly all those "who disguised a postal facility as their residential address" used an absentee ballot to vote, Braynard said.

Georgia election law states that “the residence of any person shall be held to be in that place in which such person's habitation is fixed, without any present intention of removing therefrom."

It also states that anybody who knowingly gives false information when registering as an elector can be charged with a felony and put in prison for up to 10 years or fined up to $100,000.

Sundance, Matt Braynard Outlines Results of Voter Integrity Project…

The Bookworm Room, Busting all the Democrats’ lies about election “security” "Everyone should watch Russell Ramsland’s 45-minute presentation about the ease with which computer voting systems allow election interference."  David Solway at Am Think,What the Election Will Come Down To

The Stream, Letting the Democrats Steal This Election Is Real Appeasement “You were given the choice between war and dishonour. You chose dishonour, and you will have war.” ― Winston Churchill, to Neville Chamberlain."
Insty, Given Nate Silver’s track record, maybe he shouldn’t be throwing shade here. Also, THAT WAS DIFFERENT, BECAUSE SHUT UP:
At LI, Reminder: In 2016 Democrats Threatened and Harassed Members of Electoral College to Stop Trump and  Mexico’s President Still Refuses to Recognize Biden Win
“We do not agree with offering congratulations in advance,” President Obradord told reporters on Wednesday. “What’s the best thing? For us to wait.”


Fish Pic Black Friday - Jen Kitchen

This week's fisherwoman is Jen Kitchen, who, I'm just going to guess, is from Florida
Is that a tattoo of a Blue Crab on her bikini line? Weird, but OK weird. 

Her Instagram handle is huntress_jen7. I want to know who got the first six?

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Thanksgiving at the Beach


Skye and I took off for beach around 11:30. You couldn't ask for a nice Thanksgiving day, low 70s, sunny, with a few fluffy clouds and no wind. Short sleeve weather (and shorts if you wanted them) in late November. 

Rounding the bend into the harbor.
We met up with Georgia at the beach, after the pumpkin pie finished.

Despite a very high tide, we did OK with teeth, 27 if I counted right, two crab claws and a Tilly bone. Nothing terribly exciting, but a few good ones.

Thanksgiving Russiagate: Flynn Pardoned

Of course, there would have been no need for a pardon if Judge Emmett Sullivan weren't being a partisan, pompous ass and delaying the DOJ's desire to dismiss the case because it was pursued by a corrupt prosecutors. 

First, from Anxious: Scoop: Trump tells confidants he plans to pardon Michael Flynn, echoed by Capt. Ed at Hot Air. Axios: Trump Plans To Pardon Flynn Before Leaving Office. You can read Capt. Ed's version if you don't want to give clicks to Axios. Also Althouse calls Least surprising scoop.


The Peacock, Trump pardons Michael Flynn, who twice pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI, Tyler O'Neil at PJ Media, Trump Pardons Michael Flynn After Sullivan ForTrump: General Michael Flynn ‘Has Been Granted A Full Pardon.’ced His Hand "Trump Pardons Gen. Flynn and Jerry Nadler Can't Stand it." Johb Sexton at Hot Air, Trump: General Michael Flynn ‘Has Been Granted A Full Pardon.’ and documents the instantaneous reactions of loathing on the left, and rejoicing on the right. Ace, Trump Pardons General Flynn
Rogue "judge" Sullivan got what he wanted -- he illegally, unconstitutionally acted as prosecutor against Sullivan and refused to dismiss his case, thus forcing Trump to pardon him, and denying Flynn the simple dropping of charges he was entitled to.

The Deep State must be uprooted -- by any means necessary.

You might remember that Sullivan was ordered by the DC Circus to deal with this expeditiously, but instead he dithered another 3 months to put the election behind him.

Sundance at CTH, Flynn Family Issues Statement After Presidential Pardon… and Sidney Powell Discusses Flynn Pardon and Election Investigations With Lou Dobbs… 

Flynn has been harried by prosecutors and judges and had his name besmirched (including through unethical leaks, to the potential harm of national security) without solid evidence of having committed a crime.

Flynn was pressured into pleading guilty to perjury (actually, a near equivalent) in order to spare his son a prison sentence. Yet the supposed perjury itself, as we now know, was not considered a lie by the FBI agents whose queries precipitated the allegation. Moreover, the subject about which he supposedly perjured himself, the conversation with the Russian diplomat, already had been deemed by investigators as containing an “absence of any derogatory information or lead information.”

In other words, they weren’t sure that he lied, and they didn’t think he had done anything wrong in the first place that he would want to lie about. 
And more investigation into the Flynn investigation, NR, Senate Intel Republicans Ask DOJ to Declassify Notes from FBI Interview with Miles Taylor
Two top Republicans on the Senate Intelligence Committee have asked the Justice Department to declassify notes from an FBI interview of Miles Taylor, who authored the anonymous New York Times op-ed about the resistance to President Trump within his own administration.

Taylor was interviewed as a possible witness in the Crossfire Hurricane probe and is identified in briefing notes intended for former FBI director James Comey dated May 1, 2017. It is not clear who wrote the notes, which span eleven pages and are heavily redacted, and were released by the Justice Department on October 30 of this year. Taylor’s role in the Flynn probe is also unclear.

Senator Ron Johnson (R., Wis.), head of the committee, and colleague Chuck Grassley (R., Iowa) sent a letter to Attorney General William Barr on Monday requesting the declassification.

“We request all records relating to the FBI’s interview of Miles Taylor, including all 302s and notes, to better understand his role in the Flynn investigation,” Johnson and Grassley wrote.

The 2017 briefing notes refer to a “witness interview of Miles Taylor” in connection with Flynn Intel Group, the lobbying firm of former national security adviser Michael Flynn, and the group’s work in Turkey. Taylor was a staffer on the House Committee on Homeland Security at the time, and met with Flynn’s firm on several occasions in October 2016. In 2017, Taylor moved to the Department of Homeland Security, where he wrote an anonymousop-ed for the Times touting himself as part of a “resistance” within the Trump administration.

Andy Weissass is not pleased:

But Andrew Weissmann, a former member of the special counsel team, tweeted, "Trump's abuse of the pardon power undermines the crown jewel of our democracy: the rule of law."

Of course, at the NYT, Andy Weissass is still calling for Trump's prosecution. Should Trump Be Prosecuted? Strictly a rhetorical question on his part, Of course he wants to.  Or you can have Hot Air's clip. Breitbart, Mueller Investigator Andrew Weissmann Calls for Biden DOJ to Prosecute Trump. How many bites of that apple does he think he's entitled to?

Weissmann’s op-ed comes after the former Mueller prosecutor compared President Trump to Nazi Germany Dictator Adolf Hitler.

“For those people who say we should appease Trump, how did that approach go for Neville Chamberlain,” he wrote on Twitter.

Jim Treacher at PJ Media,  Computer Repairman Who Threatened Biden's Electoral Prospects Goes Into Hiding, meanwhile, New Senate findings 'confirm the connections' between Biden family and Chinese, Russian governments (PM). 

Election 2020: Kraken Released!

First from Vicky Taft at PJ Media, BREAKING: Sidney Powell Releases the 'Kraken' in Georgia with Explosive New Lawsuit

Defense Attorneys Sidney Powell, Lin Wood and others have filed a lawsuit in Georgia demanding that the results of the 2020 election be set aside because of “massive election fraud” and foreign influence in the election. The lawsuit claims that 96,600 mail-in ballots “were fraudulently cast” and that “136,098 ballots were illegally counted as a result of improper manipulation of the Dominion software.”

Powell, a high-profile attorney who represents former Trump National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn, asks that the governor be enjoined from certifying the election. The 104-page lawsuit claims that Gov. Brian Kemp, Sec. of State Brad Raffensperger, and the chair and members of the Georgia State Elections Board failed to police the alleged fraud, including “multiple violations of Georgia laws, including O.C.G.A. §§ 21-2-30(d), 21-2-31, 21-2- 33.1 and §21-2-522, and multiple Constitutional violations, as shown by fact witnesses to specific incidents, multiple expert witnesses and the sheer mathematical impossibilities found in the Georgia 2020 General Election.”

The lawsuit, co-filed with attorney Lin Wood and an Atlanta attorney, asks a judge to set aside the results of the election in a permanent injunction; enjoin elections officials from certifying the election; demands that all voting machines be subjected to forensic assessment; and asks that election officials produce 36 hours of surveillance video of “all rooms used in the voting process at State Farm Arena in Fulton County, GA from 12:00am to 3:00am until 6:00pm on November.”

The lawsuit, filed on Wednesday, also alleges that Georgia’s sloppy mail-in balloting was responsible for thousands of shady, illegal votes.
Plaintiff’s expert also finds that voters received tens of thousands of ballots that they never requested. (See Exh. 1, Dr. Briggs’ Report). Specifically, Dr. Briggs found that in the state of Georgia, based on a statistically significant sample, the expected amount of persons that received an absentee ballot that they did not request ranges from 16,938 to 22,771. This range exceeds the margin of loss of President Trump by 12,670 votes by at least 4,268 unlawful requests and by as many as 10,101 unlawful requests.
She alleges that voters were denied their due process because the fraud diluted their votes and treated the mail-in ballots differently in different counties, which is similar to what Trump attorneys have alleged in the Pennsylvania election case.

The lawsuit alleges that “rogue actors” were able to manipulate the voting software.
Russell Ramsland confirms that data breaches in the Dominion software permitted rogue actors to penetrate and manipulate the software during the recent general election. He further concludes that at least 96,600 mail-in ballots were illegally counted as they were not cast by legal voters.

Sundance at CTH has a link to the actual filing in Sidney Powell Files Lawsuit Against State of Georgia For Election “Rigging” – Links and pdf…

Meanwhile in Pennsylvania, Matt Margolis at PJ Media,  Judge Blocks Further Certification of PA Election Results Over Mail-in Ballot Fight  

“To the extent that there remains any further action to perfect the certification of the results of the 2020 General Election for the offices of President and Vice President of the United States of America, respondents are preliminarily enjoined from doing so, pending an evidentiary hearing to be held on Friday,” read the injunction from Judge Patricia McCullough. . . .You can read the entire order here.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, a Democrat, has promised to appeal the decision but also claims the order has no bearing on the results, as the election was already certified and electors chosen.

State Rep. Mike Kelly, a Republican, is responsible for the lawsuit that sought the injunction, which was prompted by the certification of the results on Tuesday. “It appears that respondents’ actions may have been accelerated in response to the application for emergency relief … in an effort to preclude any remedial action by this court faster than this court was able to evaluate the application for emergency relief and the answers to it,” the plaintiffs wrote in their emergency request to halt the certification.

BREAKING: Pennsylvania election certification process blocked by federal judge (PM), Law360, Pa. Judge Halts Election Certification For Mail-In Vote Fight, AP, Pennsylvania judge orders halt to further vote certification, and as usual Sundance has a link to the injunction at Pennsylvania Judge Issues Injunction Against Certification of Election Results…. I guess now the MSM has to stop claiming Trump never wins in court? 

Tyler O'Neil at PJ Media, Trump Addresses Irregularities in Pennsylvania: 'We Won This Election by a Lot'. PM, President Trump calls in to explosive Pennsylvania hearing on election irregularities. Sundance, President Trump Delivers Remarks at the PA State Senate Hearing on Voter Fraud in the 2020 Election…

FWIW, I've seen that number disputed. 

Newt Gingrich at ET, The Thieves Who Stole Our Election Got Sloppy. JB Shurk at Da Fed, 5 More Ways Joe Biden Magically Outperformed Election Norms. Ace responds, The Federalist: Joe Biden's Unprecedented, Statistically Unlikely, History-Defying Magical Election "Victory" "They just straight up executed a coup. . . .And of course they'll now cover it up -- and harass, beat, and imprison anyone who notices. . . .Treason never prospers, for if it prospers, none dare call it treason." Roger L. Simon at ET, The Smartmatic Story: From Venezuela With No Love

If anything upsets the WaPoo more than the President challenging and losing, it's the President challenging and winning, You don’t have a ‘right’ to a lawyer when you’re trying to steal an election and Trump’s assault on the election could leave a lasting mark on American democracy. Dan McLaughlin at NR, Oh, Now Democrats Care About Legitimacy
Suddenly, Democratic partisans are in high dudgeon at Donald Trump and his legal team spreading irresponsible and self-defeating stolen-election conspiracy theories. For example, the Washington Post’s Greg Sargent complains that Trump’s approach is “designed to place a cloud of illegitimacy over Biden’s presidency.” Julie Pace and Steven Sloan of the Associated Press fret that “Republicans risk leaving millions of Americans with the false impression that the results of the 2020 race are illegitimate. . . . Biden will almost certainly be viewed as an illegitimate president by some voters, potentially denying him that period of goodwill that typically greets a new president.” They quote Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett: “Their intent is to delegitimize this election and thereby delegitimize President-elect Biden’s presidency. It is damaging to the democracy. Once again they’re putting their short-term political interests ahead of the interests of the country.”

Well, well, well, how the worm has turned. Are Democrats and their media partisans actually against undermining the legitimacy of American elections and weaponizing that to weaken the presidency? Some of us were not born yesterday. As has often been the case, the real problem with Trump’s rhetoric is that it comes straight out of the Democratic playbook for undermining the legitimacy of an American election. 
Politico whines,  The Inside Story of Michigan’s Fake Voter Fraud Scandal and Trump carries on a fight everyone else is abandoning "The campaign has gone quiet — no briefings about legal fights, few tweets, a dwindling crew. But Trump is still clinging to the White House." He's still President until Jan. 20, at a minimum.   Time to try accuse some Democrats for violations of the Logan Act! Beth Baumann at Town Hall, State Legislators In Three Swing States Were Caught Off Guard By the Trump Camp's Latest Announcement 
The Trump campaign on Tuesday announced that legislatures in key swing states – Pennsylvania, Arizona and Michigan – would hold hearings on alleged voter fraud. Legislators in those states, however, say nothing is scheduled to take place.

And the real crime? Vicky Taft at PJ Media, Big Tech Expert Says Google's 'Manipulations' Shifted 'at Least Six Million Votes' to Joe Biden

And something light? From Milwaukee, On day five of election recounts in Milwaukee, all observers were given poop emoji wristbands from Wisconsin Center staff

Milwaukee County Clerk George Christenson dismissed the controversy as silly.

"I always thought it was chocolate ice cream, personally," Christenson said when asked about the poop emoji wristbands. "Wisconsin Center is our vendor. They handle the logistics. They are probably just pulling what they have in stock, because this is the first opportunity they've had to be open in quite some time due to this pandemic. So again, it's a non-issue. Everybody got one."

More at the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 11.25.20 and at Ace's The Morning Report - 11/26/20 by J.J. Sefton

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