Tuesday, July 3, 2018

A Hot Trip to the Beach

 After a short walk around the neighborhood, using shade from trees as much as possible, Skye more or less told me she had no interest in a long walk on the beach with little or no shade, and water the temperature of a bathtub. Georgia decided she'd rather stay home and watch paint dry, so I had to do it alone.
The beach was pretty quiet, only a few hardy souls. The tide was low, and the waves were just right to pile up a nice line of shell hash along the shoreline.
 I walked way up past Matoaka Cottages, up to the creeks that come down across the beach there.
My shirt was dripping wet the whole time, and it wasn't spray, that's for sure. But a light south breeze made it sort of tolerable.
A Zebra Swallowtail who stopped to puddle in the wet beach
I had a real haul today. 78 shark's teeth, a couple of crab claws, one shard from a crocodile tooth, some ray plates, a fish spine, and one thing that might be a porpoise tooth with all the enamel worn off, or the skinniest Tilly Bone I've ever found.

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