Thursday, May 5, 2016

So It's Trump!

With both Cruz and Kasich dropping out in the wake of the rout in Indiana, Donald Trump appears to have the path to the Republican nomination all but wrapped up.

I was never a Trump guy. I never watched his shows, I don't care that much for New York, and he's a quintessentially New York guy. His manner irritates me, but he can't be a dumb or wild as he seems.

My brand of conservatism is a somewhat socially liberal, not quite to the point of hard core libertarian, fiscally conservative, small government variety. Trump, to the extent that his views are clear at all,  is most definitely not a libertarianish fiscal conservative small government Republican. He's barely a Republican at all, although the rules in New York are slightly different, as witness Michael Bloomberg.

Given the original 16 or however many there were, I could have gone with either Rubio or Cruz. Rubio's amnesty was an issue, but his real problem was an inability to rise to the level of competition in the race. I like Cruz's consitutional expertise, and zeal on fiscal conservative matters, but wasn't quite as happy with his religiously driven social conservatism. Rubio settled the matter by dropping out before the Maryland primary, and I voted for Cruz, knowing full well that in the absence of a miracle, Maryland's electoral vote will go to the Democrat.

But we are down to Trump, and for all his failings, he's a better choice than the crook or the communist. Given a binary choice, I can't imagine voting for Hillary or Bernie. If Bernie wants to revert back "Independent" and run third party, I might send him a buck or two, though.

I hate to say it, but "Go Trump"!

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