Saturday, February 6, 2016

Did Some Fishing Today

Onefish (Ron) wanted to check out Location X for fish with Bill and I today. The fish appear to have departed the Point Lookout area, and that's about the most likely new area. It's a little early, but fish do come and go there, so it was worth the effort.
The wind was a little high, south somewhere above 10, enough to raise some white caps. The air temperature was a chilly 38 and the water temperature not much more, 41 outside the outflow and as much as 45 in the warm water.
 We caught fish, and Onefish caught the nicest, a pair near 30 inches each (not pictured). Bill in front, Onefish in back. We had a little company; several boats came and went while we were there. These guys in the little open john boat were hardy types.
We left a while before sunset.

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