Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Oregon, My Oregon

At Da Wire, Oregon Governor Spotted Maskless At D.C. Gala, Despite Pushing Permanent Mask Mandate In Her State. Superspreader event?

Democratic Oregon Governor Kate Brown was spotted maskless at a gala event in Washington D.C., even as she pushes for permanent mask mandates in her state.

Brown was a “featured guest” at the LGBTQ Victory Fund‘s 30th Anniversary Gala in Washington D.C. on Saturday. Brown was also one of four “LGBTQ Victory Hall of Fame Inductees” from the pro-LGBT PAC.

A Twitter user posted a photo of himself standing with Brown and David Gins, Deputy Director of Operations for Vice President Kamala Harris.

“What does it mean when you match with the amazingutterly fabulous and indefatigable champions for equality and progress who are @KateBrownForORand @davidmgins? Thank you both for evening you do for advancing our communities!” the user wrote.

Another user posted a photo that purportedly shows the convention hall where the event took place, with several hundred people in the room without masks.

Meanwhile, in Brown’s home state of Oregon, the Oregon Health Authority is considering a permanent extension of the state’s indoor mask mandate. The Daily Wire reported Friday: 

The gala was held at the Marriot Marquis at in Washington, D.C. At this point, Washington D.C. has no comprehensive indoor mask mandate. But:

Masks will still be required, regardless of vaccination status, in the following circumstances:
  • Any private business that wants a mask requirement;
  • On public transport like buses and trains, inside train stations, in airports, and while in ride share vehicles;
  • Inside schools, childcare facilities, and libraries;
  • Congregate facilities, such as nursing homes/assisted living facilities, shelters, dorms/residences, and correctional facilities; and
  • In DC Government facilities where there is direct interaction between employees and the public (e.g., DMV service center; DHS service center, etc.).

I would argue a hotel gala would count as congregate facility. 

Masks for the peons, but not for the elites.

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