Sunday, July 3, 2016

Beach Report, July 3, 2016

Our older son, Corwin, his girlfriend Kate and her son Taj are visiting from Pittsburgh for a while, and we took Taj down for his first beach experience.

It's unseasonably cool today, in the 60s, which is not a bad thing, with cloudy gray skies and occasional light rain showers.

As usual, I got assigned to take Skye down the beach to work off some ya-ya's. She found plenty of people who wanted to pet the husky, so she was in heaven.

We ran into a small school of breaking fish, just off the beach at Calvert. Probably small Striped Bass, but maybe Bluefish. It lasted a couple of minutes, and then vanished.

More admirers for Skye

Easily the most outlandish outfits on the beach today.

However, even they could not resist the opportunity to pet the softest dog in the world.

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