Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Maryland, My Maryland

Recent news you might have missed:
In steamy, rainy conditions Tuesday afternoon [June 19], a cluster of rainbows made its way through Annapolis.
The city’s first official pride celebration — a walk from City Hall to the Loews Annapolis Hotel — started with a seventh-grader.
Twelve-year-old Claire Drapeau has been out as bisexual since she was in fifth-grade at Crofton Middle School. This year after telling friends, family and classmates she also identifies as gender-fluid, Drapeau wanted to join in on a pride celebration.
Instead of taking a trip to D.C. Pride as she planned, Drapeau told her mom she just wanted to walk around downtown Annapolis waving her rainbow flag and handing out stickers, which she saved up to buy herself.
“I wanted to show no matter who you are, love is love. You can love someone no matter your sexuality or gender,” she said. . . .
When Drapeau’s mother posted on Facebook asking if anyone would join them, Mayor Gavin Buckley saw it and decided to join in.
Two weeks ago, Buckley declared June Annapolis’ first pride month in solidarity with national celebrations. He hadn’t planned an event until a parade set for 2019.
“We can’t let our ruling principles be fear and greed. We need them to be love and pride,” he said after the walk. . . .
About 50 people joined them in walking along Green Street, Main Street, Church Circle and West Street donned head to toe in rainbow colors.
Actually, they look pretty much like people in summer around here, with the exception of Claire.
Because the reader is now probably confused and dismayed, let me help you focus your mind on a short list of obvious points:

  1. She declared herself bisexual in fifth grade? Let any adult think back to when you were in fifth grade. In what alternative universe does it make sense to have 10-year-olds “coming out”?
  2. What does it mean to be “gender-fluid” in seventh grade? Shouldn’t such behavior be considered potentially symptomatic of abuse? Is it not self-evident that this child is emotionally disturbed?
  3. Who are this child’s parents? What sort of people think it’s a good idea for a 12-year-old girl to be a “gender-fluid” bisexual marching around downtown waving a rainbow flag?
  4. Anita Bryant could not be reached for comment.

We are through the looking-glass and down the rabbit hole here. Bizarre stories like this are a tip-of-the-iceberg phenomenon, evidence of a momentous cultural shift, which is a direct consequence of “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”
Is this another case of rapid-onset gender dysphoria?

Well, just don't scare the rockfish.

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