Monday, May 2, 2016

Anarchists With Bad Taste Celebrate Death of Millions at Hands of Communists

Or as they call it in Seattle, Monday. Peaceful leftist demonstrators attack police during May Day riots in Seattle
Spring is in the air around most of the country (finally) and with it comes one of the lower profile holidays on the calendar. Yesterday was May Day, traditionally celebrated as a rite of passage from winter to the growing season, but it’s also taken on a decidedly anti-capitalist tone over the decades. With that in mind, leftist and neo-socialists took to the streets of Seattle for some peaceful demonstrations in support of workers’ rights and unions.

No… of course they didn’t They started a riot as you might have expected. (NBC News)

At least nine protesters were arrested and five police officers injured during May Day clashes in Seattle where flares, bricks and Molotov cocktails were thrown, authorities said.

The anti-capitalist disorder followed a peaceful march earlier in the day by advocates for workers and immigrants — one of several nationwide events Sunday calling for better wages for workers and work permits for undocumented migrants.

One officer was struck by a rock, one was hit by a Molotov and a third was bitten, the Seattle Police Department said. The nature of the injuries to the other two officers was not immediately known.

Heineken? All the good beer in the Pacific Northwest, and the best you anarchists can afford with your student loans and public assistance is Heineken? How about some Sierra Nevada, or at least some Henry Weinhardt's? I'm ashamed.
The anti-capitalist demonstrators carried signs including one saying: “We Are Ungovernable.”

There’s probably a hint there: We Are Ungovernable. Whenever you get a large crowd like this gathered in one place you tend to attract some anarchists, just as we normally see when there are meetings of the G-20 Summit or whatever number it is this year. But trying to shift the blame off entirely on them is a red herring because this crowd was definitely filled with union thugs and those demanding immunity and job rights for illegal aliens.

The tactics on display aren’t anything new either. There were the usual attacks on the police, with rocks and fire bombs being tossed. Fortunately, the five officers who were injured in the line of duty all seem to have relatively minor injuries which were not life threatening. As usual, both the police and observers in the crowd were documenting the mayhem on social media.

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