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FBI Director Comey says he's more interested in doing the investigation of the Clinton email scandal right than doing it fast.
Comey declined to comment on the FBI's ongoing investigation into former Secretary of State and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's private email server. Though he admitted he is staying "close to this one to make sure we have the resources to do it competently."

He said there was no pressure to wrap-up the probe before the political conventions this summer.

"The urgency is to do it well and promptly," Comey said. "And 'well' comes first."
So your ready to indict the chosen representative of the Democratic Party? The Bookworm doubts that Hillary will ever be indicted:
. . . This episode from my past makes me doubt very strongly that Hillary Clinton will be indicted. I know that the rumor mill keeps saying that FBI agents, from Comey on down, will quit if Loretta Lynch lets Hillary walk. Some of the FBI agents whispering this to friendly reporters may even believe that they’ll quit.

Mostly, though, this is a bluff.  Why?  Because the people talking about quitting are middle-class people with mortgages, and school fees, and insurance, and all the other expenses that keep us in the middle-class living up to our own expectations. If Hillary really does walk, 99% of those “I’ll quit if she’s not indicted” agents will manage, very quickly and easily, to convince themselves to stay in their jobs, and get their salaries and pensions.
New information suggests that the super secure basement server was hacked: Clinton server may have been breached in 2009
"There now seems to be a very real probability that Hillary Clinton rushed to install an encryption certificate in March 2009 because the U.S. intelligence community caught another country reading Clinton's unencrypted messages during her February 16-21, 2009, trip to China, Indonesia, Japan, and S. Korea," wrote Stewart Baker, a former assistant secretary for policy at the Department of Homeland Security, in a column for the Washington Post.
Via Ace:
Based on timing -- that this memo indicated "vulnerability" and then she rushed some new security into her system to make it slightly less unsecure -- Baker believes she knew she'd been hacked, and was taking some much-too-late mitigation efforts.

BS on the "Too Expensive" Claim? Commenters are debating whether or not a $5000 phone is really a deal-breaker in our gold-plated government. CSMBigBird says:
Ace, I was a Siprnet Admin, and a COMSEC custodian before retiring. A cabinet Sec could order a 50 grand phone and no one, absolutely no one would blink.
Well then I guess there's a different reason. Like: "We know how the security works on the phone we routinely give out, because we've got hundreds of them, and we have no idea really how your phone would work, so why don't you just stop being a Mean Old Lady Who Doesn't Like New Things and use the damn phone we're giving you?"
A reminder from Hot Air: The media ignores the actual laws which apply to Clinton’s email server. Another reminder. The San Bernardino terrorists had tougher security than Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.

Reminder: Hillary Is Awful On Trade, Too - There’s really not a whole lot of difference between 'economic patriotism' and 'economic nationalism.' The convergence of Clinton and Trump. Bernie just accused Hillary of being insufficiently enthusiastic about the minimum wage hikes, so I expect her to come out for a $25 minimum soon. After all, if 15 is good, 25 is better, right? If Bernie doesn't win, he'd better look out, the Clintons don't take lack of support lying down. A crusading attorney general aims to hurt ExxonMobil after it stopped funneling money to the Clintons. Well, it could be a coincidence. While very few Americans seem tied to the grand new banking scandal from Panama, one them might be John Podesta, long time Clintonian, and currently head of her campaign.
A billionaire and a Russia-controlled bank named in the Panama Papers have links to Hillary Clinton through two separate lobbying efforts — one through a Clinton-connected lobbying firm and another through Sidney Blumenthal.

Clinton is linked to Sberbank, Russia’s largest bank, through Podesta Group, a lobbying firm co-founded by Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta and his brother, Tony Podesta, a major Clinton bundler.
You have to do something with all the corporate cash going into the Why not stash some offshore, just in case? Someone remind her the next time she comes out for "gun control" Clinton Foundation Donors Got Weapons Deals From Hillary Clinton's State Department.

Media relations? ‘No, No, No.’ CNN Host Cuts Off Interview After Guest Mentions Hillary’s Defense Of Child Rapist. It's against the "Hillary for Women" agenda. However, Hillary does show some love for Megyn Kelly, Donald Trump's bĂȘte noire: Hillary Clinton goes to bat for Megyn Kelly against Trump calling her a 'superb journalist'. Will Megyn stay at Fox long enough to be on the other side, against Clinton? That will change her tune. But even Mika expressed disbelief that former Clinton aide and donor George Stephanopoulos would serve as a debate "moderator" for Hillary. Why not, it's not like everyone except millennials knows he's totally in love with her. Do Reporters Know They’re Giving Money to Sanders and Clinton? The Communications Workers union is supporting both Democrats—and endorsing Bernie—but news organizations don’t want to talk about it.

Speaking of unearned positions, Chelsea Hints at Running for City Council in New York City. Well, they elected De Blasio, and now the place is starting to fall apart again. Might as well go all the way.

The one debate we'll never see: BROADDRICK SPEAKS: I’d ‘love’ to have one-on-one encounter with Hillary

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